The facts are pretty stark – over 98% of people who gamble lose money overall yet millions still carry on betting. We have one intention – to help YOU become part of the 2% of gamblers that actually profit every year from their betting.

What thebetinvestor does



Find tipsters showing potential and characteristics of being able to deliver profit over the long-term


Perform in-depth technical and statistical analysis to determine long-term viability of service


Compare tipsters’ performance to identify and select only the best of the best top-performing


Build a diversified portfolio of tipster services to balance risk and reward and limit exposure to any one asset


Most gamblers lose money

The simple fact is that most gamblers lose money.

You’re here because you enjoy betting but want to start making money.

Ultimately, making money depends on having a profitable strategy.

If you have the time and skills to develop your own strategy, then with the right approach, you could turn that strategy into a valuable source of income.

But most of us don’t have that time or those skills.

However, you can buy them by subscribing to good tipsters.

But how can you tell who is a good tipster?

Everyone says “do your own research”. But nobody ever says what that is.

Independent technical analysis

The purpose of thebetinvestor is to find those good tipsters through independent in-depth scientific and statistical analysis of their results.

Only if there is concrete proof of consistent long-term profit and evidence of skill and expertise will a tipster qualify to appear here.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results but unless you have a crystal ball its the best we’ve got.

FREE Independent technical analysis

Thebetinvestor believes these analysis reports and information can and should be free to you.

Other sites with similar information make you pay for it. You have to pay upfront to join typically for 3 months or 6 months or a year. They say they do not use affiliate links and this allows them to be independent.

Thebetinvestor strongly believes in absolute independence and that being an affiliate does not necessarily conflict with that independence. Thebetinvestor uses affiliate links simply to make the tipster pay for the analysis report instead of you.

Tipsters’ results and performance data are freely available for you and everyone to see.

Thebetinvestor analyses and interprets this data to provide you with information, knowledge, and insight. For free.

Affiliate links have no cost to you yet provide the finance and lifeblood to keep this service going. I am grateful when you use them.


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DISCLAIMER: Any bets you place based on the information on this site are your own decision and done at your own risk. Other than that I hope you find thebetinvestor an interesting, informative and enjoyable site.