Is Bettinggods misleading their public?

Is Bettinggods hiding data?

Presenting only the most profitable period of a tipster’s history to their public?

Ron Williams Racing on Bettinggods goes under the spotlight.

Ron Williams Racing launched on Bettinggods

14 Jun 2019 I and thousands of others got a promotional email from Darren Moore, co-founder and company director of Bettinggods.

Ready to finally beat the bookies and make some cash? Well let me give you a hand. Ron Williams Racing. We’ve proofed every single bet since 24th July 2018 and I’m seriously impressed.”

Ron Williams Racing was the second of two racing tipsters to replace Each Way Expert and Master Racing Tipster who were dropped from Bettinggods mid-May this year. Horse Network Tipster being the other.

Launch date couldn’t have been better

Ron has been running his own Ron Williams Racing site since July 2017 so it was interesting to check it out to see his performance before joining Bettinggods apparently on 24th Jul 2018.

Here’s a screenshot of his performance graph from his website.

The 24th of July 2018 is pretty much the perfect time to have “joined” Bettinggods. It “fortunately” avoids those two previous losing months in May and June. And “luckily” also misses the first 23 days of July when Ron lost £446 when profits dropped from £2,808 on 1Jul to £2362 on 23rd. Phew!

One losing month or three?

Checking around for online reviews of Ron Williams Racing I came across this one on posted on 1st Oct 2018 which read “… Ron has earned his reputation as one of the UK’s leading horse racing experts… The site [] goes on to say that they’ve only had one losing month in 15 so far, achieving 209.7pts profit at an attractive ROI of 21.5%.

One losing month in 15 so far? Now that’s impressive don’t you think?

I presume the reviewer checked that statement when he posted the review.

Feb’18 was a losing month so that would mean Mar’18 to Sep’18 were all winning months. Strangely, though, on the site right now it currently shows May’18 and Jun’18 as losing months. Was the reviewer mistaken?

Time to look a little deeper using the Internet Archive.

Caught on the Internet CCTV

The Internet Archive, aka Wayback Machine, has been archiving the internet since 1996. It’s like an internet CCTV. You can find snapshots of websites taken by them on different dates to see how a website has changed over time. My interest in using the Internet Archive is that its snapshots include webpages showing tipsters’ results. This is why I find it a really useful tool to independently audit and verify the claims of tipsters and tipster websites.

Here are the links to the Internet Archive snapshots of the pages for these dates 8Mar’18, 14Jun’18 and 19Oct’18.

I have summarised the profit results as they appeared on these pages on these dates in the table below along with the current figures at the time of writing this article (14Jun’19).

The figures in red highlight were there are significant discrepancies.

PROFIT / MONTH As shown on
As shown on
As shown on
As shown on
Jun’19 £174
May’19 £288
Apr’19 -£57
Mar’19 £314
Feb’19 £125
Jan’19 £720
Dec’18 £349
Nov’18 -£284
Oct’18 £558
Sep’18 £686 £397
Aug’18 £340 £605
Jul’18 £10 £20
Jun’18 -£138 -£276
May’18 £147 -95 -£190
Apr’18 £1,261 £1,261 £1,261
Mar’18 £324 £324 £324
Feb’18 -£110 -£110 -£91
Jan’18 £2 £2 £2
Dec’17 £110 £110 £110 £111
Nov’17 £105 £105 £105 £105
Oct’17 £269 £269 £269 £269
Sep’17 £397 £397 £397 £397
Aug’17 £624 £624 £624 £624
Jul’17 £281 £281 £281 £281

So what to make of all this?

Ron Correcting Errors

Perhaps Ron was correcting some mistakes he had made in recording his profits and losses. This I can accept because the figures are now showing he made LESS profit that was previously stated and I don’t think any tipster would deliberately manipulate their figures this way.

Bettinggods Cynical Timing

In my opinion, choosing the 24th July 2018 as the launch date for Ron Williams Racing on Bettinggods is both cynical and unacceptable.

I find it difficult to accept they have “proofed every single bet since 24th July 2018″.  Bettinggods are financially astute and it makes no business sense to keep this, their best performing tipster, from their public and from generating revenue for them, while continuing with underperforming tipsters that they finally dropped mid-May.

It is presenting only the most profitable period in the tipster’s history to the Bettinggods public.

It is ignoring 50% of the available data. Data that would alter their tipster’s profit and ROI figures on Bettinggods significantly.

Final Thoughts from the Self-Righteous Brothers

As the Self-Rightgeous Brothers aka Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse would say …. “Bettinggods NO!“.

This term’s report says “Must do better”

See also this post raising concerns regarding Bettinggods correcting errors or manipulating results.


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