TIPSTRR: Top 2023 football list contains a HIDDEN tipster



      • Tipstrr missed SVB football-only tips on their 2023 Top10 Football Tipsters
      • I missed Speculate to Accumulator in my Top Tipsters List
      • Zenith – the hidden tipster – did you know it even existed? 

Tipstrr published their Top Football Tipsters of 2023 recently in two posts 2023’s Best Football Tipsters – top three  and 2023’s Best Football Tipsters – part 1 and you can read my Top 10 List for comparison.

The table below summarises the two Tipstrr articles using the number of tips, ROI and profit provided for each tipster.

Tipstrr’s Top 10 Football Tipsters of 2023

TIPSTRR’s 2023 Top 10 Tips ROI Profit
 1 .Footballer Tips 1947 13.4% £5,327
 2 .Footy Star 738 13.3% £1,965
 3. Speculate to Accumulalor 375 11.7% £880
 4. Zenith 1776 11.3% £4,013
 5. Mr Parlay 788 10.1% £1,590
 6. Long Shot Tips 507 8.9% £899
 7. Lulas BTTS 4310 12.1% £10,470
 8. Gamesdraws 2144 11.0% £4,736
 9. ChapolinNF 3879 8.5% £6,620
10. Sport Mix 1196 8.3% £1,990

As you can see – no sign of SVB Tips.

WHAT? No SVB Football Tips?

No SVB Tips? I was super surprised not to see SVB in their top 10 list at all. I double checked my figures in case I got it wrong. You can see the outcome down below.

Speculate to Accumulator. I had not included free tipster Speculate to Accumulator because as Tipstrr puts it “Following a tipster who deals almost exclusively in fivefold accumulators is not for the faint-hearted, and the all-or-nothing roller-coaster ride ” – perhaps I should have – perhaps there are thrill-seekers amongst you out there.

Zenith? Who?

SVB Football tips performance 2023

I doubled checked (and triple checked) my data for SVB football tips.

Eleven profitable months from 12. ROI for the year at 20%. Average monthly profit of 93 units. It all checked out again.

SVB Tips is a multisport tipster – mostly football and horse racing tips ( both profitable ) – so maybe he wasn’t included because he does multiple sports and you’re not just buying into a football tipster?

He also didn’t make it into Tipstrr”s Top 10 Horse racing tipsters either but that could be because there were other racing tipsters with better ROIs – which is understandable.

He’s definitely staying on my football tips list though.

Jan 67 144.60 43.16%
Feb 61 59.70 19.57%
Mar 69 64.70 18.75%
Apr 82 10.85 2.65%
May 96 0.80 0.7%
Jun 78 157.05 40.27%
Jul 97 108.85 22.44%
Aug 107 224.05 41.88%
Sep 105 91.55 17.44%
Oct 107 108.50 20.28%
Nov 93 110.75 23.82%
Dec 63 -15.85 -5.03%
TOTAL 1025 1065.55 20.79%

Find a professional football tipster

I triple checked SVB Tips by using the “Find a professional football tipster” on Tipstrr – even though its the 14th Jan as I write this article it should give me some kind of confirmation..

Using Order By “Tipster Rating” over the period “Last 12 months” the top 10 list:

  • did include Lulas BTTS, ChapolinNF and Footballer Tips
  • did include SVB Tips with an ROI of 19.62% listed below these three
  • also contained Soccerrafa who made it onto my list and Soccerbr who nearly made it
  • it listed 4 tipsters who did not provide tips for the whole of 2023 (Smart Football, Zero Goals, The Football Master and Cooltipster)
  • but tipster Zenith does not appear anywhere in this list totalling 45 tipsters who made a profit

Tipster ZENITH – the hidden tipster

Its not possible to find tipster Zenith using the “Find a professional football tipster” search form on Tipstrr.

This is because back in September 2022 Tipstrr informed me that they “…currently exclude Zenith from their leaderboards as many people are struggling to follow his service. Odds are standouts and aren’t lasting enough to be worthwhile…”

The only way of seeing Zenith‘s stats is if you know it exists in the first place and you enter the name in the Search bar at the top of the Tipstrr page.

Just how many of these “hidden” tipsters there are who knows.


There are different ways to come up with a Top 10 list of football tipsters but there was a good deal of commonality between my top 10 tipsters and Tipstrr’s top 10 for 2023..

I may have rejected Speculate to Accumulator because its a roller-coaster ride, but Tipstrr did miss SVB football tips entirely.

But why do all this in the first place anyway? Why do this analysis and write these articles?

Tipstrr has “Past performance is not an indication of future results. This is not investment advice.” in the footer of its site. They’re covering their butts of course. Just like every other financial advice site out there.

So where does that leave us?

These Tipstrr lists and emails are naturally promotional articles to generate revenue. They focus on the rewards, the profit, the ROI. But they’re very light on the topic of risk – the risk you’re taking to get that reward.

That’s very much where theBetInvestor adds value to create a more balanced analysis of sport tipsters. So that you have an understanding of the risk associated with each tipster.

Getting high-reward at low-risk is the goal when selecting tipsters.







I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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