Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Sep 2019

September’s HORSE RACING Tipster of the Month

September horse racing TOTM

The year is just flying by. Already we find ourselves in October and looking back on September. Although the horse racing rankings are always elite, today’s are unique for a couple of reasons.

Such as the level of performance in September, the average ROI was higher than usual, with a range from 41% to 100% ROI.

And lurking just outside of the cut off are a number of top quality tipsters but two, in particular, deserve what we’ll call an honorable mention. Producing a 34% ROI and a monumental profit in excess of £3,000, ROIal Picks took the bookies to the cleaners.

Narrowly missing the cut with a 41% ROI was tipster AG Tips who made nearly £500 in profits, also more than deserving of a top 10 finish but missing out by a small margin.

But do you know the best thing about September 2019’s horse racing tipster of the month? As well as mammoth profits last month, every last one of these tipsters have been strong in the long-run and all come with our strongest of recommendations. A tipster of the month first, no doubt. What a bunch.

10th – Top Rated Value – 46 tips, 41% ROI
£373.06 profit to £20 max stakes
Top Rated Value is an old hand. The services’ one year anniversary on Tipstrr was marked with an extremely profitable month to round out 10 winning months from 12, followed by a tasty September. A 41% ROI is good going by anyone’s standards but it’s already the fourth time Top Rated Value has achieved it over one whole month. Averaging around 30 horse racing tips per week, this winning service likes to focus mostly on the race winner market where more than £6,000 of profit to £20 stakes has now been made. You simply do not make big money in 13 of 15 months unless you know precisely what you are doing.

9th – WannaWinBM – 146 tips, 41% ROI
£1,193 profit to £20 max stakes
Remember the emails? ‘How badly do you wanna win?’ Well, if you haven’t joined this service yet, maybe not badly enough! Last month we gave this service the coverage it deserved on the back of the tremendous short and long-term form. We’re pleased to see the service shows no signs up letting up, racking up seven straight winning months since arriving. That takes overall profits comfortably past the £5,000 marker to £20 max stakes (+250 units) and over £1,000 of that was made in September. What a month for members. You’ll receive an average of six tips per day and the strike rate will leave you wanting more!

8th – Tipstar – 97 tips, 43% ROI
£827.75profitto£20 maxstakes
Tipstar is another tipster who fell onto our radar mid-month. He is winning far more often than not with six profitable months from eight and is another tipster who we have to come say has our blessing at this point. The next 12 months are big as Tipstar looks to truly establish themselves amongst some of the elite on this list, but you can’t make a better start than this. A 25% win rate is right up there with the best of our horse racing tipsters and average odds of 5/1 make for some very nice returns. To use the averages to break it down, you can’t really knock finishing up a unit of profit from every four tips

7th – Each Way Value – 27 tips, 53% ROI
£288.68 profit to £20 max stakes
McDonald’s, Apple, Hilton, DPD. All global brands that need no introduction. You hear the name and you know exactly who they are and what they offer. Each Way Value Tips falls into the same category. OK, so maybe he isn’t quite global, but he’s a household name that wins and wins and wins. His each way horse racing tips have system has been proven to be one of the absolute best on the internet. October marks the beginning of the tipster’s third month with us. Many good tipsters fade with time because it’s a tough game, but no Each Way. September was his second-best month of the year and historically, the winter period is profitable.

6th – Itsjustahorse – 65 tips, 53% ROI
£691.17 profit to £20 max stakes
It’s much more than just a horse. This is a winning horse racing service that has now been on the platform for nearly two years. The end of October will mark a very successful second anniversary. The last 12 months, in particular, have seen the service really tighten up to produce a healthy profit and a 23% ROI, a number eclipsed with ease in September. A 53% ROI is a big number to produce having shared as many as 65 tips. Members have been receiving around two tips per day at average odds 4/1 and in September a whopping 38% of those tips were winners. No wonder such a healthy profit was made.

