These tipsters have published at least 500 tips over at least 6 months. Profit is good with very few losing months. Results and ROI are due to skill not luck. Subscription costs are low and betting bank is affordable.

Ones to Watch



4 out of 5 stars

ROI: 12% – 18%

  • Football tips
  • Very good ROI
  • Low-risk
  • High reward
  • Value-for-money

Lemonado is exclusively football tips and wIth over 1200 tips and 7 profitable months from 8 he’s definitely an eye-catcher.


Tipstrr promote a group of tipsters under the banner of Tipstrr Pro as “… a selection of the best sports betting tipsters in the world. These services have been hand-picked for offering a high-quality service and consistent tips

The TipstrrPRO line-up does occasionally change depending on the success of tipsters but as of July’21 it includes 7 tipsters: CD System Daily Bargain, Each Way Value, BillGKRtips, WannawinBM, The Goat, Sports Insider, and weBET Football World.

Here’s how thebetinvestor’s group of tipsters, TBI-Best, has performed against TipstrrPRO over the past 12 months