Best Football Tipsters : Tipstrr Top 10 highly consistent profit

Looking for dependable football tipsters that consistently make the best profit?

I analyse Tipstrr’s football tipsters every month to find the best performing ones and compare them side by side.

A low-risk high-profit football tipster can be a great addition to your tipster portfolio and improve stability and consistency to your betting profits.

However, deciding which football tipster best suits your needs can be challenging. Components such as ROI, profit, losing streaks and size of betting bank can make all the difference between a good tipster and a great one.

Any football tipster who consistently delivers profits over the short, medium and long-terms, is low-risk and high-profit, I believe can substantially grow your betting bank.

There’s also a companion Best Horse Racing Tipsters chart.

MoC: Months On Chart ROI: Return on Investment over 3, 6 and 12 months WR: Tip Win Rate T/wk: Average Tips per Week
PM/TM: Profitable months/Total months tipping
Jun'24 (24 mths since Jul'22)MoCROI-3ROI-6ROI-12WRT/wkPM/TM
Svb Tips2419.66%19%20%36%4080% (49 /61)
Lulas Btts204.40%6%10%40%7990% (27 /30)
Wintips4U1415.68%12%10%44%1358% (21 /36)
Chapolinnf145.62%5%8%40%6388% (22 /25)
Viki77.78%6%3%59%2455% (11 /20)
Zero Goals416.83%13%15%41%1767% (10 /15)
Sportbetx412.33%9%4%58%2080% (12 /15)
1X2Market38.44%8%1%40%4945% (10 /22)
No Goal32.34%4%6%40%5173% (11 /15)
Ht/Ft - Draw/Home (X/1)36.32%1%5%15%1067% (8 /12)
Tribtts236.93%31%32%38%2780% (12 /15)
Smart Football25.63%11%16%33%2153% (8 /15)
Italian Football Betting232.74%11%25%33%967% (8 /12)
Sharp Ninja213.89%11%11%36%9283% (10 /12)
Macak1125.42%9%5%50%649% (20 /41)
2Pt Daily Football Tips222.65%8%4%48%2044% (7 /16)
Josuesantos 78210.10%7%1%54%1641% (24 /59)
Gsm211.02%3%16%36%854% (7 /13)
Vegas Money17.00%6%9%41%94100% (13 /13)
Foot Master14.67%3%2%54%1154% (7 /13)
Note: Some tipsters provide betting tips for multiple sports – the ROI figures shown are for football tips only.

(Table updated: July 8, 2024)


Tipstrr posts monthly tipster service ranking lists that offer a short-term snapshot of decent recent form but for me the results of a single month of betting tips has little value.

They introduced half-yearly rankings and quarterly updates to give us a more rounded look at the longer-term capabilities of their top-performing tipsters. This is good information to help you make a more informed decision on a particular tipster.

However, we can do better.

With Tipstrr’s search page and some spreadsheet magic its possible to identify football tipsters who are highly consistent over three, six and 12 month periods.

And like the music charts we can track the rise and fall of tipsters on a Tipster Top 10 chart updated every month and see who is spending most Months on Chart (MoC).

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer.

Who are the best football tipsters?

TheBetInvestor is always on the lookout to find the best football tipsters and always looking for consistency. My approach to football betting and my betting strategy in general is to seek moderate steady gains over time and not the nerve jangling rollercoaster rides of high profits and big losses.

I had always known about Tipstrr’s seach page and through time I found how to use this basic data and stats to help find those consistent tipsters.

(Note: This all relates to football a.k.a. soccer is not to be confused with American Football a totally different sport)

Finding the best tipster

In choosing the best football tipsters for my personal portfolio I am looking for tipsters who match my strategy – their Return On Investment (ROI) is not necessarily the best on offer at any one point in time but is consistently high. Tipsters whose football predictions continue to deliver profit from betting tips over the short, medium and long term.

Tipstrr has a page on their site entitled “Discover the world’s best verified football tips”. At the bottom of this there is a section “FInd a professional football tipster”. Here you can enter some basic parameters to search their database to find tipsters offering football tips that complement your style and preferences.

Not only professional tipsters but free football tipsters as well.

Importantly it can show the best performing football tipsters in ROI terms over different time periods – 3 months, 6 month, 12 months and “all-time”.

It previews the tipster’s ROI over the chosen time period ; the average odds, the average tips per week, their win rate and the total profit for that time-period.

By extracting this information for all the best football tipsters and doing some spreadsheet analysis I can find all those tipsters who appear in the 3-month list and in the 6-month list and also in the 12-month list.

