Most free sports tips sites exist to make money as bookmaker affiliates.
Their tips are just something to fill the space between the ads.
How good could they be?

In this post you’ll see how to spot the scammers and spammers; eliminate the fakes and the frauds; stop wasting money; and where to find free football tips that actually make a profit.

This post was written specifically with football/soccer in mind but it is just as applicable for every other sport.

OK, so I’m going to assume you’re here for one of two reasons. Either you are looking for free football tips or you’re looking for free football tipsters to get their free betting tips.

Free tips from free tips sites

You can get free football tips everywhere from practically anyone. There are hundreds of free football prediction sites and frankly, most of them are worthless.

When I did a search for “free football tips” google found “about 460,000,000 results”. That means 460 million web pages that can potentially/probably contain free tips. Even at 1 tip per page that’s 460 million tips. If you’re looking for free tips you don’t have to look far.

Take for example these websites: or or which appeared on page one of google search results.

On every single site you’ll find hundreds of free football tips every day.

Free football tips coming out of your ears. Singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, both teams to score, both teams to score and win, over and unders, bet of the day, daily this and daily that. The list is endless.

The biggest problem is deciding which tips to bet on. You certainly couldn’t bet on them all.


It’s a scattergun approach. And accumulators are a favourite. Put out loads of big odds tips often enough and you’re going to find that at least one of them is going to land sometime. And when it does these big headline-grabbing winners get shouted from the rooftops. But the other hundreds of losers are quietly forgotten about. Never to be mentioned again. No one wants to hear about those. It’s those big betting wins that keep sucking punters back in.

No history of tips results

When you were on those websites did you notice there’s no history of their free tips? How many won or how many lost?

How are you supposed to gauge if their tips are worth following if you can’t see their results?

And every day the slate is wiped clean. Tomorrow they’ll start all over again with a new set of tips. It seems like they’re saying don’t worry about our previous tips, that all history, forget about them, its today’s tips that count and they’re brilliant.

Free tips just an excuse

And did you see just how much advertising there is on those sites? It looks like tips come a poor second to adverts on every single page.

Ad after ad of bookmaker’s free bets, welcome bonuses and special deals just for setting up a new account. Sites like these are affiliates for the bookmakers. They make money when you click that advert and open a new account.

Looks to me like free tips are only an excuse to get you to click their ads and make them money.

Don’t get me wrong being a bookmaker affiliate is not a bad thing. And making some money when you create a new account is not a bad thing.

But there’s something else I think that is definitely NOT OK.

You lose – they win

Typically bookmaker affiliates make a fixed sum of money for every person who creates an account with the bookies. However, more and more affiliates are taking a cut of around 30% of the punters loses. Not just from their tips, but from anything they have chosen to gamble on.

The more money you lose at that bookmaker’s site the more money the site rakes in.

And this goes on for as long as you continue to bet at that bookmakers.

Now that I find not OK.

This is the same money-making scheme that Twitter tipsters use. It’s a goldmine. The more losing tips they get people to bet on the more profit they make.

You can read a great article about this on the BBC website at The social media tipsters who win when you lose

Just random selections?

Free tips websites are money-making machines. Is that why they don’t show a history of their betting tips? Why would they bother?

If you see that they only got 1 winner out of 10 you’re more likely to hit the back button and move off to some other site.

If you see headlines like “49/1 super accumulator lands on Sunday” you’ll maybe hang around, read some more and hopefully (for them) click one of their money-making ads.

Are all their tips simply random selections? Their only purpose just an excuse to display bookmakers advertising?

Free football tips from free tipsters

Next on the list is free football tipsters or free tipsters in general.

What was said for betting sites above is equally valid for free tipsters especially if they run their own websites and keep their own tipping records.

If we change our google search to “free football tips that make money” there’s a lot fewer results and interestingly, none of the three websites above appeared on the first page of google results.

But notice I didn’t say “free football tips that win“. And there’s a big difference which is worth explaining.

