THE BANKER: Horse Racing Exceptional ROI and Consistent Profits

Analysis date: July 4, 2024

The Banker is a horse racing tipster service that has been providing tips since July 2019. This comprehensive analysis examines their performance over 58 months, revealing key insights into their profitability, consistency, and risk profile.

The data shows that The Banker has achieved an exceptional return on investment (ROI) of 29% over more than 3,700 tips. With an average of 2 tips per day, this service has demonstrated remarkable profitability and consistency in the competitive world of horse racing betting.

What Tipstrr shows you – just the last 12 months

It’s important to note that Tipstrr stats only show the last 12 months of performance, not the entire history. The “at a glance” figures on their page for ROI, Tips per Week, Win Rate, etc., only cover this most recent period. Our analysis provides a more comprehensive view of The Banker’s long-term performance.

Overall Performance

The Banker has demonstrated exceptional performance over the 58-month period analyzed. With an overall ROI of 29%, this service falls into the exceptional category, significantly outperforming the benchmark of 20% for outstanding tipster services. The total profit over this period reached an impressive £11,094, showcasing the tipster’s ability to generate substantial returns for followers.

Profitability and Consistency

The service has shown remarkable consistency, with 39 out of 58 months being profitable. This level of consistency is impressive in the betting world and indicates a robust and reliable betting strategy. The average monthly profit stands at £191, which translates to a steady and significant income stream for followers.

Recent Performance

Looking at more recent periods:

  • Last 3 months: £844 profit, 42% ROI
  • Last 6 months: £568 profit, 14% ROI
  • Last 12 months: £2,071 profit, 27% ROI

These figures demonstrate that The Banker has maintained their high level of performance consistently, with particularly strong results in the most recent quarter.

Number of Tips and Win Rate

With an average of 65 tips per month (approximately 2 per day), The Banker provides a steady stream of betting opportunities. The win rate of 12% might seem low at first glance, but it’s important to consider this in the context of the average odds of 10.34. This combination of win rate and odds contributes to the high ROI and consistent profitability.

Long-term Trend and Risk Level

The long-term trend for profitability is strongly positive and stable. The ROI has remained consistently high throughout the service’s operation, indicating a sustainable and reliable betting strategy. The 2-year ROI of 38% and 3-year ROI of 33% demonstrate the tipster’s ability to maintain performance over extended periods.

To assess the skill factor, we calculated a p-value of less than 0.000001, which strongly suggests that The Banker’s performance is due to skill rather than chance. The Sharpe Ratio, a measure of risk-adjusted returns, is calculated at 0.63, which indicates a good balance between returns and risk, although there is room for improvement in risk management.

Estimated Longest Losing Run and Betting Bank

Based on the data, the estimated longest losing run for 65 tips (approximately one month) is 34 bets. Given the average of 65 tips per month, this would equate to roughly 17 days of consecutive losses. To withstand two such losing runs in quick succession, we recommend a betting bank of at least 100 points.

Probability of Profit and Loss

For the next month:
Probability of profit: 69%
Probability of loss: 31%
Expected profit: £342
Expected loss (if it occurs): £145

That is roughly 2 times more likely to make £342 profit than lose £145 *.

For the next two months:
Probability of profit: 82%
Probability of loss: 18%
Expected profit: £502
Expected loss (if it occurs): £150

In other words, about 5 times more likely to make £502 profit than lose £150 *.

* These figures are rounded to provide a simpler, more memorable summary while still accurately representing the general risk-reward profile of following this tipster.

Risk Assessment

Risk Factor: Medium

While The Banker has demonstrated exceptional profitability, the risk factor is assessed as medium. This is due to the relatively low win rate and the potential for extended losing streaks. However, the high ROI and consistent long-term performance mitigate these risks to some extent. Followers should be prepared for periods of volatility but can expect positive returns over the long term if they maintain discipline and proper bankroll management.

Next Steps

Based on our comprehensive analysis, we highly recommend following The Banker’s tips. The service has demonstrated exceptional and consistent profitability over an extended period, with a very attractive risk-reward profile. The high ROI, consistent monthly profits, and strong long-term performance make this an excellent choice for both novice and experienced bettors looking to enhance their horse racing betting results. However, it’s crucial to approach this service with proper bankroll management and an understanding of the potential for short-term volatility.


This analysis is based on data as presented on the Tipstrr site. There is no available access to the underlying database. Therefore, calculations may be inaccurate to a



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