Bettinggods : The beginning of the end? Not accepting new members at this time?

On 03-Dec-2023 The Bettinggods tipster list looked fairly healthy.

The website invited me to Meet the Tipsters – all 14 of them!

Turns out though that 3 of them have practically be dropped. But in a very nice way. So as to make things not look so bad.

As you can see these three tipsters are “not accepting new members at this time”.

And why on earth would anyone want to be their member at this time anyway.

  • US Racing Expert is losing money hand-over-fist with an ROI of -0.99%
  • Inside Track just about  keeping his head above water with and ROI of 3.30%
  • The Lay Bet Tipster also clinging on to a lifebuoy at 3.5% ROI.

They’re still being tracked behind the scenes though possibly just in case their fortunes change perhaps.

Here’s their bet-by-bet spreadsheets in case you’re interested.

Seems like there’s no other tipsters waiting the wings for Bettinggods to slot in otherwise that’s just what would have happened.

They did however launch Punter’s Profit Pro recently after they kicked out Super Sports Capper, The Basketball Geek and The Winning Trap for poor performance. We’ll wait and see how this newcomer fairs over the next few months.

To see what else is going on at Bettinggods visit the overview of all Bettinggods tipsters .



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