Tipstrr Tipsters: December Top 10 Other Sports

There is little doubt that the two most popular sports in the betting industry, particularly in the UK, are horse racing and football. But what about other sports?

The list below is comprised of tipsters specialising in a mixture of basketball, ice hockey and American football, with a couple of other sports thrown in, all proving that there is excellent value to be found in a whole variety of different sports betting markets if you know where to look and who to ask.

Check out the top 10 performing managers in these sports from the month of December, along with their special offers. Just click a tipster and see what deal you can bag!

10th – Billgkr Tips – 50 tips, 15% ROI
Profit: £89.01 to £20 average stakes

Billkgr has provided a consistent service on the Tipstrr platform for two years now, and December’s ROI of 15% meant that he now boasts the enviable record of being profitable in ten of the last twelve months for an overall ROI in excess of 8%.
Billkgr, who hails from Greece has dipped his toes into several different sports betting markets, covering basketball, ice hockey and American football from the USA, as well as a bit of football, tennis and handball elsewhere around the globe.
9th – John Walker – 21 tips, 15% ROI
Profit: £64.07 to £20 average stakes

In ninth place, John Walker is an offshoot of the Illuminati Group, and they pride themselves on combining “short-term satisfaction with long-term success”. Both were achieved in December, when they proved the old adage about quality being better than quantity, providing thirteen winners and a push from just 21 tips offered. And just to show their December success was no flash in the pan, they have already kicked off January with three wins from three tips at average odds of just under evens, to give 2019 a starting ROI of 94% so far.
8th – John Langdon – 31 tips, 16% ROI
Profit: £178.50 to £20 average stake

John Langdon’s profile on Tipstrr is short and sweet: it just reads “Winners. Winners. More winners.”, and it is difficult to argue with that proud boast when they have kicked off 2019 with six winners and a push from eight tips provided over the first three days of the new year. That’s quite a way to celebrate their first anniversary on the Tipstrr platform, especially after they enjoyed 19 winners and one push from just 31 tips provided throughout December, to finish eighth in this list with a monthly ROI of 16%.
7th – The Chef – 45 tips, 18% ROI
Profit: £163.75 to £20 average stake

Another tipster to have made a positive start to the New Year is The Chef, who has not had to cook the books to kick off 2019 with two winners out of two. That early success is just a continuation of a very profitable first two months for this tipster, who has been providing tips on basketball, football and American football since November, and only just missed out on making Tipstrr’s top ten newcomers list for December. A total of 45 tips produced 26 winners and two pushes for an impressive strike rate of 60%, and a very healthy ROI of 18% to keep his followers comfortably in profit.
6th – NFLMaster – 24 tips, 29% ROI
Profit: £137.25 to £20 average stake

Don’t be fooled by the name of this consistent tipster: yes, NFLMaster are passionate about American football, but also know their stuff about basketball and ice hockey across the Atlantic. After a year away from the tipping industry, Brandon and his friend Damir rebooted their service on Tipstrr in August, since when they have enjoyed four out of five profitable months back on the platform. Selective with their recommendations, they might have only suggested 24 tips across the month, but with only six of them losing (16 winners and 2 pushes), it is little wonder that they ended up with a very healthy ROI that was just shy of 30%.
5th – NBettor_NFL – 37 tips, 31% ROI
Profit: £232.82 to £20 average stake

We’re into the heady heights of the top five now and another tipster specializing in all things good from across the pond. In this case the name NBettor_NFL very much indicates a tipster focused on a specific sports betting market, and twelve profitable months from their fourteen on the Tipstrr platform have proved that this tipster knows his stuff when it comes to American football and the NFL. December proved to be the best month of the lot, with 37 tips bringing in no less than 25 winners for 66% strike rate and an eye-catching 31% ROI, while an overall ROI in excess of 16% would keep any punter happy.
4th – Aurum 2P2 American – 41 tips, 40% ROI
Profit: £593.37 to £20 average stake

Aurum 2P2 American is one of several portfolios belonging to the Aurum network, and this particular offshoot has met with particular success in the American sports market, enjoying three straight profitable months since the service was set up in October. Specialising in the Over/Under points market in baseball, basketball and American football, Aurum provided 21 winners from 41 tips in December at average selected odds of 3.45. So, while October and November returned decent profits of 14% and 10% respectively, this team of tipsters blew those figures out of the park in December, with a massive 40% ROI.
3rd – Pierce Butler – 25 tips, 40% ROI
Profit: £201.97 to £20 average stake

Pierce Butler, has recovered from a patchy start on the Tipstrr platform to become one of their most consistent performers, and December marked his seventh consecutive profitable month. Not only that, but December’s 40% ROI was the fifth straight month that this tipster’s profit margin has increased since August. Of course, anyone who can pick 18 winners and a push from 25 tips in December (that’s a 75% strike rate) in Stateside sports as notoriously fickle as basketball and American football, deserves to be rewarded for it, and anyone following this tipster would have been rewarded also with a much larger bankroll to show for it.
2nd – Hockey Maniac – 26 tips, 42% ROI
Profit: £692.22 to £20 average stake

Hockey Maniac has only been with Tipstrr since September, but has already made a big impression with his knowledge of ice hockey, and particularly the NHL, and has four profitable months behind him. While the first three months’ returns were not spectacular, it’s still better to be in profit than not, but December’s 19 winning tips from just 26 selections and an ROI of 42% should catch the eye of anyone eager to get an edge on the bookies. Hockey Maniac ended 2018 with three straight wins, and just to keep things neat and tidy, he has also begun 2019 with three winners to get the New Year off to a great start.
1st – NBAA – 103 tips, 47% ROI
Profit: £975.26 to £20 stake

And so to the winner in this category, and it’s a slam-dunk for NBAA, who dedicates his service to finding “value in high probabilities in the NBA”. Now basketball is not the easiest sport to call for the average bettor, but this tipster has found a way to nail it, with two hugely profitable months since he signed up to the Tipstrr site in November. Specialising mainly in the tricky 1-2 basketball betting market, and with an eye for spotting an undervalued outsider, NBAA has achieved a remarkable 40% strike rate at average selected odds of 3.93 across both months. Anyone with the insight and the bankroll to have put £20 on all 103 of NBAA’s tips throughout December, would have been rewarded with 42 winners, £975 clear profit and a whopping 47%ROI on that monthly investment.

And there you have it. Ten top quality tipsters all dedicated to providing excellent service for their members, and all fulfilling that task during a very profitable December. So, well done to the winner, NBAA.



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