Bettinggods destroying their own reputation?

Another email from Bettinggods promoting yet another scam website

Members of received an email today (22nd June 2020) from with an invitation to “join a group of successful bettors” at

If you didn’t get it here’s what it looked like.

Email invitation from Bettinggods

Tired of affiliates taking you for a ride?

Let me set this whole article into some context for you.

Just 7 days before this invitation to join this group of successful bettors I, and all Bettinggods members, got an email from Darren Morre founder and director of Bettinggods inviting us all to “Be the Change!“. Darren wrote …

Are you tired of joining the latest tipster pushed by affiliates left, right and centre?

It kinda feels like you’re being experimented on or just being taken for a ride while they squeeze money from whatever crap they’ve dreamt up this week right?

When I first started Betting Gods back in 2014 I did so because I wanted to provide a trusted, reputable outlet that doesn’t push any old crap, an outlet that tests and verifies all tipsters months before we even invite you to get involved.

Fast forward to 2020 and Betting Gods is now a world leading international company with customers in 193 of the 195 countries around the world.”

Upfront let me say that, as Darren pointed out in regard to a similar promotion for in February this year, eachwaytips is not part of Bettinggods – its simply something that they believe Bettinggods members might be interested in.

Eachwaytips is simply something I might be interested in?

Shall we have a look at this exciting opportunity Darren’s company has just promoted through his “trusted, reputable outlet that doesn’t push any old crap

Will the real Pete Thomson please stand up

Visiting you’ll be excited to see what all the fuss was about.

A racing genius reveals secret … that makes £20,917 in 7 months“. It was “from” Pete Thomson. He was asking me if I was sick of losing money on my bets. And he spent another 2,078 words convincing me I should sign up right now before this amazing 63% OFF one-time offer ran out.

It took all of 10 seconds and one google search to find Pete on a second website promoting a “racing genius” who had a “new secret method“. And Pete again on a third website asking me if I was “… tired of being let down by rubbish tipsters?” and telling me to … “forget losing” I could turn £10 into £3,038.

You’ll see Pete’s name at the bottom of the screenshots I took today 22nd Jun 2020 – just click the images to enlarge them.

Is it just me or do these sites look a little similar?

3-month trial of racingwins

Is this the same that succeeded in producing a loss over a three month trial for (

Yes, Pete, as you said on your website perhaps we are still “tired of being let down by rubbish tipsters“.


By now you should know this has all the hallmarks of a scam.

Down the rabbit hole

Using I was able to see where the signup links in the Gettinggods email go to.

They go through clickbank before ending up at

In other words, Bettinggods is an affiliate for – Bettinggods makes money when someone clicks their links and buys the product.

What’s the Product?

The clickbank product being promoted is the “new betting launch” from VendorID philjrush – for Racinggenius – a “new professional racing tipster service launching on 22nd June“.

The orange VISIT WEBSITE button links to but eventually ends up on

It was a bit of an oversight that the racinggenius image on the right-hand side wasn’t changed from the old website.

First, it was sometime around March/April 2017 then came along Jan/Feb 2018 and now


More kicks and giggles

And I could stop there but just for kicks and giggles here’s a bit more.


The result of a whois lookup of the domain name shows it was created on the 24th February 2020 yet their impressive racing genius results start 3 months earlier on 14th Nov’19.

These results in a google spreadsheet have been manually created by/for are not independently verified.

(You can “view the full results” of eachwaytips by clicking on the button on their landing page. It takes you (well at least today it does) to in this google sheet I’ve taken a copy of it for posterity in case they decide to delete it or replace it with other “results“)

And if you look at the registration expiration date … 24th February 2021 – only paying for one year for the domain name doesn’t really show a huge amount of commitment to the brand. But it does mean they can move on swiftly and cheaply to the next website if things don’t work out.

How long does it take to copy a website?

The website has been built using WordPress but, as a quick run of shows, it wasn’t actually created until March ( see the “first detected” dates).

Domain bought on Monday 24th February 2020 – site built/copied in March.

A website so new is so new that Internet Archive ( hasn’t even gotten around to crawling it yet!

Three of a kind

All three websites: racingwins; racinggenius; and eachwaytips are hosted by Paragon Internet Group Limited in Slough.

And another thing….

OK, ok its time to stop it’s probably as boring for you as it is for me now.


It’s difficult to understand why Darren Moore, founder and director of Bettinggods, allows this kind of thing.

Darren who says he wants “to provide a trusted, reputable outlet” yet condones promoting betting scams such as this by his “world leading international company

It simply tarnishes what little image Bettinggoods has (or had) left.

The bottom line is that Bettinggods is an affiliate for a clickbank product that’s a “New Professional Racing Tipster Service Launches on 22nd June“.

And I’ll leave you with Darren’s own words from his email a week ago last Monday (15th June’20) that pretty much sum up the whole situation …

“Are you tired of joining the latest tipster pushed by affiliates left, right and centre?

It kinda feels like you’re being experimented on or just being taken for a ride while they squeeze money from whatever crap they’ve dreamt up this week right?”



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