Finding Free Football Tipsters on OLBG

In my search for profitable football tipsters, I went to OLBG to check out what I could find.

I eventually found the information on their best tipsters, all free of course, but OLBG certainly didn’t make it easy for me as will see.

I hope this post will help you find some free tipsters and save you some of the time that I wasted.

Firstly, here’s an overview of what you’ll find on OLBG.

OLBG Overview

“OLBG is the home of free sports betting tips. Every day, 1000s OLBG tipsters research and analyse the 100s of sports betting markets, adding their daily tips and reasoning to help you make better bets and Beat The Bookies. OLBG is a simple way to get the best sports tips, saving you time and helping you Get More Winners”

100% Free

OLBG is 100% free to sign up and use and has, OLBG say, over 500,000 users. Some areas of OLBG require a login, but the tips are available to members and non-members.

Bookmaker Reviews, Free Bets And Promotions

OLBG lists all the latest bookie free bets and promotions so that punters who don’t have the full complement of bookmaker accounts can see the best time to open new accounts but just as important are the bookmaker reviews. These aren’t written by OLBG or the bookmakers but instead by OLBG members. This means you can read honest opinions about each bookmaker in order to decide which bookmakers you want to bet with and have an account with and which you don’t.


The OLBG Forum features discussions on all the major (and minor) sports and sporting events as well as general betting discussion, non-betting discussion and gambling help for those who think they might have a problem with gambling. OLBG members are invited to ask questions as well as pass on their knowledge and tips on the forum making it an ideal resource for very knowledgeable tipsters as well as those who are only just taking up betting on a certain sport.

Tipping Competition

Like many other similar sites, OLBG runs tipping competitions and these are free to enter. There are over 60 monthly and big event tipping competitions with £7,000 in REAL cash and
£1,500 in free bets up for grabs each month.

The more successful tipsters on OLBG can use the free-to-enter OLBG Tipping Competition to earn some money each month without any risk and also to build up a following on OLBG. OLBG members who have less betting experience may simply want to use the OLBG Tipping Competition to help with their betting, they can find the most popular tips on each event and also read the tip comments to gain a better understanding of the best bets in that event. They can also subscribe to their preferred OLBG members and get alerts every time those members make a tip.


The OLBG blogs have proved extremely popular on OLBG since their launch. Only the most popular, profitable and knowledgeable OLBG members are given blogs so anybody reading an OLBG blog can be sure they are written by experts in their fields. The blog subjects range from general betting strategy to tips for a certain event to testing out betting systems and with the option to comment on each blog these subjects can be debated just as they can on the OLBG forum.

Betting School

They have a very active user form and interestingly a “Betting School”.  Here you can learn about different types of bets, methods of betting, systems and strategies, and get tips on betting on sports that may be new to you. The aim is to help you to improve your betting and your enjoyment of betting. That comes down to picking more winners and fewer losers.

Finding their best Football Tipsters

The OLBG site is pretty easy on the eye and seems easy to navigate.
Its a popular site with over 1 million visits per month so I knew there’d be a lot of tipsters on there covering a lot of sports.

To keep my research time to an acceptable level I choose to look only for football tipsters.

Dead-End 1

Under “Free Tips & Tipsters” menu item I found “Best Tipsters“. That looked to be a good starting place to find my football tipsters.

Heres a screen shot of the page I got.

It had the right page title – “Best Football Tipsters” – and I thought I’d hit paydirt but why were there big gaps in the annual trends graphs? Then I noticed in the blue box at the bottom:  “We only show tipsters who have active tips. Please check back later for better results“. That’s a good way to get site visitors to return but not good if I’m wanting to find their best football tipsters.

An hour later and on this page there were more tipsters listed and Psychogambler wasn’t at the top of the list.

So the “Best Football Tipsters” page wasn’t showing me the best football tipsters. Not a great start for my search but I decided to persevere.

Dead-End 2

Clicking on the football tipster name took me to a page showing more detail for that tipster including a 12 profit trend and last 23 days daily profit and current tips.

That was a bit better but there was no ROI figure. ROI is an important figure to compare tipsters. I’ve written a post about how to find your perfect tipster

Dead-End 3

Finally, I found a Tipster Seach option under the Tipster Competition menu item. That allowed me to search for these top 10 tipsters by name and, eventually, get to their performance stats. And most importantly an ROI figure.

Here’s Psychogambler’s Performance Summary.

So the number one football tipster on OLBG over the last 12 months – at least number one who has an active tip – has an ROI of -10%. Minus 10%! That doesn’t bode well for the other 9 I thought.

You can see his strike rate and overall rank (1,420th) in the OLBG tipster league. But more importantly how many winning and losing months he’s had over the past 12 months. A green thumbs-up for a winning month and red thumbs-down for a losing month and he didn’t post any tips between January’18 and August’18!

