FOOTBALLER TIPS Revisited: A Comprehensive Analysis of Performance and Profitability

Date of Analysis: July 5, 2024

Footballer Tips is a prominent tipster specializing in football predictions. Since August 2020, this tipster has been providing valuable insights to bettors looking to gain an edge in football betting markets. With a focus on consistency and profitability, Footballer Tips has built a reputation for delivering reliable betting advice.

Our analysis reveals impressive performance metrics for Footballer Tips. Over a span of 47 months, this tipster has maintained a solid 12% Return on Investment (ROI), which falls in the “very good” category. With more than 9,300 tips provided, averaging 7 tips per day, Footballer Tips has demonstrated remarkable consistency and volume. The overall profit stands at £11,144, with an average monthly profit of £236.

Key insights from our analysis show that Footballer Tips has been profitable in 40 out of 47 months, indicating a strong 85% success rate. The tipster’s average odds of 2.68 suggest a balanced approach between risk and potential returns. With a p-value of 0 and a Sharpe Ratio of 1.17, Footballer Tips demonstrates statistically significant skill and a good balance between returns and risk.

Overall Performance

Footballer Tips has shown impressive consistency over the years. The 12% overall ROI places this tipster in the “very good” category, demonstrating a strong ability to generate profits for followers. The total profit of £11,144 over 47 months translates to an average monthly profit of £236, highlighting the tipster’s ability to deliver consistent returns.

Profitability and Consistency

One of the most striking aspects of Footballer Tips‘ performance is their consistency. With 40 out of 47 months being profitable, the tipster has maintained an impressive 85% success rate. This consistency is further emphasized by the Sharpe Ratio of 1.17, indicating a good balance between returns and risk.

Recent Performance

Looking at recent performance:

  • Last 3 months: -£66 profit
  • Last 6 months: -£202 profit
  • Last 12 months: £1,308 profit

While the short-term results show a slight dip, the 12-month performance remains strong. This highlights the importance of long-term thinking when following a tipster.

Long-term Trend and ROI

The long-term trend for Footballer Tips is positive, with ROI improving over time:

  • 1 year ROI: 8% (questionable)
  • 2 year ROI: 10% (good)
  • 3 year ROI: 11% (good)
  • 4 year ROI: 12% (good)

This upward trend suggests that Footballer Tips has been refining their strategy and improving their performance over time.

Risk Assessment

The Estimated Longest Losing Run (ELLR) for Footballer Tips is 42 tips for a typical month. This translates to about 6 days of consecutive losses, given the average of 7 tips per day. To withstand two such runs in quick succession, a betting bank of around 100 units would be advisable.

Looking ahead, there’s an 85% chance of making a profit next month, with an average profit of £294 versus an average loss of £94. That’s roughly 6 times more likely to make £294 profit than lose £94 *.

Over a two-month period, the probability of profit increases to 96%, with an average profit of £488 versus an average loss of £198. In other words, about 24 times more likely to make £488 profit than lose £198 *.

Based on these figures, we’d assess Footballer Tips‘ risk factor as Medium. While the profit potential is significant, the ELLR of 42 is in the challenging range. This means followers should be prepared for potential losing streaks and manage their bankroll accordingly.

* These figures are rounded to provide a simpler, more memorable summary while still accurately representing the general risk-reward profile of following this tipster.

What Tipstrr shows you – just the last 12 months

It’s crucial to note that Tipstrr’s statistics only show the last 12 months of performance, not the entire history. Their “at a glance” figures for ROI, Tips per Week, Win Rate, etc., only cover this recent period. While this provides a snapshot of current form, it doesn’t tell the whole story. For a comprehensive understanding of a tipster’s capabilities, it’s essential to consider their long-term track record, as we’ve done in this analysis.

Next Steps

Based on our comprehensive analysis, following Footballer Tips could potentially be profitable for disciplined bettors. Their long-term ROI of 12%, consistent performance, and statistically significant results suggest a skilled tipster. However, the recent 6-month plateau is concerning. Sufficiently concerning for me to drop Footballer Tips, a long-standing part of my personal portfolio, at least for now.

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This analysis is based on data as presented on the Tipstrr site. There is no available access to the underlying database. Therefore, calculations may be inaccurate to a small degree but will be sufficiently accurate to provide useful information, indications and guidance.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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