5th – Thunderstrike – 35 tips, 60% ROI
​£421.69 profit to £20 max stakes
Thunderstrike has been striking gold throughout September. Winners were never far away as their team of experts conjured up profits in horse racing, football, and tennis. Each and every member of this expert team were on top of their game in September but as usual, it was horse racing leading the way. Their 100% ROI on horse racing alone may have ranked them towards the top end of TOTM, but as always, we like to consider the overall performance. All three failed to disappoint. There were various winning and placing efforts but the key contributor was Waarif at 8/1 each way last week.

4th – Speed Trap – 38 tips, 65% ROI
£497.46 profit to £20 max stakes
As usually is the case a free tipster has snuck into the tipster of the month rankings here. There is absolutely no cost to trial or join Speed Trap at this moment in time. The service seems to have come and gone since late 2018 but a tidy little run from July through September means the service is now in overall profit and thoroughly earned their mention here. We are still awaiting the first tips of October, but hopefully, Speed Trap plans to stick around this time.

3rd – Onthenose – 27 tips, 77% ROI
£416.76 profit to £20 max stakes
2019 wasn’t too kind to Onthenose early on, but they do say form is temporary and class is permanent. And there is absolutely no questioning this tipsters class. Other than the past two years of solid performance, if you need further proof, then look no further than Each Way Value Tips. EWVT and Onthenose are two different systems operated by one man who knows his stuff. Onthenose prefers to focus on the race winner market only, working at average odds of 8/1. An average of just one to two betting tips per day means the two services actually complement each other quite nicely for a good strike rate, low risk and solid long-term returns.

2nd – Racino – 88 tips, 84% ROI
£1,483.61 profit to £20 max stakes
Racino is yet another horse racing tipster who can claim two years of verified, winning horse racing tips on the Tipstrr platform. That in itself is a real seal of approval. As we’ve said tipsters can fade in and out of form, and promise doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere, but when you’ve two documented winning years then you now someone is the real deal. But if you needed more convincing, perhaps the fact Racino is a record holder will do that. He is the number one ranking tipster for profit with over £17,000 (+850 units) produced since arriving. That’s sensational. You’ll definitely want to think about making those sort of profits exclusively on the exchange, mind you, but just a couple of good months with Racino could transform your bankroll for life.

1st – Quasi’s Hunches – 40 tips, 100% ROI
£800.72 profit to £20 max stakes
It feels like only yesterday we were covering this fresh-faced tipster who had produced a whirlwind first quarter and dominated the newcomer tipster of the month rankings, before breaking in to the horse racing tipster of the month rankings with a £1,459 profit. That was back in April of 2018. The second six months of a tipsters life on Tipstrr will usually tell you a lot more than the first six months and two years down the line – Quasi is still here. He claims number one in September having made another bumper profit. He has made a nice profit in the past three months, 12 months and all-time. Quasi’s all-time ROI of 10% is a very strong and respectable one, as is the superb win rate of 27% for a service working at average odds of 9/1. Quasi has stood the test of time and is your September horse racing tipster of the month.

September’s FOOTBALL Tipster of the Month

September's football TOTM

With the football season already well under way, and the European competitions kicking into gear, it’s time for us to showcase the performances of our best football tipsters throughout the month of September.

We’re always happy to highlight the rewards that some of our leading tipsters are capable of providing, as well as alerting all of our members to the special offers we have available on many of those tipsters right now.

In the football betting market, where the rewards tend to be less obviously lucrative than with horse racing,  profits can only be achieved with a solid betting model, built on a foundation of thorough research and a broad knowledge of the game and its markets.

Check out the top 10 performing Football Tipsters of the Month for September and their special offers…

10th – Kvasir – 20 tips, 19.7% ROI
Profit: £78.88 to £20 average stake

Bringing up the rear of September’s top ten, we have a relative newcomer in the shape of Kvasir who only launched his service as recently as June. The jury will perhaps remain out on the small sample size of just twenty tips in the month, but nevertheless he has created a profit in three of his four completed months on the site. Moreover, his service is a free one, so there can be nothing to lose in following his progress to see if he can build on this limited early promise.

