Draw Master – Bettinggods football tipster review

UPDATE: 21 Oct 2018

Draw Master was launched on Bettinggods on Monday 19th Feb 2018 at 09:11.

Eight months later, on 7th October 2018, it was dropped and you will no longer find this service on the Bettinggods site.

The four-month proofing period that Bettinggods put each of their tipsters through looked very promising indeed.

Mid-October 2017 to mid-February 2018 produced 5 profitable months out of 5. All seemed set fair when Drawmaster was launched.

But sadly that’s when it all started to go wrong.

Of the next 8 months, Drawmaster made a loss in all but one of those. And by the end, it was loss after loss after loss.

Finally in mid-October, one presumes the annual review said enough is enough and pulled Drawmaster from their football tipsters line up.

This graph shows how Drawmaster’s early promise faded very quickly.



Here’s how new tipster Draw Master was launched on Bettinggods on Monday 19th Feb 2018 at 09:11.

I’ll be tracking the progress on this one and post a review in a months time mid-March’18.

I’ve put together a guide for selecting a tipster. You may find it useful after you read this review its called How to Pick Your Perfect Tipster.

Introducing Draw Master

Today I’m emailing with amazing news: The official launch of Draw Master!

Draw Master has taken simple to a whole new level with possibly the easiest tipster service to follow in the world…

Every evening, Hamish from Draw Master sends a list of matches which he predicts will end in a draw. You then back the draw in each match with level stakes.


And it’s certainly paying off:

Nearly £200 profit every month

A 23% ROI

A 35% win rate

159% bank growth with a 50pt starting bank


So if you want to profit on the football with expert football betting tips then head over to Draw Master today.

Act fast and grab a spot today as his one tip for today kicks off at 19:45 GMT.

Promotional Stats on Bettinggods (23 Feb 2018)

Performance Graph on Bettinggods (23 Feb 2018)



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