Pro Footy Tips – Bettinggods football tipster review

This is a review of Pro Footy Tips, a football tipster service from Bettinggods. It analyses how well this service has performed and uncovers some interesting facts hidden behind the headline figures

What is Pro Footy Tips?

Pro Footy Tips is one of a small number of Bettinggods football tipster services.
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To become a tipster with Bettinggods you must first proof your tips with them for a period of typically 4 months. This proves firstly that your tips are producing profit over the medium term and secondly that it looks like you’ve got the commitment to continue doing it in the longer term.

At the end of the 4-month proofing period, if you’re successful, your tipster service will be opened to the public for subscriptions and promoted by the Bettinggods team.

The Pro Footy Tips service started in March 2016 almost two years ago at the time of this review.

Pro Footy Tips Headline Stats (12 Feb 2018)

Here are the key performance indicators for Pro Footy Tips from the Bettinggods site. The full set of selections and results can be found here

How has Pro Footy Tips performed?

During the proofing period from March 2016 to June 2016 there were 4 consecutive months of solid profit taking the betting bank from 0 to around £900.

The first subscribers after the service was opened for subscriptions in July’16 saw a profit of £325 which was very encouraging. The next month Aug’16 unfortunately saw a bit of a downturn and it took almost three months, until late Oct’16, to get back to that July high of £1256.  So not good had you joined at the start of August. But you must always take the long-term view and patience is most definitely a virtue.

As can be seen from the graph, The Pro Footy Tips bank has grown steadily over two years and currently stands at around £3,200 at the end of February’18 the time of writing this review.

Analysing the full detail of the Pro Footy Tips selections shows over the full period including proofing there have been 5 losing months out of 22.

Over the period where you could have subscribed to the service – from July’16 onward – there have been 5 losing months out of 19.

1-Month Timeframe: Taking a 1-month subscription and following the tips for the months of Aug’16, Feb’17, May’17, Oct’17 and Jan’18 you would have lost between £77 (Oct’17)  and £403 (Feb’17).

3-Month Timeframe: If you’d taken a 3 month subscription at the start of any month except Dec’16 you would have made an average of £145/month.

4-Month Timeframe: Sticking with the service for any consecutive 4 month period, no matter when you joined, you would have made profit in every single 4-month period. Anywhere between £53 over the period Feb’17-May’17 to a substantial £978 from Aug’17-Oct’18.

As with all tipster services you must take a long term view. All services are eventually going to have good months and bad months. Join on a bad month and you’ll lose money. Join on a good month and you’ll make money. But you cannot judge a tipster service on the results of just one or two months.

Pro Footy Tips has never had two consecutive losing months. So if you’re unfortunate to join on a losing month I’d suggest sticking with him for at least the next month – its likely you’ll recover your loses.

How much profit could I make now?

The Bettinggods website currently claims this service makes £141 per month however this includes the proofing period.
If you take that proofing period out and consider the full 19 months to the end of Jan’18 the average profit is about £120 per month.

Strike Rates and Losing Runs

Bettinggods gives one of six reasons to join Pro Footy Tips as “Regular Winning Tips. Thanks to a 27.25% strike rate, it doesn’t take long for Pro Footy Tips to find another winner!” However that looks like a standard piece of text for all tipsters on Bettinggods. So how true is that? How quickly does it take Pro Footy Tips to find another winner?

It is possible using statistics to calculate the expected Longest Losing and Longest Winning Runs from the Strike Rate. You can see a handy lookup table in my post How to Estimate your Longest Losing Sequence.
(Bettinggods used to provide this useful information but sadly no longer do. Perhaps if they read my work here they may reinstate it.)

Statistically, with a 28% Strike Rate the likely longest losing run during 1000 bets is roughly 22 and the longest winning run is 6.

Pro Footy Tips actual longest losing during his 877 tips has been 20 and his longest winning run has been spot on at 6.

Typically on average though his losing runs last 4 bets and his winning runs are 1 or 2 bets in a row at best.


In Summary

Pro Footy Tips has its ups and downs, what tipster doesn’t? But over almost two years he has proven to be an enduring and profitable service to follow long-term.

Pro Footy Tips has made profit in every single 4-month period and he’s never had two consecutive losing months.

Based on that fact, an initial 3-month subscription straight of would be the best option unless he’d just had a losing month. If he had just had a losing month I’d take a 1-month subscription followed by either a further 3-month or 12-month subscription.

Pro Footy Tips is my kind of tipster with a profile that fits my approach to betting. He delivers reasonable profit consistently with no extended ups-and-downs. Slow and steady with few demoralising long losing runs.

If you’d like to find out more about Pro Footy Tips you can find him on Bettinggods.




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