9th – CaXemiraBET – 44 tips, 14.3% ROI
Profit: £125.77 to £20 average stakes

In ninth spot we have CaxemiraBET, who is something of a regular in these rankings, having made the list earlier this year, as well as in November of 2018. It hasn’t been the most even year for this football tipster, but his overall trend has remained upwards, with an overall gain exceeding 10% over the last six months. A 60% success rate at average odds hovering around even money will always be enough to create a profit, and indeed if he had stuck to his stronger markets (ie 1X2 and Asian handicap), then CaXemira would have made the top five by exceeding 20% ROI.

8th – All The Goals – 70 tips, 14.5% ROI
Profit: £202.60 to £20 average stake

All The Goals is also no stranger to our monthly top ten, having finished seventh only last month. After a lull of activity and success through the close-season months of June and July,this tipster  has quickly made up for lost time with two successive months of 15% profits, the perfect way to kick off the new domestic season. Covering leagues all over Europe, ATG works within a structured betting policy, finding value in slightly odds-on prices solely in the Over/Under betting markets. Knowing your market is crucial, of course, and by concentrating on this narrow betting band All The Goals has a knack for identifying where the bookies might be offering better value than form book suggests.

7th – Drawer – 110 tips, 15.3% ROI
Profit: £337.50 to £20 average stake

A 48% gain for Drawer in August was over a relatively small sample size of just 21 selections, suggesting that his 15% ROI across 110 tips in September represents a far more realistic indication of his long-term potential. Betting only on draws is not to everyone’s taste, but ask anyone who used to do the Pools, and they will tell you it is no easy task to make a sustained profit out of such a betting model. Selecting games where the draw is priced between 3.00 and 3.50 not only is aimed at evenly matched teams, but also ensures a healthy return when his win rate (or should that be draw rate!) for September was 36%, especially when he rounded off the month with a run of four successes in five tips.

6th – Soccer Soda – Soccer Only  – 41 tips, 19.3% ROI
Profit: £158.59 to £20 average stake

Sometimes, just like in football itself, it pays to play to your strengths, and if Soccer Soda – Soccer Only had concentrated only on the 1X2 market that reaped him 37% gain on its own, then he might have finished even higher up this list. It hasn’t been smooth running all the way for SSSO this year, but if you looked at his record since May, then you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, as he is well on course towards finishing 2019 with the same successful surge that he ended 2018. His profit line has climbed steeper and steeper, culminating in Septermber’s 19% gain, his best monthly return of this year (so far, anyway!!).

5th – Scotch Doubles – 61 tips, 15.5% ROI
Profit: £189.39 to £20 average stake

We often point out the merits of focusing attention on one niche football market, and Scotch Doubles has done that to great effect by using his undoubted expertise in Scottish football to find value in that particular market.  While September did not quite see him reach the giddy heights of the 41% ROI that saw him top this list in August, anyone who can make the top five in these rankings in consecutive months must be doing something right. Since kicking off his Tipstrr career with an inauspicious slight loss back in April, Scotch Doubles has not looked back, with September representing his fifth straight profitable month, all combining to produce a whopping 30% ROI overall.

4th – Best Over/Under – 25 tips, 27.4% ROI
Profit: £137.10 to £20 average stake

No prizes for guessing which betting market Best Over/Under prefers, and no prizes either for working out that his fourth place in these rankings means he’s pretty darned good at it. Not the most prolific of tipsters by any means, his 61% success rate across 25 tips at average odds of just under even money have rewarded his followers with the most successful month of his eight-month tenure on the Tipstrr platform. Of course, for any tipster who can string together a run that sees only one loss from ten tips like BO/U did a week ago, then success can be the only outcome.

3rd – Soccer Betting – 90 tips, 22.5% ROI
Profit: £405.07 to £20 average stake

Into the top three we go, and on the bronze medal podium we have Soccer Betting, who is making a name for himself, not to mention a chunk of profit, through his knowledge of football betting markets around the globe. Ninety tips through September brought a whopping 55 winners, with that 61% win rate all the more productive for the fact that the average advised price was above even money. With many of his tips published one or more days in advance, SB is able to spot earlybird value before the bookies go running for cover, and his fourth straight profitable month suggests that he could be one to watch as the season progresses.

