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A Horse Racing tipster on Bettinggods since October 2020, BSP Racing Tipster has delivered an incredible 36% ROI with 12 profitable months from 13 total months tipping – providing a 92% chance of having a profitable month.

On average there’s 2 tips per day typically advised at 1 pt. which means, at £1 per point, you’d be betting around £2 per day.

BSP Racing Tipster

12 / 13

Skill Factor: HIGH

The statistical p-value gives a measure of how likely these results could be achieved purely by chance and the lower this figure is the better.

BSP Racing Tipster’s p-value is 0.0004 (to 4 dec.places ).

This indicates its extremely unlikely these results could be achieved by pure chance..

Losing Streaks: FAIRLY SHORT

The all-time tip Win Rate has been 33% over the 13 months and 529 tips.

If the Win Rate and numbers of tips is maintained you should anticipate encountering the following longest losing runs over the next periods of time:

  • Over the next month: At least one run of 10 losing tips
  • Over the next 3 months: At least one run of 13 losing tips
  • Over the next 6 months: At least one run of 14 losing tips

Risk: LOW

The finance industry uses a coefficient of variation calculation to measure how risky an investment is. In simple terms its the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean.

But in even simpler terms its looking at the monthly ROI figures – are they always about the same or do they vary a lot?

If they vary a lot that means performance is volatile and volatility means risk.The coefficent of variation puts a specific number to this risk so that you can compare investments for risk but you can get a sense of how risky/volatile a tipster is just by looking at how much the ROI changes month-on-month.

BSP Racing Tipster’s coefficient of variation figure is 1.01 indicating performance is stable and risk is low.

Value for Money: VERY GOOD

The monthly subscription cost is £37 which is reasonable. BSP Racing Tipster’s overall ROI of 36% means that each 1% of ROI costs £1 which is great value.

Generally, subscriptions costs are typically less per month if you take a 3-month or even 6-month subscription and you can always cancel and get a refund should things not go the way you hoped.

Right now though you if your quick you can get 1 month for £0.99 (99p) or the rest of 2022 for £79 or less.

Staking Levels: LOW

If you know the ROI and the number of tips per day and the advised stake points you can work out how much you need to bet to cover the monthly subscription cost. Betting more than that per point would then give you a clear profit.

The trouble is that you don’t know what these will be.

The advised stakes might stay fixed but you cannot know how many tips will be published or what the ROI for the month is going to be. But doing the calculation can give you an idea of the scale of betting levels – will it be £10 a day or £100 a day.

£1.30 per point to cover subscription cost
Doing the calculations based on 36% ROI from 2 tips a day at the average advised stakes of 1 pt. you’d need to be betting at £1.30 per point just to cover the £27 subscription cost.

£5.90 per point to clear £100 profit
To hope to make somewhere in the region of £100 clear profit a month, over and above the monthly subscription cost, the staking levels would need to be around £5.90 per point. At this level you’d be betting in the region of £15 a day.

Betting Bank: 40pts

The size of Betting Bank required to adequately follow a tipster is based on a combination of the average stake size and the Estimated Longest Losing Run (ELLR) which, in turn, is based on the Win Rate of the tipster’s bets.

The formula used here to calculate the size of Betting Bank is: Betting Bank Size = 2.5 x ELLR x Average Bet Stake

This will enough to withstand a worst-case scenario of two (2) longest losing runs in quick sucession and still have something left (0.5) to continue betting.

The betting bank size for BSP Racing Tipster would be around 40 points.

So, if you were betting at £5.90/pt stakes aiming to make £100 clear profit the Betting Bank would be around £250.


1 MONTH: If you’d followed BSP Racing Tipster for 1 month at any time since the service started there was a 92% chance you’d make a profit. Looking at it another way you were 11 times more likely to have made money than lost money in any one month and your profit would have been 3 times more than the amount you might have lost – an average of 170 points profit versus an average loss of -68 points.

2 MONTH: Every 2 month period since this service started has been profitable. If you’d followed for 2 months you’d have made an average of 321 points profit.

3 MONTH: Every 3 month period since this service started has been profitable. If you’d followed for 3 months you’d have made an average of 493 points profit.

Consecutive Periods Total Periods Made Profit Made Loss %Profitable Avg.Period Profit Avg.Period Loss Expectancy Profit Factor
any 1 month 12 11 1 92% 170 -68 150 2
any 2 months 11 11 0 100% 321 0 321 321
any 3 months 10 10 0 100% 493 0 493 493
any 4 months 9 9 0 100% 638 0 638 638
any 5 months 8 8 0 100% 783 0 783 783
any 6 months 7 7 0 100% 940 0 940 940

Find out more about BSP Racing Tipster here



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