This is not a tipster I’m likely to follow – negative ROI and no regular tips.

Out of interest, I got the same details for all the “top 10” football tipsters to see how they compared.

In the table below I’ve used W, L and “-” to replace the thumbs-up, thumbs-down and no tips symbols used by OLBG to show the last 12 months history.

TIPSTER LSP ROI SR Profit Rank 12mth Win/Lose
1 PSYCHOgambler 20.34 -10% 44% -1017 1420 WWL——WWL
2 Irnwho 11.92 5% 51% 572 120 —LL—-LWW
3 Olasco112 6.04 23% 62% 302 185 —–WLL-WLW
4 Jonesthewise -11.01 -6% 47% -1578 1298 ———WLL
5 Meldettori -8.76 -3% 39% -463 1248 LWWLLLWLWLWL
6 Devilimp 9.03 15% 43% 613 147 LLWLLWLWWLWW
7 Benaldo1981 38.7 18% 26% 1985 18 WLLWWLWWWWWW
8 XDWIDx -50.38 -7% 51% -2549 1526 L–WLLL-WWWL
9 CYBERTIP -2.26 -6% 45% 226 933 WWLLWWLLWWWL
10 Edstar57 1.71 1% 33% 128 369 —–WLWWLWW

Benaldo1981 sticks out like a football tipster I might consider following. He has a good profit, a good ROI (18%) and sends out tips every month. Nine winning months out of 12 also looks very encouraging. And he’s ranked 18th in the OLBG list of tipsters.

Let’s have a look at his tips history.

Benaldo1981’s tips history shows he’s not just a football tipster but also does horse racing and other tips..

Benaldo1981 Tips LSP ROI Strike
Horse Racing (Comments) 1,002 183.24 18% 29%
Horseracing (Bookie) 663 147.76 22% 28%
Other Football 1X2 (Comments) 59 14.76 25% 36%
Horse Racing NAP (Comments) 249 11.02 4% 34%
Football (Bookie) 246 9.50 4% 30%
Premier League 1X2 (Comments) 42 3.62 9% 31%
Irish Horse Racing (Comments) 124 -2.24 -2% 23%
NFL (Bookie) 5 -2.36 -47% 20%
American Football (Comments) 5 -2.36 -47% 20%
Other English Leagues 1X2 (Comments) 162 -11.54 -7% 27%

Only 20% of his tips are football. And when I worked out the ROI of his football tips it was 5.57% which is OK but not that encouraging.

At this point, I was starting to get frustrated with OLBG. Is it possible to find a good football tipster on OLBG?

Success at last

I found “Tipster Tables” listed under the “Members & Tipster Competition” menu item.

I clicked it and the page that came up was a list of “HORSE RACING TIPSTERS BY OCTOBER LSP”

Suddenly it dawned on me how this site is designed. On the left-hand side of the “Tipster Tables” page is a menu of sports categories.

The football categories are:

  • Premier League 1X2
  • Other English Leagues 1X2
  • Other Football 1X2
  • Football Goals
  • Football BTTS & 1X2BTTS
  • Football Asian Handicap
  • Correct Scores
  • First Goal Scorers

Clicking on one of these shows the top 100 tipsters, their current monthly performance, their performance over 6 months and also over the past 12 months.

Finally, I could see the consistency and ROI figures for the Top 100 football tipsters. At least by the categories that OLBG is set up to show. And I can order the list by clicking on the LSP, ROI, Strike and PM6 and PM12 column headings.

Any football tipster I would follow must have performed consistently well in the long-term. For OLBG 12 months is as long-term as they get it would seem.

Here were the top 10 profitable football tipsters in the three categories of Premier, Other English and Other Football 1X2 categories.

I want a tipster who has more winning months than losing months and a good consistent ROI.
I’ve used the good old Green-Amber-Red traffic light system to highlight how I have picked what I believe to be football tipsters worth following on OLBG.

No one made it onto all three top-10 lists but five did appear on two –  bobryan27, gazheda, Kazeka1886, neilus and risto123.

I’ve highlighted Oramatisti because he looks to be a consistent football tipster with his English Premiership tips. He has more winning months than losing months in both 6 and 12-month timeframes and has reasonable and consistent ROI figures. The figures for the current month, October, appear to show continued success.

In the Other English Leagues Top-10, bobryan2 came closest to being chosen but his negative ROI in Oct let him down. But certainly, he is one worth watching.

Neilsus in the OtherFootball 1×2 category stood out as, maybe not the best in this category, but for me, certainly the most consistent performer.

Summary of OLBG

I did eventually find some free tipsters to follow on OLBG but boy was it a tough job.

I hope this has helped you get better use of OLBG and help you find free football tipsters to follow.

Perhaps OLBG might add something to their site in the future to make this kind of search easier for the average person.











I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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