Tipstrr: February football tipster of the month

As you will see from the list below, some of these football tipsters’ returns have been outstanding, with profits ranging from a healthy 12% to an impressive 34% ROI. In the more conservative markets of football betting, such returns can only be achieved with thorough research, a strong betting strategy, and consistent success.

Check out the top 10 performing Football Tipsters of the Month for February and their special offers…

10th – Betting Value – 167 tips, 11.4% ROI
Profit: £114.29 to £20 average stakes

BettingValue shared a high volume of tips in February but found plenty of success. Working at average odds of 2.47 over the past six months, you can’t underestimate a 45% win rate. Betting Value offers more than just football tips but they are the main focus. Profits have come from a range of leagues across Europe, but Betting Value has also been particularly strong when posting South American football tips.

9th – Ulrik – 23 tips, 11.7% ROI
Profit: £53.99 to £20 average stake

Ok, the warm-up is over, the teams are lined up and we kick off in the tenth spot with Ulrik, who is enjoying his second straight month in our top ten list after establishing a reputation as a consistent performer during his seven months on the Tipstrr platform. Five profitable months in those seven saw him kick off 2019 with a very productive January (he finished fourth last month), and he has continued that success throughout February, producing ten winners and a push from his 23 tips, for a healthy profit of 11.7% ROI.

8th – KA Tips – 21 tips, 13.8% ROI
Profit: £57.87 to £20 average stakes

KA Tips has been with us since April of last year, and during his first eleven months on the platform he has caught the eye with a solid display of steady growth and continued success. Only two of his last ten months have failed to produce a positive return, and those two temporary blips have soon been forgotten, thanks to four straight profitable months, including February’s 13.8% ROI that have earned him ninth spot in this month’s awards. Ten winners have emerged from his 21 tips, and his three successful doubles suggest he knows how to combine his bets to squeeze extra value out of the market.

7th – Mycrofft – 30 tips, 13.9% ROI
Profit: £83.39 to £20 average stake

Mycrofft is a relatively fresh face on the Tipstrr platform, and while he did not merit a place on our Newcomer Top Ten list, his consistent performance has brought him into our top ten football tipsters. His cause was done no harm at all by a great run of success at the end of the month when ten of his last twelve tips came in as winners. Overall, his eighteen winners out of thirty recommendations represent a hefty 60% hit rate, and at average odds of close to evens, it is little wonder that his ROI for February reached just shy of 14%.

6th – WrongBookies – 68 tips, 15% ROI
Profit: £203.63 to £20 average stake

Wrong bookies joined the Tipstrr site in September and enjoyed unbroken success until the end of the year, before January saw him experience his first losing month. Sometimes it is how we respond to a poor set of results that tests our discipline and our betting strategy the best, and Wrong Bookies certainly stepped up and bounced back in style. His 68 tips produced 39 winners for a solid 57% strike rate, helping WrongBookies turn a 10% loss in January into a 15% gain in February, keeping his overall ROI over his six months on Tipstrr at a respectable 6%.

5th – Sports Insider – 79 tips, 16.2% ROI
Profit: £982.68 to £20 average stake

Sports Insider hit the ground running when he first joined us in August and has barely looked back since enjoying a whopping 38% ROI in that first month. December is the only one of seven months on the site when he made a slight loss (-3.4%), but all of the other six months have returned over 10% profit, and three of them over 20%. February was no exception to this run of almost unbroken success, with 79 suggested tips resulting in 50 winners, so anyone following him throughout the entire month would have enjoyed 16.2% growth on their investment.

4th – Brasileirao A e B – 25 tips, 17.1% ROI
Profit: £85.55 to £20 average stake

Into the top four we go, and no prizes for guessing which football betting markets Brasileirao A e B specialises in, and from his results he certainly seems to know his stuff about Brazilian football. An outstanding 2018 saw him catch our attention by finishing third in the Tipster of the Year listings, and despite a slight dip in January, it looks like Brasileirao is looking to continue his success throughout 2019 as well. The fact that he achieved only a 48% hit rate from his 25 tips (12 winners) does not tell the whole story and is a perfect example of how a sound betting strategy and disciplined bankroll management is just as important as picking out winners. Anyone who adhered to Brasileirao’s layered staking plan would have turned those twelve winners into a very healthy 17.1% return on investment.

3rd – TIPSANDALOU – 40 tips, 18.9% ROI
Profit: £151.01 to £20 average stake

Into the medal positions now, and there’s no doubting the credentials of TIPSANDALOU, who has already proved his worth to anyone lucky enough to have been on board with him since he joined us back in November. Kicking off with three lucrative months, the upward line on his profits graph got even steeper in February when he enjoyed his best month to date. While his overall results were tempered slightly by a few less successful forays into basketball and tennis, his 26 football tips brought a remarkable 22 winners for a phenomenal 85% success rate. His ROI for football alone was a mouthwatering 33%, but even with those other sports included, he still brought in a hefty profit of just under 19%.

2nd – Double Chance – 31 tips, 33.5% ROI
Profit: £207.60 to £20 average stake

Well here we are, already up to the runner-up spot, where we find Double Chance, who joined Tipstrr back in November. After ending 2018 with two months that both brought profits in excess of 20% ROI, Double Chance suffered a slight loss in January, but he soon put that behind him by enjoying his best month yet in February. As his name suggests, this tipster concentrates all his efforts on finding value in the football double-chance market, which is the same in all but name as betting on a team at +0.5 on the Asian Handicap. Success in such a market requires a high strike rate, and 24 winning tips from 31 selections at average odds of 1.87 was enough to earn this tipster a whopping 33.5%ROI for the month.

1st – Dicas – 17 tips, 34.4% ROI
Profit: £116.87 to £20 average stake

OK, here we go, and onto the gold medal podium, we are delighted to announce that Tipstrr’s Football Tipster of the Month is >>>drum roll>>> Dicas. Dicas has only been with us since September, and after five months of just about breaking even, his betting model finally bore fruit in February. Using a methodology that relies on the careful research of football trends and betting markets, Dicas provided 17 carefully selected tips throughout the month, and it was not until the tenth tip that he produced a loser. In fact, only four of those seventeen tips failed to land a profit, for a remarkable 69% hit rate, with average selected odds of 1.87 bringing in a prodigious 34.4% ROI for the month. So congratulations to Dicas, who proves to all aspiring tipsters that quality beats quantity every time.

There you have it for the February’s Tipster of the Month awards.

Well done again to our winner, Dicas, well done to everyone else on the above list, and also well done also to everyone didn’t quite make it, but all of whom are helping to provide such an excellent service for Tipstrr’s even-increasing member base.

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