Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Aug 2019

August’s horse racing tipster of the month

August's horse racing tipster of the month

August has drawn to a close and so the summer months are technically behind us. Weather conditions can complicate things from hereonin, but hey, they generally do that all year round in the UK. Anyway, the standard was extremely high this month. Perhaps a little higher than usual with a 30% ROI being required even to make the top 10.

The level of performance was off the charts in August and the majority of the ranked tipsters having free or low cost trials and promotions available for you claim. Just click on any of the tipsters below to learn more about them and reveal their special offers.

10th – All Weather Edge – 27 tips, 31% ROI
£165.43 to £20 average stake

All Weather Edge is a tipster who searches for value whilst focusing on all weather meetings. All tips are advised as 1 point/unit wins or 1 point/unit each way. Given the tipster is lower volume, a bankroll of 50 points/units to start would seem very sufficient. August was the fifth month for this tipster on the platform and it was a good one. £165 to £20 stakes reflects the 8.27 points/units the tipster made whilst averaging just a single tip per day. At average odds of around 3/1, this is a service that has been winning more than your average horse racing service. It’s also important to note that tips are sent on the morning of the race.

9th – Sprint King – 132 tips, 32% ROI
£852.01 to £20 average stake

The best thing about Sprint King is that the service is free of charge. It’s been a few years since this service rocked up on the Tipstrr platform – three, to be exact – and it’s been a free service throughout that time. An ROI of nearly 6% and a profit of +271 units is a solid return for a free tipster. Sprint King is a perfect service for those of you looking for a free tipster to help build your bankroll or produce some additional tipster buying funds. Whilst the service may not match up to the pros, it’s still a solid option. Following the service to level 1 point/unit stakes is the most profitable way to go.

8th – Itsjustahorse – 64 tips, 35% ROI
£441.85 to £20 average stake

ROI of 30+ is a fantastic achievement. It’s one that puts big profits in members pockets and it deserves recognition whether it’s achieved over a week, month or year. Itsjustahorse is no stranger to big returns. In the last 12 months he’s managed ROI of 100.20%, 69.60%, 43.50% and now 35%. As was the case in 2019 it was a tough start to the year for this tipster but their qualities shone through more and more as the year went on. Ypou have to go back as far as March to find a time when the tipster was on a losing run. Averaging two horse racing tips per day, Itsjustahorse has made +55 points/units of profit in five months.

7th – Another Racing Tipster – 85 tips, 35% ROI
£593.18 to £20 average stake

Another Racing Tipster joined the Tipstrr platform back in February of this year and started with a bang. +76 points/units gave the service and anyone who was following a real head start on the bookies. August was very similar to other winning months in April and July and it was also the first time the tipster put together winning months back to back. As average odds have dropped to 12/1 in the last quarter, the win percentage has risen to 23%. It seems that the tipster may have found the sweet spot but previous months have seen some big winners indeed. All time, Another Racing TIpster has shared 463 tips at average odds of 19/1. Defying probability, roughly one in 10 has been a winner.

6th – Heli’s Horses – 57 tips, 38% ROI
£433.50 to £20 average stake

Heli is now a well established service on the Tipstrr platform. It feels like only yesterday we were hyping up this exciting newcomer showing lots of promise. Heli made the best new tipster list in two of his first three month and has had tipster of the month proper appearances since. He put together seven winning months in a row which came to a halt after a losing May. Since then, June, July and August have all been VERY profitable with one of his bigger ROI to date coming last month. You can expect three to four daily tips when working with Heli and it’s fair to say plenty of profit, too. In 11 months the service has made over +270 points/units of profit to level (1) stakes.

5th – Speed Trap – 43 tips, 43% ROI
£373.07 to £20 average stake

Speed Trap has made his methods totally transparent. ‘Using the simple principle that the fastest horse should win’, Speed Trap likes to watch the consensus opinion among respected clockwatchers. Of course it isn’t quite that simple, as further analysis of the horse and stable are carried out before a decision is made. Whether or not that method is the way to go in the long-run remains to be seen, but producing a 43% ROI from a months work can’t be a bad start. The profit has been up and down so far with a break from tipping in-between, but the service can still boast a 30% ROI across the past three months so far and a long-term profit of +53 units.

4th – Bettr Bet – 99 tips, 45% ROI
£884.00 to £20 average stake

Is Bettr Bet one of the better tipsters on this list? Well, it’s far too early to say, but early indiciations are good. Three full months of work is int he books and each of June, July and August returned big profits. Working at average odds of around 7/1, Bettr Bet fires out tips the night before the race and follows a criteria which is referenced out on his portfolio. Bettr Bet advises a 1 point/unit stake on all tips, usually meaning 1 on a winner and 0.5 each-way. The returns have been monumental +214 points/units to those level stakes already in the bank. It has beaten what a number of well respected horse racing tipsters achieve in a year, so it’s easy to see why we’re excited about what the future holds for Bettr Bet.

