SVB Tips : All tips good, football tips better

I include SVB Tips as part of my Personal Tipster Portfolio but only use the football tips


How successful has this been compared to following the full SVB Tips service?

90% of SVB Tips have been in horse racing and football, in roughly equal measure. But he also dabbles in basketball and tennis and more recently in E-sports where his 25% ROI over six months is impressive.

Last year , 2022, I analysed and compared the performance of SVB’s football tips versus his horse racing tips and concluded I could get better return on my investment following just his football tips.

Here’s how that has panned out since the start of this year 2023. (Note: Figures are rounded for readability)

SVB Tips : All tips performance

Month Tips Profit ROI
Jan 2023 131 159 24%
Feb 2023 104 -6 -1%
Mar 2023 140 196 28%
Apr 2023 143 -30 -4%
May 2023 159 195 25%
Jun 2023 136 206 30%
Totals/Avgs 813 720 18%

SVB Tips : Football-only tips performance

Month Tips Profit ROI
Jan 2023 63 148 47%
Feb 2023 53 51 19%
Mar 2023 68 73 21%
Apr 2023 78 72 19%
May 2023 83 82 20%
Jun 2023 63 96 30%
Totals/Avgs 408 521 26%

SVB Tips : Football-only = better ROI performance

The performance of the football-only tips was much more consistent over the six months AND the ROI was better than the all-tips performance.

The first thing to notice is the two losing months of February and April following the full SVB Tips service. The football-only tips had no losing months making it more consistent over the six months.

Second thing to notice is that the ROI of the football-only tips was 45% better (26% versus 18%) which means you got more profit from the football-only tips for every £100 staked.

SVB Tips : Football-only = better PROFIT performance

For the same stake investment the football-only tips produced more profit.

The figures show the profit from 813 all-tips tips was 720 units. And the profit from 408 football-only tips was 521 units – about 25% less. But that’s not the full story.

SVB Tips advises a 5 unit stake for every tip so the 813 all-tips tips needed 4065 units staked. The football-only tips needed only 2040 units staked to make 521 units profit.

If you had staked 4065 units in the football-only tips then the profit figure would be 1050 units – approximately 45% more than the all-tips profit.


For the same stakes it definitely looks like you can make more profit following only the football tips of the SVB Tips service.

And with only half the tips you could also save yourself a good bit of time placing bets.

I’ll be keeping SVB football-only tips in my Personal Tipster Portfolio for the foreseeable future and it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues over the remainder of the year.

Right now you can try a month of premium content from SVB Tips for just £1.90



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