Tipstrr : Best Football tipsters of the Month Aug 2020

August’s best football tipsters

Friday 4th September 2020

August's best football tipsters

Such has been the hectic schedule of this crazy summer of football that no sooner has one season ended than the next one has already begun, which means there is no respite for our growing number of popular football tipsters, many of whom achieved some remarkable results through a busy and successful month of August.

Continuing their relentless run of profitable success, the monthly returns of our top ten tipsters have ranged from 23% to 52%, with these top tipsters continuing to keep their expanding member base busy, happy and profitable.

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10th SoccerSoda – Soccer Only – 36 tips, 23.0% ROI

Profit: £165.54 to £20 average stakes

It hasn’t been the best year generally for SoccerSoda – Soccer Only, but an upturn in performance during August hints at better things to come as the new season starts to take shape. That 23% ROI was built on an impressive win rate of 64% from his 36 selections, and if you narrow things down to his preferred (and most successful) 1X2 betting market, then that yield almost doubles to well over 40%.

9th Magic of Football – 79 tips, 27.9% ROI

Profit: £440.98 to £20 average stake

The first half of 2020 had not been kind to Magic of Football, and while we don’t normally recognise one-off monthly spikes in form, the fact that this tipster has enjoyed his two most successful months back-to-back merits inclusion in this list. His 31% yield in July was backed up by another 27% gain in August for a service that explores all the most popular football betting models, with particular success in the Over/Under and.Correct Score markets.

8th Mr Bwino Premium – 29 tips, 31.8% ROI

Profit: £184.26 to £20 average stake

If you’re looking for a football tipster with proven staying power, then our Tipstrr pro, MrBwino Premium ticks all the right boxes, and he is just about to complete FOUR YEARS on the Tipstrr platform. While a myriad other tipsters have come and gone in that time, MrBwino continues to provide rock solid service and a profits graph that is forever trending upwards,and his overall yield of 9% from almost 800 tips spanning those four years makes this tipster the epitome of consistency and longevity.

7th LaLiga Expert – All Competitions – 22 tips, 38.2% ROI

Profit: £168.27 to £20 average stake

LaLiga Expert is no stranger to these rankings, and his service emerged from the lockdown apparently all the better for the enforced lay-off. Focusing, as his name would suggest, on Spanish football, his 24% gain in June was followed by a slight dip in July, but August saw him bounce back even stronger with a 38% yield. This tipster won’t burden you with too many selections, but when they arrive they normally hit the mark, as his 70% win rate from 22 carefully-chosen tips through August will testify.  .

6th BackTest – 26 tips, 39.6% ROI

Profit: £206.13 to £20 average stake

BackTest is another tipster who prefers to provide quality over quantity, and while his output of half a dozen tips per week won’t suit all betting appetites, those well-researched tips can be well worth waiting for. His 39% yield for August was boosted by a 6/1 (7.00) winner on the last day of the month, which he quickly followed up the next day with his first tip of September, which saw Montreal Impact win at Toronto FC at equally tasty odds of 13/2 (7.50).

5th Betting God – 52 tips, 33.3% ROI

Profit: £345.76 to £20 average stake

Kicking off our top five, we have Betting God, who specialises in Scandinavian football, particularly Finland, with occasional dabbles in ice hockey and handball betting. A successful June that brought in a 28% gain had represented his best month to date, but that accolade only lasted until August, when he surpassed that performance with an even more impressive 33% yield. if you’re looking for a tipster who knows his way around a niche football market, then BG’s knowledge of Finnish football might fit the bill.

4th S.O.S. – 55 tips, 35.1% ROI ?

Profit: £375.54 to £20 average stakes

After flying quietly under the radar for the first part of the year since launching in January, SOS has certainly caused a major blip on our screen over the past couple of months. A 25% gain in July was exceeded in some style by his 34% ROI in August, a success built on a well-honed knowledge of football betting markets all over Europe. An average of one or two tips won’t put too big a burden on your time or your bankroll, but be aware that SOS sometimes like to publish his tips quite close to kickoff when he sees some late value in a fluid market.

3rd Long Shot Tips – 51 tips, 34.5% ROI

Profit: £351.60 to £20 average stake

Long Shot Tips has become something of a fixture in our monthly rankings after finishing fifth in both June and July, and now doing even better to make the podium in third place. All of his 5/7 profitable months since November have earned yields in excess of 25%, which is quite a performance for a tipster who likes to explore the more adventurous end of the football betting markets. His 26% win rate at average odds of 4.69 have combined to create an overall 18% ROI from over 400 selections, proving that a football tipster can venture away well away from the even money betting line and still be successful.

2nd Aurum 21+ – 56 tips, 46.9% ROI

Profit: £525.06 to £20 average stake

It’s been a great month for the Aurum tipster service, with football tipster Aurum 21+ joining its sister horse racing service, Aurum 21+ BWM, in making their respective sports’ top ten rankings for August. Aurum 21+ endured a tricky start to 2020 before bouncing back from a ten-week layoff to enjoy two months of spectacular profits in July (42% ROI) and August (46%). An impressive 30% gain from 46 single football bets was boosted further by a whopping 336% yield from 3/10 winning multiple bets, including two tasty doubles at 25/1 and 16/1. Definitely one to watch if your want to spice up your portfolio with a tipster who looks beyond the humdrum of odd-on betting.

1st Underdog Mentality – 45 tips, 52.4% ROI

Profit: £472.00 to £20 average stake

It’s interesting that our top three this month is made up of tipsters who all like to explore the more adventurous areas of the football betting markets, and with a name like Underdog Mentality, you’re getting exactly what is says on the tin. Providing around 15-20 tips per week, our top tipster for August always tries to keep one step a head of the market, often publishing his tips days in advance to catch the best value he can find. His 52% yield for the month was not enhanced by any multiple bets, just a solid 40% win rate from 45 single bets at mouthwatering average odds of 6.39, with particularly eye-catching success in his preferred 1X2 market. A great month and a worthy winner.

So that’s about it for another month of high-quality performances from many of our leading tipsters who have adapted their services seamlessly to football’s new normal. And anyone who had the the time and the betting funds to have followed all ten tipsters with £20 staked on every tip would have made over £3K profit in the space of a month.

Well done again to Underdog Mentality for leading such a prestigious bunch of profitable high achievers, but congratulations should also go to the many talented tipsters who didn’t quite make this month’s cut, but all of whom are a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.

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