About thebetinvestor


The facts are pretty stark – over 98% of people who gamble lose money overall yet millions still carry on betting. We have one intention – to help YOU become part of the 2% of gamblers that actually profit every year from their betting.

The simple fact is that most gamblers lose money because bookies have an in-built advantage. This is called the “house edge” and can be anywhere from 1% up to 30%.  So in other words, for every £100 that is bet, the bookie takes £1-£30 in profit. In the case of exchanges, you must pay commission of around 2% – 5% on all your winnings, which you must also overcome if you want to make a profit.

That means unless you are able to identify value bets – instances where the bookie has put up the wrong odds for a selection – then the more you bet, the more you are likely to lose.

There are some types of gambler who are never likely to overcome the house edge – the “recreational gambler” and the “addict” – because of their own flaws.

There are other gamblers however who have the potential to become profitable – or at least to improve their performance – if they take the right approach.

Overall it is about a change of mindset from one of wanting to “get rich quick” to approaching betting in a more professional, measured way.

If you were running your own business, you would keep records, remove unnecessary expenses, analyse which things are making the most profit, invest carefully and so on.

That is the same approach to take in betting and it is the approach that the elite 2% of winning betters take.

Ultimately of course, making money will also rely on having a profitable strategy. If you have the time and skills to develop your own strategy, then with the right approach. you could turn that strategy into a valuable source of income.

Most of us don’t have that time or those skills however you can always buy those by subscribing to good tipsters.

The purpose of thebetinvestor is to find those good tipsters through independent in-depth scientific and statistical analysis of their results. Only if there is concrete proof of consistent long-term profit and evidence of skill and expertise will a tipster qualify to appear here.

DISCLAIMER: Any bets you place based on the information on this site are your own decision and done at your own risk. Other than that I hope you find thebetinvestor an interesting, informative and enjoyable site.