Bettinggods promote (yet another) scam tips website

Bettinggods are at it again – associating themselves with yet another scam tipster website.

Reputation? What reputation. Clearly it doesn’t matter to them.

I wonder what their tipsters think about this?

4 Sep 2020: Promotional email received

I got the following email from Bettinggods on 4th September 2020.


“A good friend” … “free tips” … “I wouldn’t normally email you about another service” … well, actually Bettinggods you’ve done it quite a few times before.

18 Aug 2020: Promoted website setup just 17 days before I got the email

A quick WHOIS lookup shows the domain name was registered on the 18th of August – just 17 days before the email. Landing Page

The full landing page of the website looks like this. Click to see a larger image.


Here’s a snapshot of the top of the landing page.

I’ve highlighted some of the things about this page that scream SCAM! to me.

Red flag # 1 : Speeling – oops –  Spelling

They can’t even take the time to spell check their text.

On the very first line of text, we get the word “performes”? and then on line 5 “recieve”? – whatever happened to “i” before “e” except after “c”?

A quick auto spell check would have avoided red faces on this one.

Red Flag #2: Is this the full extent of their results history? Thirteen (13) winning bets over 17 days?

But the email says he has 2 selections every day.

So over the 17 days from the first winning day shown 22nd Aug’20 to the last winning day on 7th Sep’20 there would have been 34 selections. So then we’re not seeing the missing 21 losing singles bets plus we’re not seeing the 15 losing doubles bets.

To make things a little more uncertain, in every tip email that gets sent it says “I recommend single win bets but feel free to bet them as a Double.”

“…feel free to bet them as a double”??? – that reads to me like if the double wins he’ll take all the credit but if it loses well that was your decision right?

So should you only bet the singles if that’s his recommendation? Is showing any doubles profits as screenshots on the website not at least a little misleading?

It’s more than a little misleading it’s downright confusing.

If you look at the two top winning slips on the webpage both are dated 7th Sep but there’s no winning slip for the double – only the winning singles.

Yet on 1st Sep and 24th Aug you’re only shown the winning double slips – no winning singles slips.

But, none of this matters really does it? Just look at the big returns on the bets, why would you worry, the profits being shown here far outstrip the losses. Don’t they?

Betting only the singles over the period shown on the webpage there would have been a profit of £267.90 – a Strike Rate/Win Rate of 35% and an ROI of 39%.

Well, before we decide let’s look at Red Flag #3.

Red Flag #3: The recent winners look like “screenshots” from settled bets on Betfair Sportsbook. You’ll recognise them if you’ve done some betting on there.

And yes unfortunately they do use “Boom!” on the winning slip when its a winner. Perhaps they’re not aware that many of the betting scammers on Twitter do the same.

There are a few interesting problems with these “screenshots” though.

  1. I’ve never seen the date on any of my Betfair Sportsbet slips
  2. I’ve never seen that strange little yellow and black symbol on the right either
  3. the unique Betfair bet ID that appears on every bet slip like this has been chopped off – perhaps so it can’t be traced?

Here’s a “screenshot” of one of my recent bets –  a neat little £2 double at great odds netting me a cool £191 million!

Of course, it’s not real. The numbers are all wrong. But I could have made it look very convincing had I wanted to.

It’s very easy to do this.

With a little technical skill, you can edit the code behind a webpage and get it to display whatever you want it to show. Then take your screenshot.

I simply went to my settled bets on Betfair and edited the code behind the winning double I did a while back.

This uses the same technique that Indian scammers use when stealing money usually from trusting elderly people.

You can see and hear exactly how this scam is done, live, and in real-time in this video by Jim Browning.

My 10-day of Free Tips Trial

To save you the bother I signed up for the 10 days of free Nap&Return tips and I’ll post the results based on the tips I receive.

I’m not expecting too much.

Here’s the first email I received, they all followed the exact same format and don’t forget to “feel free to bet them as a Double“.

4 Sep 2020: from Jamie Newsome
Morning All
Naps For Today
1:55 Ascot Pure Dreamer 11/4 – came 3rd
4:15 Ascot Nicklaus 5/1 – came 6th
I recommend single win bets but feel free to bet them as a Double.
Any issues just email me

Here’s how the 10 day free tips panned out. I’ve included both the advised odds of the tip and the SP odds for comparison.

Singles P/L
Advised Odds SP Odds
04-Sep-20 1:55 Ascot Pure Dreamer 11/4 – LOST
4:15 Ascot Nicklaus 5/1 – LOST
-2 -2
05-Sep-20 1:45 Haydock Park Khaloosy 2/1 – LOST
4:15 Ascot Society Lion 5/1 – LOST
-2 -2
06-Sep-20 1.00 York Mcmanaman 7/2 – LOST
2:30 York Athers 5/6 – LOST
-2 -2
07-Sep-20 3:00 Lingfield Park Aramis Grey 10/3 – WON
6:00 Windsor Grinling 3/1 – WON
6.33 7.7
08-Sep-20 1:00 Newton Abbot Calum Gilhooley 2/1 – WON
2:05 Newton Abbot Gaot 10/3 – LOST
1 1.2
09-Sep-20 1:40 Doncaster Gumdrop 9/2 – LOST
2:25 Kempton Park Itkaann 3/1 – LOST
-2 -2
10-Sep-20 2:20 Chepstow Il Bandito 10/11 – LOST
3:45 Doncaster Eastern World 9/2 – LOST
-2 -2
11-Sep-20 1:40 Doncaster Sleeping Lion 5/1 – LOST
2:55 Chester Praise Of Shadows 9/2 – LOST
-2 -2
12-Sep-20 1:15 Doncaster Magical Morning 5/1 – LOST
3:45 Chester Selected 5/2 – LOST
-2 -2
13-Sep-20 3:10 Curragh Que Amoro 11/2 – LOST
1:15 Chelmsford City Eye Of Heaven 3/1 – LOST
-2 -2
10-DAY TRIAL PROFIT / LOSS -8.67 -7.1



As you can see betting only the singles – his recommendation – was a money loser. A loss of -8.67 points at advised odds or -7.1 points at SP.

These selections are not big odds. And there are quite a few favourites in there. But he still only manages a 15% Win Rate.

HOWEVER, if you’d bet the doubles as well you would have made 13.1 points profit overall at SP.

And that’s where I think the sting is.

Sooner or later he’ll land a double and he’ll make sure to take the credit for it even though he didn’t say you should do the double.

What bets would you have done if

  1. the email said “I recommend you do the double but feel free to bet the singles as well
  2. the email simply said “feel free to bet the singles

Nap&Return has been consigned to the bin.

UPDATE (16 Sep’20) :

Jamie keeps sending me these free tips emails even after the 10 days free trial – such generosity.

Sad to say its the same old losing story with the selections – even his hot odds-on favourite lost.

One winner from 6 selections losing a further -2.25 points overall.

16 Sep
1:50 Beverley Lazyitis 11/4 – WON at 9/4
4:50 Great Yarmouth Global Esteem 5/2 – LOST

15 Sep
1:15 Redcar Victory Heights 6/4 – LOST
3:10 Hexham Rhosneigr 5/2 – LOST

14 Sep
1:00 Thirsk Code Of Silence 9/2 – LOST
5:15 Wolverhampton State Occasion 8/11 – LOST

I now suspect all of this was simply to get my email address on his list for some other future scams. Of course, I used my “I expect to get spam” email address so I’ll not get any annoying notifications about them and all these emails can gather dust in there.

I’ve gone out to the bin taken Nap&Return out and burned it.

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