Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Oct 2019

October’s Football Tipster of the Month

October's Football TOTM

Well, the clocks have gone back, the floodlights are on more than they’re off, and with that we just know that we’re well into the nitty-gritty of the football season, which in turn means it’s an ideal time for us to see how Tipstrr’s leading football tipsters have shaped up over the last month.

The Tipstrr Tipster of the Month rankings carry no prizes, but they do carry some weight within the Tipstrr community, and they give us the perfect opportunity to showcase the rewards that the leading tipsters are capable of producing, as well as alerting all of our readers to the special offers they have on many of those tipsters right now.

Check out the top 10 performing newcomers from the month of October and their special offers available on Tipstrr…

10th – weBET Football World – 88 tips, 5% ROI
Profit: £85.15 to £20 average stake

Kicking off in tenth place, we have weBET Football World, who has been no stranger to the rankings during his first year on the Tipstrr platform. That is hardly surprising when you consider that October marked his eighth profitable month of 2019, with three of those months returning over 40% ROI. Last month did not quite reach those heights, but a steady growth of 5% has kept that bankroll ticking over nicely and has helped WeBET maintain an overall ROI of over 12%.

9th – Aurum Football – 14 tips, 5% ROI
Profit: £15.33 to £20 average stakes

The first of two tipsters from the Aurum stable to feature in this list, Aurum Football has not had the happiest of times throughout 2019, but three straight months of steady gains have helped him get his head back above water. This turnaround has been achieved by discarding more exotic betting markets such as Correct Score and accumulators, and concentrating solely on being more selective in the Over/Under market. A win rate of 42% at average odds over 3.11 and an ROI of 24% during that period suggest that AF has found his mojo and he could well go from strength to strength from here onwards.

 8th – FootballPRO – 81 tips, 6% ROI
Profit: £88.87 to £20 average stakes

In eighth place there’s  FootballPRO. who first dipped his toe into the Tipstrr waters during the summer of 2018, and after a winter break he has hardly looked back since relaunching his service in February. The last nine months have seen him provide winning tips from all around the football world, with just a couple of minor setbacks in May and September denying him a year of relentless growth. Double-digit profits in the 1X2, Score In Both Halves as well as in three different Over/Under markets suggest that he knows how to spot value and give you an entertaining run for your money..

 7th – Advanced Betting – 215 tips, 7% ROI
Profit: £309.36 to £20 average stake

Another tipster who had to negotiate a difficult start to the year, Advanced Betting has surged out of the doldrums during the summer, enjoying bumper profits throughout August, September and October. Having flown quietly under the radar during his two full years as a Tipstrr tipster, he has nonetheless enjoyed 17 profitable months out of his 24 on the site to maintain a steady if unspectacular overall return of 4.2% ROI and enjoy his fourth straight profitable month with us. As a multi-sport tipster who also boasts a 6% gain in tennis tips over the last three months, it is worth pointing out that in football alone, he has gained 15%, or over £500 to level £20 stakes over that same period..

6th – Amigobet – 83 tips, 8% ROI
Profit: £128.70 to £20 average stake

Amigobet might already be a familiar name to many of you, and why wouldn’t he? Over the last six months, he has maintained double digit growth in five different sports – football (10%), basketball (27%), tennis (11%), handball (27%) and baseball (22%). A tipster bringing in those kind of profits is bound to attract some attention, especially with October marking his sixth straight month of upward growth across all sports. He really is three or four tipsters rolled up into one, meaning that even if he isn’t firing in one particular sport, then he is probably more than making up for it in another..

5th – Alias Core – 87 tips, 13% ROI
Profit: £221.56 to £20 average stake

Another tipster with more than one string to his bow is Alias Core, who is fifth in these football rankings, but has also shown himself to be more than able across other sports, especially ice hockey, in which his all-time ROI of 13.5% across nearly 400 tips actually exceeds his overall performance in football (7.9% over 600+ tips). October marked the fourth month in six that Alias Core made substantial gains, and with the football and hockey seasons starting to take shape, he might be one to follow through the cold winter months..

 4th – Aurum 21+ – 57 tips, 13% ROI
Profit: £146.57 to £20 average stake

The second representative from the Aurum group, Aurum 21+ has been with us since June, and after one setback in August, it looks as if he is back to the kind of form that has helped him achieve an overall ROI of over 12% during those five months. Concentrating mainly on Over/Under betting, what Aurum 21 loses in single bets he more than makes up for in astutely combined multiple bets that earned him a 39% profit on their own throughout October. A particular purple patch last weekend saw him enjoy eight successive winning tips, five of them singles, plus three doubles at odds of 10.83, 5.36 and 4.83.