Hoping to make money from sports betting isn’t about winning. I’ll say that again … it isn’t about winning.

It’s about getting winners at the right odds. Getting the right odds is very important.

You’ll find plenty of tipsters who proudly advertise an 80% win rate and that’s how they lure you in. Boy this guy must be good he wins four times out of five. The dollar signs spin in your eyes and you search feverishly for the sign-up button.

But hold on. You can win four out of 5 bets and still lose money.

Sadly what they hide from you is that the odds are extremely short. They’re 1/5 (1.20) or 1/10 (1.10) favourites or worse. And why does that matter?  You only have to do the maths.

Imagine I do 500 bets and win four times out of 5 and my average odds are 1.20. Here’s how that pans out.
A £1 on each of the 400 winning tips at odds of 1.20 make 400*£0.20 profit – that’s £80 profit. My £1 bet on each of the 100 tips that lose has lost me £100.
I’ve done 500 bets and I’m £20 down – what a waste of time and effort and money! Its a great Strike Rate but if you can’t get the odds its never going to pay.(btw: An 80% strike rate needs average odds of 1.25 (100% divided by 80%) just to break even. Get better odds than 1.25 and you start to see a profit.)

Making money from betting is all about getting winners at the right odds.

Free tips from betting communities

You can get free tips from sports and betting community sites and forums.

Typically this type of site runs tipping competitions throughout the year with some really decent money up for grabs.

You can see who’s winning these competitions and check their results. If it’s a good site they’ll provide you with the performance stats otherwise you’ll have to work that out yourself. If they are good enough you could start to follow their free tips. is an example of a popular site of this type. You can find sports predictions and forums on many different sports. They have a tips history for their members but you’ll find the information there is not particularly well presented. It takes a bit of navigating and digging around to get the stats you need to find a good “tipster” whose tips you might follow.

Free football tips from independently verified tipsters

There are quite a few other places you can pick up tips from a free tipster.

Tipstrr and Blogabet are two of the biggest names in tipster verification and both have premium and free tipsters. Bettinggods do not have free tipsters.

The Tipstrr and Blogabet platforms are places where tipsters can record their tips as independent verification which is a very positive thing. Both free and premium tipsters record their tips in exactly the same way so they’re fully independently verified. There is no opportunity for the tipster to manipulate the results and mislead the punter.

You get to see the same detailed level of performance statistics for free tipsters as for premium tipsters – performance graphs, tables of profits and losses month-by-month along with strike rates and Return-on-Investment figures and lots more. Using this data you can compare different tipsters and choose the right one for you.

Free football tips from Premium Tipsters

It is also possible to get tips from premium tipsters for free from Tipstrr and Bettinggods. As a member, you will receive daily emails containing a selection of sports tips from their premium tipsters as well as free tipsters and it won’t cost you a thing.

But there are drawbacks.

You know, or at least you will know now, that following tipsters is a long game. Don’t expect to win every day or every week or even every month. Tipsters have their ups and downs. It’s only over many months and years even can you know that a tipster is one worth following. One that, in the long term, will make you money. Once you’ve found one worth following you must commit to their tips. You can’t be selective about which ones to bet on. You can’t dip in and out. You must follow their tips, every day, every week and stick with them even through the bad times.

The downside of the daily free tips emailed to you is its a small selection from different premium tipsters. Its the equivalent of being selective or dipping-in-and-out the only difference is that someone else is doing it for you.

The tipsters used for the free tips will change every day. Somedays they’ll be from great tipsters. Most days they’ll be from the premium tipsters and free tipsters the site wants to promote during that week.

You’re going to be very lucky to win over the long term following these free tips.


Finding free football tips is easy. Finding free tips that make money is much more difficult but it is possible.

Knowing what to look for and what to avoid will save you a lot of wasted time and effort.

  1. If a sports tips website guarantees winning money – walk away.
  2. If you see no tips history at all  – walk away.
  3. If you see a tips history but it’s not independently verified treat it with suspicion.

Good luck.