I fell into the same trap

Old reviews are worthless

For nearly 9 in 10 consumers, an online review is as important as a personal recommendation

69% of consumers today, believe that online reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant

44% of consumers seek reviews posted within the last month

The market research on the importance of reviews covers products. And products don’t change that often – not like the fortunes of sports tipsters – yet a review older than 3 months seems to hold little value.

It’s clear that old reviews are worth less. Perhaps even worthless.

It’s a bad picture

Yet looking through typical sports tipster review sites it’s not a good picture.

One site that comes very high on the Google search list has “Over 3000 Tipster Service Reviews” or maybe its “5000 tipster reviews” – it depends which part of the page you happen to be looking at at the time.

One of the tipsters reviewed listed on the front page of the site is Bookies Enemy. They did a 90 days trial of this tipster and came out with a “5 STAR review of the highest calibre.

This looks great until you realise that those 90-days were almost 2 years ago. (And you’d never know that unless you did some real background digging)

Bookies Enemy also appears on another tipster review site that states “we review the best horse racing betting systems and tipsters on the market, to provide you with an honest and unbiased ranking you can trust

Bookies Enemy was on their front page too – 4th on their “most recent reviews” list. They gave it a 5-star rating and 91/100. But click to read more detail and … nothing. What you see is an empty template page that nobody has gotten around to filling in yet.

The same sad story is repeated across the internet – old reviews of sports tipsters with little value or relevance today.

I fell into the trap

But I too had fallen into the same trap!

I was doing technical analyses of tipsters that may have been valuable at the time but as soon as they were published started losing their relevance until they were just so much dust on an electronic shelf.

Knowing how a sports tipster did for 90 days 2 years ago is irrelevant.

What IS relevant however is:

  • knowing how they have done over the last two years – that’s a good indication of consistency
  • knowing how they’re doing right now this month and last month – is now a good time to join?

These are things that play a big part in deciding to follow a tipster or not.

Getting out of the hole

But if I was just part of the problem how do I get myself out of that hole?

The only way to keep my technical reviews fresh and relevant would be to redo the analysis every month.

But cranking that out by hand and updating the web pages – I simply didn’t have the time to do it justice.

So would it be possible to automate it?

Could it be possible to re-analyse the data every day, do the calculations on-the-fly and present the information so that its bang up to date no matter when you read it on the site?

I think its possible. It’s a challenge I’ve set myself and I’ve started on that journey.

It’s not perfect by a long way and there’s a lot of technological stuff to sort out but it’s a starting point.

Always up-to-date information

Welcome to thebetinvestor version 2.0.

The goal is that no matter when you read a technical analysis of a tipster on thebetinvestor it is based on data available right up to the moment you are reading that article.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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