3rd – Soccer Soda – Soccer Only – 84 tips, 18% ROI
Profit: £286.44 to £20 average stake

We’re kicking off the medal positions with a tipster who is gracing these rankings for the second straight month, having finished sixth in our football TOTM list in September. Soccer Soda – Soccer Only has gone from strength to strength since a slight setback in May, and monthly gains of 19% in September and 18% in October have helped sustain a healthy 7.6% ROI overall. The way he is going, SSSO looks on course to end the year with the same kind of surge that he enjoyed at the back end of 2018, so it might just be the perfect time to jump aboard.

2nd – SVB Tips – 85 tips, 28% ROI
Profit: £597.04 to £20 average stake

Not for the first time we are singing the praises of SVB Tips, who has to settle for the runner-up spot in this month’s rankings, after topping the list in September. How’s that for consistency! And if you think that’s impressive, just look at this. SVB has not only returned a whopping 28% gain from 85 football tips in October, but he actually topped it with a mouthwatering 64% gain from 56 horse racing tips. Indeed, since SVB Tips launched his service in January, he has made profits in 7 of the 8 sports in which he has made over 20 selections, including horse racing (20% from 1100+tips), football (13% from 850+ tips) and tennis (8% from 300+), not to mention cricket, ice hockey, rugby union and even darts.

1st – Classic MG – 18 tips, 63% ROI
Profit: £226.71 to £20 average stake

The only reason that SVB Tips did not keep his Tipster of the Month crown has been the phenomenal return of Classic MG, whose reliance on doubles and trebles might not be to everyone’s taste, but is hard to ignore when it produces a 63% profit for the month. Bear in mind that Classic MG does not put together speculative make-me-a-millionaire accumulators – these are well-reasoned multiple bets that are designed to extract maximum value by combining what would be less eye-catching singles. From his carefully-selected 18 combination bets throughout the month, he enjoyed nine winners, of which one was a rare fourfold at odds of 4.63, made up of four bets at 1.72, 1.62, 1.35, and 1.23 – not much there to get excited about individually, but enough to combine into a tasty acca. Similarly, his eight winning trebles were all priced between 2.37 and 4.36, not spectacular but when those bets are enjoying a 50% win rate, then it’s easy to see what has earned him this month’s Tipster of the Month accolade.


October’s Horse Racing Tipster of the Month

October's Horse Racing TOTM

Whilst the wind and rain lashes down outside our tipsters have toiled away wrapped up in the warm. It’s done little to dent the form of this profitable bunch. Let’s get on with it

Check out the top 10 performing horse racing tipsters from the month of October below

10th – AG Tips – 69 tips, 26% ROI
Profit: £358.29 to £20 average stake

It’s been a real whirlwind five months for AG Tips. Since joining the Tipstrr platform, AG tips has recorded a couple of appearances in the best newcomer list and this isn’t his first rodeo as an established tipster. This month’s TOTM performance was AG’s fifth consecutive profitable month, maintaining his long-term ROI that hovers around 60% This stand out service continues to indentify horses largely in the 5/1 to 15/1 range that are being undervalued by the bookies.

9th – Racing Investor – 14 tips, 48% ROI
Profit: £135.00 to £20 average stakes

Slow and steady has won the race for Racing Investor so far. First debuting in January 2018, four winnng months from the first six made for a strong start. For whatever reason, Racing Investor disappeared until early this year when he returned to add to the profit. Combined it’s made for a 12% ROI over 15 active months and we’ll certainly be hoping that he sticks around this time!

8th – Rac1ng – 55 tips, 43% ROI
Profit: £477.50 to £20 average stakes

Eight winners at average odds of 8/1 was enough to produce a 43.40% ROI and stretch their superb overall profits in +125 units to level stakes. The service has focused on nothing but the race winner market and has maintained those average odds. With the long-term profit in mind, a long-term ROI of around 15% and more than 800 verified betting tips shared, Rac1ng must surely now be considered a very viable and established option.

7th – Tactical Bet – 58 tips, 47% ROI
Profit: £550.02 to £20 average stake

Ignore the average odds of more than 2000/1! A smattering of very low stake trixies on select ocassions have skewed them. Ordinarily, this sensible service shares an average of a couple of tips per day at average odds of 16/1. Nearly all of the tips shared are each way which makes for an increased strike rate and more regular return for users. The system certainly works as users have bagged very healthy profits in a short period of time.