3rd – Rac1ing – 94 tips, 48% ROI
£903.00 to £20 average stake

In to the top three we go. Rac1ing was literally neck an neck with Bettr Bet but producing an extra point of profit and a greater return on investment. This is another unknown quantity as the tipster makes the leak from being a newcomer to a recognised, premium horse racing tipster. The signs are good and August was a third winning month from four. The strikerate has remained dead on 17% for all three of those winning months so far, and the average odds haven’t shifted either. The criteria is consistent and so is the level of service. Also running Big Field Bangers on the Tipstrr platform, August was the best month to date. One important thing to take from the Rac1ing service is that the win only approach at average odds of 7/1 is the reminder that it’s key to know when to use each-way betting and when to stick to win only.

2nd – CD Systems – Daily Bargin – 29 tips, 48% ROI
£280.00 to £20 average stake

CD Systems was officially announced last month. After spending a year and a half to verify his results on the platform without selling a single membership, this perfectionist is now in his 20th year as a well-known tipster. He’s been verified many times including on other platforms and by SBC who have given him several awards over the years, and now Tipstrr users can be certain he is legit with a stunning 17 in the record books. August was the 13th that turned a comfortable profit from his unique methods. Perhaps the most impressive thing about CD Systems is that the verified quality you see before you is what he has been producing on a consistent basis for 20 years now. The Daily Bargain branch of CD Systems aims to produce one single tip per day, finding the best value runner from the pack, and hitting around 15% at average odds of 10/1.

1st – Racing Star Tips – 176 tips, 69% ROI
£2,427.74 to £20 average stake

Star Racing Tips first appeared on Tipstrr in February 2018 and left in June of the same year. Back with a bang in February and March of 2019, we sure hope this tipster is here to stay. It’s been a great year to do, capped with a positive summer and the best ROI we’ve seen from the service in August. 69% from 176 tips puts Racing Star Tips in a class of his own as far as this month’s rankings are concerned. As if the standard just to appear in the top 10 wasn’t high enough, 69% from 176 tips is something else. This tipster advises breaking your bank in to around 150 points/units. Having shared an average of five to six tips per day it’s necessary to safeguard yourself in that way, but it wasn’t needed. It isn’t totally clear what the staking plan is, but what’s clear is this is an absolutely massive profit whatever way you look at it. Reflected to £20 stakes as we have, that means a profit for August of +121 to 1 point/unit level stakes.


August’s football tipster of the month

August's football tipster of the month

With the new football season already well under way, we’ve now got the international break to take a breather from the hectic domestic schedule, and it also gives us the perfect chance to reflect on the performances of our best football tipsters throughout the month of August.

We’re always happy to showcase the kind of rewards our leading tipsters are capable of providing, as well as alerting all of our members to the special offers we have available on many of these tipsters right now. You can see from the list below that some of these football tipsters’ returns have been outstanding, with profits ranging from a not-to-be-sneezed-at 13% ROI in 10th spot to an eye-catching 41% from our leading tipster for the month.

In a betting market where the rewards tend to be less obviously lucrative than horse racing, such returns can only be achieved with thorough research, a broad knowledge of the game and its markets, plus a solid betting model to produce a consistent pattern of success and growth. Check out the top 10 performing Football Tipsters of the Month for August and their special offers…

10th – SVB Tips – 250 tips, 13.1% ROI
Profit: £655.98 to £20 average stakes

In tenth spot we have SVB Tips, whose eight-month stint on Tipstrr has produced long-term gains in seven different sports, including football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, ice hockey, rugby union and darts. If we were limiting August’s results strictly to football, then SVB would be even higher, as his returns in football alone are an even more impressive 15.1%, but the fact that he also earned 12.9% profit across 138 horse racing tips indicates his expertise in both sports betting markets.

9th – TIPSANDALOU – 38 tips, 14.5% ROI
Profit: £62.70110.15 to £20 average stake

Tipsandalou is no stranger to these rankings, having also finished in the top ten football tipsters back in February. He launched his service back in November 2018, and has achieved a profit in eight of his ten months on the platform. His betting model is all catered to his knowledge of particular markets, and a success rate of over 70% at odds of around 1.80 in the Asian Handicap and Draw-No-Bet markets is the main reason why he has climbed back into this top ten, and indeed why he has proved to be such a consistent long-term performer.

8th – Mr Tipper-Bronze – 118 tips, 14.9% ROI
Profit: £350.58 to £20 average stake

Mr Tipper – Bronze has graced the Tipstrr site since March 2017 and has enjoyed the best form of his career since the turn of the year, with profits gained in six of the last eight months. A year-best 20% gain in July was soon followed up with an equally impressive 15% return last month, and although only two days into the new month, September is already heading in the right direction. There is often hidden value to be found in the less used betting markets, and Mr Tipper certainly enjoyed particular success in the often overlooked Over/Under Home/Away markets.