Football Betting Tips and Predictions from Expert Tipsters

Football is aurguably the most popular sport for betting in the UK and across the world.

Its not hard to see why when football is played in almost every country in the world and has 4 billion fans.

Football’s popularity in betting can be attributed to sheer number of football games being played on a regular basis. And around 3000 every week can be bet on at one bookmaker or another in one country or another.

And that’s just the country’s national leagues like the English Premiership, Germany’s Bundesliga , Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s SerieA.

There’s also the Champions League, The Europa League, the Nation’s League and of course the World Cup where analysis by FIFA shows something like $150 Billion – yes Billion – is bet on this one tournament alone worldwide.

And the number of markets you can bet on now is simply incredible. Long gone are the days when you would bet only on a home win, an away win or a draw.

On a football match you can bet on correct scores, team goals, both teams to score, half-time results, corners, cards, first goal scorer, last goal scorer ….. and then there’ s the Asian Market betting. And you can bet on teh internet on betting exchanges like Betfair

With this scale of opportunity and level of interest and coverage, its not difficult to see why football attracts the biggest volume of betting.

Types of football bet tips

The football betting industry is clearly immense and betting in it, can be a daunting prospect for new punters.

Football tipsters provide betting tips across many different markets but the following are common types of football bets they publish.

Full time Result

Simple and the most common form of football betting where the bet is on the result of the match – the team playing at home wins or the away team wins or the match ends up as a draw.

Over/Under Goals total bets

Another popular football betting market is the over / under goals betting market with the over / under 2.5 goals being its benchmark. It’s a very simple type of bet where you bet on whether a match will produce more or less than 2.5 goals. For example, if you bet on over 2.5 goals and the match produces at least 3 goals, then you win the bet.

Both Team to Score – BTTS/BTS

Many of the best football tipsters make both team to score tips the core of their tipping strategy and its a farily straighforward bet.

The bets advised will be for BTS-YES or BTS-NO – both teams to score or both teams not to score.

HalfTime/ Full Time Market

This market allows you to bet on individual outcomes of the two respective halves. This is a vast market with a total of 9 possible selections to choose from. For example, say you chose to stake on the HT home team /FT draw selection. It means you are betting on the home team to win the first half, but the game to end in a draw. The stake is then split equally between the two halves and you win if both outcomes are true. If only one outcome is correct, then you get refunded that part of your stake and lose the other half.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is a form of betting on football in which teams are handicapped according to their form so that a stronger team must win by more goals for a bet on them to win.

Most importantly, Asian handicap betting reduces the possible number of outcomes from three (in traditional 1X2 wagering) to two by eliminating the draw outcome. This simplification delivers two betting options that each have a near 50% chance of success.

Asian handicaps are both good and bad for bookmakers. On one hand, they help bookies minimize risk by facilitating trading with parity or balancing the amount of wagering on each side of the match. This enables bookmakers to take larger positions on major matches. On the other hand, Asian handicap markets are typically low margin offerings that do not contribute as significantly to the gross win as higher vigorish betting options like 1X2.

Accumulator / Accas

Football accumulator tips or accas as they are sometimes known are combination bets typically involving two or more matches.

Accumulators have a much smaller Strike Rate than normal singles bets and are particulary useful if you want to appear as a typical punter rather than a professsional bettor.

A profitable football tipster who tips accumulators is a great addition to any portfolio.

Punter versus Bookmaker

In the perpetual dance between punters and bookmakers, a symbiotic yet competitive relationship defines the landscape of sports betting. Punters, the risk-takers fueled by intuition and analysis, engage in a strategic battle against bookmakers, the calculated architects of odds and probabilities. Punters seek value and opportunities, hoping to outsmart the bookies and secure profitable returns on their wagers. On the flip side, bookmakers employ statistical models, historical data, and a keen understanding of the market to set odds that tilt the balance in their favouur. It’s a dynamic interaction where each side strives to outwit the other, making the punter versus bookmaker saga an ever-evolving narrative in the world of sports betting.

Tipster transparency

Tipster transparency is a pivotal cornerstone in sports betting, embodying the essence of trust between tipsters and their audience. A transparent tipster lays bare the foundations of their predictions. It reveals the methodology, statistical analyses, and rationale behind their selections. By providing a clear track record, detailing wins and losses, and openly sharing the factors influencing their choices, a transparent tipster instills confidence and credibility. This openness not only empowers punters to make informed decisions but also fosters a sense of accountability within the tipping community. In an industry often clouded by uncertainty, tipster transparency emerges as a beacon of reliability, allowing bettors to navigate the intricate landscape with a clearer understanding and a heightened level of trust.


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I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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