Tipstrr Tipsters: December Top 10 Racing Tipsters

Time to meet the top 10 horse racing tipsters from December 2018, a month which featured a number of special performances. All in, these top 10 ranking tipsters have made a combined £5,995 to £20 average stakes.

10th – Kens Jumps – 108 tips, 23% ROI
Profit: £492.12 to £20 average stakes

We kick things off with Kens Jumps who had a very strong December. It was his 5th winning month as he approaches his one year anniversary on the Tipstrr platform. The account runs alongside the hugely successful and popular Kens Flat and due to the quality of the performance in winning months, Ken is in a very comfortable long time profit and holds a 3.8% ROI.
9th – Araujo – 74 tips, 27% ROI
Profit: £403.52 to £20 average stakes

With this performance, Araujo has now made over £2,000 in the past 12 months. It’s been an extremely consistent performance with 10 of those months resulting in a profit. May through October produced his most stunning run as he put together six consecutive winning months and so the tipster must be commended on the consistency with which he’s achieved his profits.
8th – Dancing Brave – 71 tips, 18% ROI
Profit: £259.87 to £20 average stakes

Dancing Brave has made the tipster of the month rankings once again. It’s becoming a regular feature now for the ex Tipstrr PRO who is surely knocking on the door for a return. He’s put together eight big winning months since this time last year and the last four months of 2018 were by far the best part of his performance since joining which gives new members plenty to look forward to in 2019.
7th – ClydeShelton Turf Wars – 136 tips, 30% ROI
Profit: £821.07 to £20 average stakes

11 winning months from 15 is about as good as it gets. You don’t produce that level of consistency as a sports bettor without having a plan that works in the long term. Producing an ROI in excess of 10% over the course of 16 months is a stunning achievement. Routes Choice contributed to this profit as a huge 40/1 each-way winner, and it could have been ever BIGGER had 66/1 Wade Harper gone one better than placing.
6th – KensFlat – 38 tips, 32% ROI
Profit: £246.68 to £20 average stakes

As he approaches his one year anniversary on the Tipstrr platform, Kens Flat is maintaining an ROI around 20%. If he can match the performance of the past few months in the first quarter of 2019 then he will join a very elite list who can boast achieving such an ROI over such a long period. December’s crown jewel was the £230 return on Gabrial The Tiger as a 50/1 each-way shot.
5th – OnTheNose – 23 tips, 33% ROI
Profit: £149.77 to £20 average stakes

OnTheNose is the second account of the number one ranking tipster Each Way Value Tips. Sharing completely separate tips by way of a separate system, this tipster is boasting an ROI that’s just as good. It now stands above 45% ROI all time as December marked his 10th winning month of 2018. The tipster has already started 2019 in a strong way as overall profits continue to grow at pace.
4th – Quasi’s Hunches – 67 tips, 40% ROI
Profit: £540.18 to £20 average stakes

Quasi managed to add a 10th of his all-time profit in December alone. His 40% ROI was one of his better performances and that was in part down to a stunning finale on the 29th December. First, I’m A Game Changer returned £100 for members and that was followed by each-way shot De Rasher Counter won at odds of 10/1.
3rd – It’s Just a Horse – 27 tips, 44% ROI
Profit: £235.00 to £20 average stakes

It’s Just A Horse has made it into the top three for December and deserves a lot of credit for their approach. After a sticky time in the first half of 2018, the sort that all tipsters go through at some stage and really challenges your metal, the tipster stuck firmly to the methods and beliefs and it all paid off in the end. Six of the last seven months in 2018 produced a fantastic and well-deserved profit.
2nd – Top Rated Tips – 91 tips, 77% ROI
Profit: £1,393.06 to £20 average stakes

Top Rated Tips may feel a little unlucky to have only made second in this months ranking given the stunning performance. He actually boasts the best ROI of any tipster this month and regardless of where he places here, we’re sure members are still counting their winnings on an hourly basis in disbelief. Top Rated Tips alongside Top Rated Jumps has been a very profitable venture for long-term members and given how December went, it looks like the tipster may be threatening to get back to his best form at the start of 2019.
1st – HODL – 181 tips, 40% ROI
Profit: £1,453.76 to £20 average stakes

This months top two are neck and neck. They both made huge profits and although HODL has the second best ROI of the top two, there was just no ignoring the quality of his performance given the volume.


Despite it being one of HODL’s higher volume month, the tipster maintained his terrific win rate at around 30% and repeated the rewards.


He was just an additional winner away from +£1,500 but despite that made his biggest profit in a single month to date. What’s more, this tipster goes the extra effort to track BSP results on behalf of his members, and he’s proving that he can still be very profitable to BSP.


HODL has been a complete service which notifies members when tips are pending and always shares them at a consistent time each morning.



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