7th – All The Goals – 63 tips, 15.4% ROI
Profit: £193.74 to £20 average stake

After a lull of activity and success through the close-season months of June and July, All The Goals has wasted no time in making up for lost time with a month of bumper 15% profits to kick off the new domestic season. Covering leagues all over Europe, this tipster works within strict betting parameters, finding value in slightly odds-on prices solely in the Over/Under betting markets. Knowing your market is as important as knowing your sport, and concentrating on this narrow betting band allows All The Goals to identify where the bookies might be offering better odds than they should.

6th – Winning Obsession – 33 tips, 15.9% ROI
Profit: £102.39 to £20 average stake

Winning Obsession is a relative newcomer to the Tipstrr community, having launched his service as recently as March, and is gradually establishing his service as a viable long-term option. Covering various markets across many European leagues, Winning Obsession is showing signs of real promise, a fact backed up by the fact that despite a couple of losing months along the way, he is still maintaining an overall lifetime ROI of a not unreasonable 7%. His place in our top ten comes thanks to a solid 15% profit in August, a useful gain to back up the 25% that he earned as recently as June.

5th – KevinRichard – 147 tips, 23.7% ROI
Profit: £697.49 to £20 average stake

We’ve reached the business end of our top ten now, with KevinRichard celebrating his fifth month on Tipstrr with his most prolific and most successful month to date. With 65 winners across 147 tips throughout the month, KR looks like he’s been just waiting for the new season to kick off to show us what he’s capable of. Indeed if we were to disregard his losses in the Double Chance market, and were to consider just his success in the 1X2 market, he would have sat proudly atop these rankings with a whopping 47% profit. Thanks to Tipstrr’s in-depth stats pages, we can spot such strengths (and weaknesses) and use them to our advantage.

4th – Amigobet – 96 tips, 25.0% ROI
Profit: £480.62 to £20 average stake

Amigobet is the only tipster in August’s rankings who also featured last month, having climbed up from the tenth spot he occupied in July, so it’s little wonder he is now attracting a lot of attention as one of the most consistent performers on the site. Although technically a multi-sport tipster (he is boasting all-time double-digit gains in basketball, tennis, handball and baseball), it is football that dominates his service. Profitable in five different football markets in August, those gains have added up to a 17% profit across 71 football tips, a healthy return that is enhanced to 25% when his 100% hit rate from nine basketball tips enters the equation.

3rd – Rugby’Eyes – 86 tips, 25.3% ROI
Profit: £434.39 to £20 average stake

We’re up among the big boys now, with Rugby’Eyes occupying the bronze medal position on the podium. Only a negligible loss in July (when he only published two tips anyway) has blotted this tipster’s copybook since he joined us in April, with August marking his busiest and arguably his most successful month so far. An average of three tips per day were rewarded with a 63% win rate at marginally under even money, all combining to a juicy 25% gain over the whole month.

2nd – BillgkrTips – 44 tips, 32.8% ROI
Profit: £301.62 to £20 average stake

Having recently achieved Tipster Pro status on the site, it’s good to see a long-time proven performer like BillgkrTips hitting the heights with a stellar month (his 23rd profitable month out of 33 on the Tipstrr platform). Although officially a multi-sport tipster who has also returned profits in tennis, basketball, ice hockey and handball throughout August, football remains his main focus, and he did not let his members down, providing 26 winners from 43 tips for a whopping 32.8% gain for the month. To still be boasting a lifetime 8.7% ROI after nearly three years on the site speaks volumes for a service that provides a selective one or two tips per day.

1st – Scotch Doubles – 86 tips, 40.9% ROI
Profit: £704.25 to £20 average stake

And so, with a fanfare of pipes and drums, we’re delighted to announce Scotch Doubles as our Football Tipster of the Month for August – and he did so by quite a comfortable margin. We often advocate the merits of focusing attention on one niche football market, and Scotch Doubles has done that to great effect by using his undoubted expertise in Scottish football to find value in that particular market. Since kicking off his Tipstrr career with an inauspicious slight loss back in April he has not looked back, with each subsequent month producing gains in excess of 25%, all combining to produce a wallet-bulging 34% ROI overall. A total of 86 tips brought home 48 winners in August, a 56% success rate at odds average odds of 2.85, all of which equates in monetary terms to a juicy £704 gain to £20 stakes. With these kinds of results, it really won’t be a surprise to see Scotch Doubles featuring in theses rankings again as the season develops

So there you have it for our football tipster of the month rankings for August, and we hope there’s enough there to help you make some informed decisions if and when you consider adding a successful football tipster to your portfolio.

Well done again to our winner, Scotch Doubles, well done to everyone else on the above list, and well done also to everyone who didn’t quite make the cut, but all of whom are helping to provide such an excellent service for Tipstrr’s ever-increasing member base.

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