Bettinggods sacks three tipsters

On 25 May I did a post comparing Bettinggods tipsters and just out of interest tried to predict who was next to be dropped from the list.

Bettinggods tipsters compared – who’s next for the chop?

It’s now almost a month later 21 June 2020 and here’s what’s happened.

  • Ron Williams Racing – dropped
  • Don’s Daily Tips – dropped
  • The Bookie Smasher – dropped

Ron Williams Racing

In that previous post, I correctly predicted Ron Williams’ demise. Ron was headed into a 6-month losing streak in June’20 and it was fairly obvious he was headed for the chop – Bettinggods has lots of racing tipsters so losing one or two isn’t going to hurt. And this on the back of my expose of Ron’s service in my post entitled “Is Bettinggods misleading their public”

Is Bettinggods misleading their public?

Football Acca Tipster

But The Football Acca Tipster, my other prediction, must be hanging on by the thinnest of threads. He now looks to be headed for 7 months in a row losing streak. And his ROI has fallen further from a lowly 1.05% ROI to hardly breaking even 0.86% ROI.

With an even worse performance than Ron how come Acca Tipster is still there? How could this be?

The only other football tipster on the Bettinggods list is Top Football Tipster with an ROI of 1.71%. (I’m not going to include Tee and Serve Tips who provides golf and tennis tips but who Bettinggods actually list under Football Tipsters – I’ll excuse that as an oversight)

Perhaps the reason Acca Tipster is still there is that if he was dropped it would leave only one (also very poorly performing) football tipster. And that overall that might not look too good.

Bookie Smasher & Don’s Daily Tips

I totally missed The Bookie Smasher and Don’s Daily Tips though. Both of these tipsters only appeared on Bettinggods around Nov/Dec’19 time and have lasted a mere 6 months. As I’ve said before tipstering is a cut-throat business on Bettinggods. The guillotine comes down hard and fast.


It will be an interesting few days ahead as I anticipate a new football tipster to be announced pretty quickly to replace Acca Tipster. And later on, perhaps a couple of other new tipsters to bring the tipster count up.



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