Chloe’s Football Focus – Bettinggods tipster review

This is a review of Bettinggods football tipster service Chloe’s Football Focus. It analyses the detail of its performance and exposes some hidden facts behind the headline figures.

What is Chloe’s Football Focus?

Chloe’s Football Focus is one of a small number of Bettinggods football tipster services. (See also the review of Pro Footy Tips).

To become a tipster with Bettinggods you must first proof your tips with them for a period of typically 4 months. This proves firstly that your tips are producing profit over the medium term and secondly that it looks like you’ve got the commitment to continue doing it in the longer term.

At the end of the 4-month proofing period, if you’re successful, your tipster service will be opened to the public for subscriptions and promoted by the Bettinggods team. After Bettinggods and Clickbank take their cut you receive, via. Clickbank, approximately one-third of the subscriptions money from those who sign-up and pay for your service.

The Chloe’s Football Focus service started 8 months ago, in June 2017 with football tips that are quite wide ranging. Covering a variety of leagues and competitions and covering win-lose-draw as well as the over/unders markets. With average odds in excess of 4.5 (7/2) Chloe is picking outsiders and going for longer odds where she considers there is value.

Headline Stats on Bettinggods

Here are the key performance indicators for Chloe’s Football Focus service from the Bettinggods site (correct as at 15Feb’18). The full set of selections and results can be found here

How has it performed?

During the proofing period from June to the end of September 2017 Chloe’s selections showed a truly meteoric paper-profit of over £6,000. This certainly proved it was making money in the medium term. Bettinggods, I’m sure, were rightly delighted to make such a profitable service available to the public in October hoping for more of the same to come.

Looking further into the fine detail of the bet selections of Chloe’s Football Focus uncovers some interesting facts.  In just three days during the proofing period there were the following four selections that on their own netted an astounding profit of £4,430.

  • 10 Aug’17: an Under 0.5 goals selection at odds of 11.5 in the match Ponte Preta vs Fluminense – the advised stake of 10 pts (£100) gave £1,050 profit
  • 17 Aug’17: Rosenberg to win away against Ajax. The odds were 9.90 the stake was again 10 points (£100) and the profit was £890
  • 6-Sep’17: there were two selections in the Argentina v Venezuela match. One was a double-chance bet of Venezuela to win or draw at odds of 9 (better odds of up to 12.00 were actually available around that time). The other was for a draw at odds of 17.90 (available at Pinnacle). Both were 10pt (£100) bets and together they returned £2,490 profit.

£756 profit per month?

The Bettinggods website currently claims this service makes an average of over £750 per month. And that figure is correct if you include the 4 month proofing period when over £6k profit was made.

However, no one could have joined the service during this time. Meaning no one could have made these phenomenal profits. Only after the service was offered to the public in October’17 could you sign-up and follow these football tips.

How much profit could I make now?

If you’d signed up to Chloe’s Football Focus service immediately it was launched in October  – and to be honest who wouldn’t – in the four-and-a-half months between then and now (mid-Feb’18) you would have made about £250 profit. You would have spent roughly £75 on subscription fees. And that would have left you with around £175 cash in your pocket. In other words you would have made something like £40 profit per month. I feel the advertised £756 per month average profit figure could be very misleading for the casual or inexperienced person.

All of that said however does not mean there isn’t another purple-patch just around the corner for Chloe’s Football Focus. My own system had such a purple-patch during January’18. Chloe could indeed turn in another £6000 profit in four months. And who would bet against it? If it happened before it could happen again.

Strike Rates and Losing Runs

Bettinggods gives one of six reasons to join Chloe’s Football Focus as “Regular Winning Tips. Thanks to a 28.79% strike rate, it doesn’t take long for Chloe’s Football Focus to find another winner!“. How true is that?

Bettinggods used to state the Longest Losing Run and Longest Winning Run for each tipster on their site. I believe these are very useful figures in making a decision when choosing a tipster to fit with your approach to betting. They no longer provide this information.

My own analysis shows Chloe’s average losing run of bets during the Oct-Feb period is just over 2.3 which means you’d typically have 3 losers before getting a winner – but it could be more.

Also, it is possible using statistics to calculate the expected Longest Losing and Winning Runs from the Strike Rate.

With a 28.79% Strike Rate and the 400 tips that Chloe’s system has selected so far the expected Longest Losing Run is 17.6. Meaning you could expect a streak of 18 losing bets somewhere in these 400 tips. But that hasn’t happened. The longest losing run has been 10 – which is good.

Similarly, for that Strike Rate you could expect the longest winning streak of around 5 in those 400 selections. Chloe’s Longest winning run during the whole period of July ’17 to mid-Feb’18 has been 6 – which again is good.

In Summary

Sadly none of us could have enjoyed the early phenomenal profits of Chloe’s Football Focus during its proofing period. There have been profits over the past four and half months but even at £10 point stakes it hasn’t make anyone rich. I would not however bet against the good-times returning for this tipster service.

My preferred profile for a tipster service is one that delivers reasonable profit consistently with no big ups-and-downs. Slow and steady with no long losing runs matches my approach to betting.

I’ve put together a guide for selecting a tipster that you may find useful. Read how to Pick Your Perfect Tipster.

Chloe’s football focus service is not right for me. But it may just be what you’re looking for. Check out Chloe’s Football Focus and all the other tipsters on Bettinggods now.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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