2nd – Mr Tipper Gold – 205 tips, 24.0% ROI
Profit: £985.64 to £20 average stake

Occupying the silver medal spot this month, we ironically have Mr Tipper Gold, hailing from the same stable as Mr Tipper Bronze, who finished eighth in this list only last month. Mr TG is one of our longer serving tipsters, having launched his service back in May 2017, and after suffering a dip in fortunes at the beginning of the year, he has spent much of 2019 clawing his way patiently back into the black. An 11% profit in August was a sign of things to come, as he more than doubled that ROI with a hefty 24% gain last month. An increase in output brought in increase in his win rate, and his 49-unit gain throughout the month would have brought just under £1000 to anyone staking a level £20 per tip.

1st – SVB Tips – 167 tips, 23.5% ROI
Profit: £774.93 to £20 average stake

And so without further ado, we’re happy to announce the popular winner of September’s Football Tipster of the Month rankings is one of our perennial success stories, SVB Tips. Football (77 tips) and horse racing (78 tips) dominated September’s success, with profits of 24% and 15% respectively making it little wonder that SVB has attracted nearly 3000 followers.

This multi-faceted tipster joined us at the beginning of the year and has hardly put a foot wrong, enjoying eight out of nine profitable months, of which seven were with double-digit ROI’s. And talking of double-digit profits, that’s what this remarkable tipster has achieved in no less than 7 (that’s right, SEVEN) different sports in which he has published 20+ tips over that nine-month period. Football (12%), horse racing (18%), tennis (12%), cricket (29%), darts (9%), rugby union (30%) and ice hockey (8%) have all combined to produce an over 14% ROI, and all go to show that in SVB Tips you effectively have several different tipsters all rolled into one profitable package.

September’s BEST NEW tipster

With the nights drawing in and the months flying by, and as we wave goodbye to September, it’s time for us to showcase a few of the new faces who have caught our eye on the Tipstrr platform over the last month.

As you’ll see in the Newcomer of the Month rankings below, some of their returns have been phenomenal, ranging from a useful 14% ROI in 10th place right up to our monthly winner earning just shy of 75% profit over the course of the month.

It is perhaps an indication of the changing seasons that football is represented by four of the top ten, equalling the number of horse racing tipsters in this month’s rankings, while we are always happy to see less mainstream sports coming to the fore, with baseball tipsters making up the final two.

Check out the top 10 performing newcomers from the month of September and their special offers available on Tipstrr…

10th – Across The Pond – 31 tips, 14.4% ROI
Profit: £89.51 to £20 average stake
Kicking off in tenth place, we have Across The Pond, the first of our four horse racing tipsters, but one that cuts a much different path to the others. As his name suggests, this tipster concentrates on racecards in the USA, which means his followers are tapping into a completely different betting market. Using a betting model aimed at the top end of the market, this tipster’s 52% hit rate means that his followers are never more than one race from their next winner, with average winning odds just above evens to bring in a 14% profit for the month.

9th – Undercover Punter – 111 tips, 26.3% ROI
Profit: £583.20 to £20 average stakes
Undercover Punter is the first of our four football tipsters, and one that already looks like he might be appearing in our rankings for a while. He dipped his toe in the water with a dozen or so tips in July (which brought in seven winners and a 112% profit), and then announced his arrival with a 20% gain in August. And as the European football seasons kicks into gear, so it seems does the form of Undercover Punter, who scours leagues all over Europe to find the value that has earned his followers a solid 26% profit over the last month.

8th – Hot-Horse – 285 tips, 30.2% ROI
Profit: £1722.58 to £20 average stakes
If you’re looking for a hot horse tipster, then look no further than the aptly named Hot-Horse, who has made double-digit profits in three of his four full months on the Tipstrr platform. You will need to cater your staking plan to fit his prolific output, but you won’t be disappointed when your tipster is providing a winner every five selections at average advised odds in excess of 7/1. Don’t hang around, though – his first tip in October romped in at 16/1 and he has already provided a further two 9/2 winners and a 14/1 place in his first nine selections of the new month.