6th – The Strict Rule System – 29 tips, 49% ROI
Profit: £284.29 to £20 average stake

Some tipsters need little introduction. If you’ve been around the block at Tipstrr then you know The Strict Rule System is one of a few who have set a golden standard. November will be the services 31st month on Tipstrr and few are more profitable. Tipping day in and day out for approaching three years is a tough task, but The Strict Rule System has produced a profit in seven of 10 months during 2019. This old hand shows no signs of burn out and if you haven’t already tried this service you’re missing out.

5th – My Daily NAP – 21 tips, 58% ROI
Profit: £244.18 to £20 average stake

Sharing almost a tip per day has made a nice little profit from short odds for My Daily NAP. October was certainly the tipsters breakthrough month as the first big profitable one. My Daily Nap, the first free tipster we encounter in this month’s rankings, is completely free of charge. The only thing that remains now is for the tipster to improve their chequered attendance record and stick around the lng-term.

4th – Gerganaana – 135 tips, 63% ROI
Profit: £1,712.35 to £20 average stake

Gerganaana has really grown in popularity amongst users in 2019 and with performances like this one it is very clear to see why. The most profitable month of the verified 17 was October. The small matter of £1,712 was pocketed to £20 maximum average stakes, producing his best yet ROI of 63%. The service mixes race winner pick and each-selections at odds ranging from 5/1 to even 20/1 on a regular basis. October was litterred with winners, a mightily close place for a 66/1 shot and a standout winner at 20/1 for Eight and Bob.

3rd – Kens All Weather – 19 tips, 108% ROI
Profit: £410.62 to £20 average stake

Ken has been plying his trade on the Tipstrr platform for several years now across several portfolios focusing on different systems. Kens All Weather usually comes to the fore at this time of the year with the name giving away the game. The service is in it’s second year and remains profitable, albeit at 3.60% ROI, October showed real signs of life as an ROI in excess of 100% showed their plenty of legs left in this old horse yet and a strong finish to 2019 could be in store.

2nd – High Class – 70 tips, 113% ROI
Profit: £1,578.24 to £20 average stake

High Class by name… High Class by nature? Only time will tell. October was top drawer with marginally the best ROI on this month’s leaderboard and the second highest profit. High Class really broke in to form after a couple of reasonably good months before hand and three of the first four months in the books. Quality looking horse tipsters come and go in their first month but with many of the boxes ticked so far, all eyes are on High Class to see if this sort of performance can be maintained over an extended period of time.

1st – Russell Blair Racing – 43 tips, 110% ROI
Profit: £944.05 to £20 average stake

11 months after joining the Tipstrr platform has Russell Blair Racing has finally claimed a number one spot a long time in the making. His long-term ROI remains around 36%, leaving Russell as one of the few who have matched such a number over the course of 2019. So it’s a surprise this is his first time topping the list, but it isn’t the first appearance and certainly won’t be the last. Russell Blair Racing requires some patience and a bankroll but the service has proved not just during it’s positive, verified time on Tipstrr but in previous years and past ventures that it’s a good one to be with for the long haul. Russell Blair will be targetting a strong finish to the year now before yet another year in the game for this well seasoned professional.

October’s other sport’s Tipster of the Month

October's other sport's TOTM

October’s top 10 other sports tipsters ranking is a bit of a unique one. It’s a neck and neck battle between basketball tipsters, of which there are seven and our tennis tipsters of which there are five. That makes 12. Stumped? After a neck and neck battle, our tipster of the month offers a unique spin on both the sports combined!

Check out the top 10 performing other sports tipsters from the month of October below

10th – BillgkrTips – 52 tips, 5% ROI
Profit: £53.25 to £20 average stake

Making just over a couple of units in October was Billgkr. A mammoth profit it may not be, but it all adds up when your tipster has secured a return in 24 of 35 months. This is a seasoned tipster who has shown superb consistency of a very long period of time. Any professional bettor making a full-time living from this game would be very proud to boast the 8% ROI that Bill has secured over the past three years with his most profitable sport remaining basketball.

