These tipsters have published at least 500 tips over at least 6 months. Profit is good with very few losing months. Results and ROI are due to skill not luck. Subscription costs are low and betting bank is affordable.

One to Watch


Tipstrr promote a group of tipsters under the banner of Tipstrr Pro as “… a selection of the best sports betting tipsters in the world. These services have been hand-picked for offering a high-quality service and consistent tips

The TipstrrPRO line-up does occasionally change depending on the success of tipsters but as of July’21 it includes 7 tipsters: CD System Daily Bargain, Each Way Value, BillGKRtips, WannawinBM, The Goat, Sports Insider, and weBET Football World.

Here’s how thebetinvestor’s group of tipsters, TBI-Best, has performed against TipstrrPRO over the past 12 months