JACKO22 : Over 25% ROI and great value for money


Professional Football Tipster since 20th May 2021.

JACKO22 has produced an excellent 29% ROI with 9 profitable months from 11 total months tipping – a 82% success rate.

On average there are 1 tips per day typically advised at an average 1 points which means, at £1 per point, you’d be betting around £1 per day.

Skill Factor: UNCERTAIN

JACKO22‘s statistical p-value is 0.0014 ( to 4 decimal places ). This indicates there’s a 0% probability these results could be achieved by pure chance.There’s not enough data, however, to say whether this a reliable figure or not.

Losing Streaks: SHORT

The all-time tip Win Rate has been 39% over 11 months and 242 tips which gives a low ELLR (Estimated Longest Losing Run) figure of 12 – you should be prepared for 12 losing tips in a row.

Based on this you should anticipate encountering the following longest losing runs:

  • Over the next month: At least one run of 7 losing tips.
  • Over the next 3 months: At least one run of 9 losing tips.
  • Over the next 6 months: At least one run of 11 losing tips.

Risk: LOW

JACKO22‘s performance is stable which means risk is low. The coefficient of variation figure is 1.10 which reflects how much volatility, or risk, is assumed in comparison to the amount of return expected from investments. The lower the ratio of the standard deviation to mean return, the better risk-return trade-off.

Value for Money: VERY GOOD

The subscription cost is £19 per month so with an ROI of 29% this means each 1% of ROI costs £0.65 which is great value.

Staking Levels: LOW

£1.50 per point to cover subscription cost
Based on this 29% ROI from 1 tips a day at the average advised stakes of 1 points you’d need to be betting at £1.50 per point to cover the £19 subscription cost.
£9.10 per point to clear £100 profit
To make somewhere in the region of £100 clear profit a month, over and above the subscription cost, the staking levels would need to be around £9.10 per point. At this level you’d be betting in the region of £15 a day.


1 MONTH: If you’d followed JACKO22 for 1 month at any time since the service started there was a 82% chance you’d make a profit. You were 5 times more likely to have made money than lost money in any one month and your profit would have been 2 times more than the amount you might have lost – an average of 40 points profit versus an average loss of -17 points.

2 MONTH: Every 2 month period since this service started has been profitable. If you’d followed for 2 months you’d have made an average of 60 points profit.

3 MONTH: Every 3 month period since this service started has been profitable. If you’d followed for 3 months you’d have made an average of 97 points profit.

Consecutive Periods Total Periods Made Profit Made Loss %Profitable Avg.Period Profit Avg.Period Loss Expectancy Profit Factor
any 1 month 11 9 2 82% 40 -17 29 2
any 2 months 10 10 0 100% 60 0 60 60
any 3 months 9 9 0 100% 97 0 97 97
any 4 months 8 8 0 100% 137 0 137 137
any 5 months 7 7 0 100% 171 0 171 171
any 6 months 6 6 0 100% 209 0 209 209

You can find out more about JACKO22 here



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