7th – Hobey – 18 tips, 30.3% ROI
Profit: £108.93 to £20 average stake
We always like it when less mainstream sports are represented, and the performance of Hobey, the first of two baseball tipsters in our top ten, illustrates the diversity of our tipster base. The baseball season was three months old when Hobey launched his service, but he soon found his feet, and his 30% ROI for September represents his fourth straight profitable month with us. Eighteen carefully-selected tips means Hobey provides quality rather than quantity, but when that quality brings twelve winners (including a run of nine winners out of ten) at an average of even money, then you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

6th – Galalas – 21 tips, 31.6% ROI
Profit: £132.73 to £20 average stake
Just like London buses, no sooner does one baseball tipster appear than another one rolls along, this time in the shape of Galalas, who also joined the site in June. After kicking off with a couple of flat months that verged on breaking even, Galalas picked up the pace in August with a 16% return, a figure that he almost doubled to 31.6% last month. And the good news is that as the baseball season draws to a close, Galalas looks like he already has the winter months covered after landing six out of seven tips in American football since the new season started.

5th – meWIN Always – 55 tips, 32.2% ROI
Profit: £354.21 to £20 average stake
It’s a bit too soon to see if meWIN Always can live up to the proud boast of his name, but the signs are good if the first couple of months of his football tipsters service are anything to go by. A steady start in August was a mere prelude to more sustained success in September, during which he enjoyed a run of sixteen winning tips out of twenty, eight of them at better than even money, included two doubles at odds of 3.11 and 4.41. Tasty stuff.

4th – OOTD – 67 tips, 50.3% ROI
Profit: £674.22 to £20 average stake
OOTD announced his arrival as a horse racing tipster with two winners priced 125/1 and 100/1 in the space of 24 hours at the end of August, enough to earn a ridiculous 1336% ROI for that month. In comparison, September’s 50% gain might appear something of an anti-climax, but it also represents a more realistic idea of OOTD’s undoubted potential. Just two winners (both at 33/1) indicate a betting model that requires patience, faith and an organised staking plan, but that same methodology also landed ten each-way places (ranging from 14/1, through 50/1 and 66/1 right up to 125/1), suggesting that OOTD has more than a pinsticker’s eye for outsider value.

3rd – Living With Brother V.2 – 25 tips, 48.1% ROI
Profit: £240.53 to £20 average stake
We’re kicking off the medal positions with another tipster who offers a different betting model that might appeal more to some than others. Living With Brother V.2 deals solely in multiple football bets, but don’t let that mislead you – this is not a tipster looking to break with bookies with one life-changing accumulator..A well-conceived multiple bet can be an ideal way of extracting the maximum value out of less lucrative odds-on single bets, and LWB has certainly found a way to do so very effectively. His 48% ROI for September was built on one winning double at 2.62, three winning trebles averaging 3.75 and five fourfolds at an average of 5.23, all combining into a hefty 48% gain for the month.

2nd – Daily Bet – 115 tips, 45.6% ROI
Profit: £1049.50 to £20 average stake
Our final football tipster in these rankings sees Daily Bet occupy the runner-up spot, but that is certainly no disgrace with an ROI of 45% that converts in monetary terms to a whopping £1049 to level £20 stakes. Those profits are built predominantly in the 1X2 market, but it might be worth looking out for any tips placed in the Draw No Bet and Double Chance markets, where DB returned profits of 113% and 148% respectively at much higher average odds.

1st – TopHorsePicks – 51 tips, 74.7% ROI
Profit: £761.42 to £20 average stake
And so to top spot in the Newcomer of the Month rankings, and we’re happy to announce TopHorsePicks as our gold medal winner for September. A monthly ROI nudging 75% is almost 30% clear of his nearest rival, and certainly proved that the 77% that he earned in his debut month of August was no flash in the pan.

Thirteen winners included a 16/1 shot and two more at 10/1, not to mention four back-to-back winner between 4/1 and 11/2 in the space of 24 hours. Using his own statistical model, he searches the markets for horses that are significantly underpriced, and so far he has certainly managed to find plenty of hidden value for his rapidly growing number of followers. Certainly one to keep an eye on.

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