This is the monthly update on the performance of, and the changes to, my Personal Tipster Portfolio for 2024.
Starting on Jan 1st with a betting bank of £1,000.


Jan’23: Profit: £276  Bank: £1,276


Starting 2024 where we left off in 2023 continuing with tipsters Footballer Tips and SVB Tips (football only). They produced a combined profit of £14,000 over the 12 months of 2023.


N.B. Underdog Racing Tips has been dropped for 2024 due the continual struggle during 2023 to get the advised odds.


Based on the previous quarter, Footballer Tips is currently tipping at an average rate of 4 tips per day at 10 points per tip while SVB is 3 tips per day at 5 points per tip. This equates to 55 points staked daily. To limit the daily bet exposure to around 5% of bank and investing equally with both tipsters the stakes will be £1/pt for Footballer Tips and £2/pt on SVB Tips (football only tips – no horse racing tips)



Footballer Tips made a 23% ROI and £216 profit during January which is well above his average performance. SVB on the other hand had a good first half of the month but ended up under-performing producing only £60 profit from a 7.8% ROI.



The increase in bank and the slight drop in number of tips allows us to increase stakes by a small amount. Footballer Tips will go to £2 per point and SVB to £3 per point.