9th – The NBA Tipster – 16 tips, 5% ROI
Profit: £17.40 to £20 average stake

It’s very early days to be judging The NBA Tipster. A winning start of any kind will do nicely, though, and a 5% ROI from a small sample size is reasonable. The NBA season returned during the last week of October, leaving NBA just a week to work his magic. The 2019-20 NBA season is his third on the Tipstrr platform with both of the previous two proving very profitable. November has also started in a positive manner and The NBA Tipster has a 14% ROI since October 2017.

8th – Basket Tipster – 106 tips, 6% ROI
Profit: £131.90 to £20 average stake

A handy little profit for Basket Tipster, meaning our first three ranked tipsters all focus on the hardcourt. The new NBA season has provided a wealth of opportunities and Basket Tipster wasted no time taking advantage, although it was the European basketball scene that provided most of October’s profits. Basket Tips is currently on a winning run that spans around 330 days as he closes in on what would be Tipstrr’s first perfect year. Basket Tipster can reach the milestone on December 2nd and you can be there to cheer him over the line

7th – USA Sports Wiseguys – 129 tips, 15% ROI
Profit: £374.43 to £20 average stake

Score four for the basketball guys! USA Sport Wiseguys may cover a range of US sports, but it’s their basketball exploits that have always stood out. An ROI of 6% across nearly 1,000 basketball tips is quite an achievement. Guys in Vegas would certainly take that. The WIseguys are coming back in to form at just the right time with two profitable months behind them, a solid start to the NBA season and their fourth most profitable month of the past two years coming in October.

6th – The Goat – 60 tips, 20% ROI
Profit: £240.77 to £20 average stake

From one side of the pond to way across the other, Australian based tennis tipster The Goat is no stranger to the tipster of the month rankings. October was the seventh winning month of the year to date as the tennis season begins to wind down until the new year. October was the tipsters 15th month on Tipstrr and having maintained an ROI of 11% puts him top of the tree when it comes to tennis tipping. His value-seeking approach continues to prove profitable. The next upset is never far away on the tennis court.

5th – Basket Value – 143 tips, 21% ROI
Profit: £598.67 to £20 average stake

We’ve had Basket Tipster… now meet Basket Value! The most profitable tipster on the list with nearly £600 banked, Basket Value has now made in excess of £1,300 (+66 units) in 2019. This portfolio focuses on the match-winner market only and regularly identifies underdogs upsetting the apple cart and tasty odds. Just recently it was the turn of Miami Heat to upset one of the league leaders with October’s biggest returns being several Euroleague winners priced at 2/1.

4th – OAP Tennis – 12 tips, 22% ROI
Profit: £53.37 to £20 average stake

It’s been a rather sensible two months for OAP Tennis. Four winners from four in September constitute what is technically our only perfect winning month whilst October saw volume treble with seven winners from 12 betting tips. It’s no surprise with the tennis season beginning to wind down, but it all contributes to a solid first five months from OAP Tennis, who is yet to drop a month to the bookies. This month’s tipster of the ranking is certainly giving us plenty to look forward to come the new season in January!

3rd – Tennis Only – 51 tips, 22% ROI
Profit: £227.24 to £20 average stake

It’s very bunched at the top but a much higher profit by way of higher volume has earned Tennis Only the third-placed spot. Tennis Only has made their profit with a combination of multiples and singles, but it’s the former that has done the most damage. One of the most verified tipsters in this month’s ranking, Tennis Only’s journey began in August of 2018 and the tipster has been pairing together likely favourites to double his and members money ever since. Roll on January!

2nd – Mr Jordan – 49 tips, 24% ROI
Profit: £234.37 to £20 average stake

Finishing just clear of our handy pair of tennis tipsters is Mr Jordan. Not the real Jordan, of course, but certainly seems to know the court pretty well. October continued an all-conquering run that stretches back four profitable months to July. Mr Jordan has filled the off-season gap with plenty of winners covering European basketball and now the return of the NBA has bolstered his betting options. He’s won 75% of his opening NBA picks and members can surely look forward to a very profitable year ahead.

1st – CJ Picks – 14 tips, 85% ROI
Profit: £238.78 to £20 average stake

14 tips was enough to secure CJ Picks a very comfortable first place as October’s other sports tipster of the month. Their ROI of 85% was completely unchallenged and the profit of £238 is extremely handsome considering the volume of picks. This tipsters main focus? Well, a combination of all the above, actually! CJ Picks has made strong profits covering both basketball, more recently the NBA, and tennis. Combining the two sports to make multiples priced at an average of around 2/1, CJ Picks has defied the odds to record a 53% win rate thus far and has improved dramatically every month dating back to July.

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