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Blogabet tipsters logoBlogabet is the largest social network for sports betting. Founded in 2006, they now have over 8000 active tipsters on their site.

While many are premium tipsters quite a few of the top tipsters are free and some even have ROI’s above 25%.

In this post, I assess the quality and value-for-money of ten of their top premium tipsters.



The following table shows ten top Blogabet tipsters ordered by highest Return on Investment (ROI). Many of them cover multiple sports to a greater or lesser degree so I’ve identified their main sport.

A previous post Tipsters – skilful or just plain lucky? explains the t-score and p-value in more detail. But in essence, there is a statistics formula called the t-test that can be used to determine how likely it is that the ROI the tipster has achieved is the result of chance. A large t-score means its more probable that something else, like the bettor’s skill, is explaining their profitability. The p-value is the percentage likelihood that the tipster’s profits are just pure luck.

The t-score is less accurate if the tipster does not use level stakes. It can, however, be a reasonable indicator and this is highlighted in the table.

t-score p-value Main sport and staking
Dedi22 1059 43% 3.93 7.40 0.00% 88% football  – variable stakes
Sparks 1005 32% 2.02 10.59 0.00% 72% basketball  – variable stakes
Emurla 1112 23% 1.95 8.16 0.00% 57% basketball – variable stakes
Betnova 711 22% 2.43 4.83 0.00% 47% football – variable stakes
Betmeteor 1137 20% 2.28 5.93 0.00% 85% football – level stakes
Jonas Caetano 1705 20% 1.93 8.83 0.00% 78% football – variable stakes
Vincentissilent 2405 19% 3.96 5.13 0.00% 67% football – variable stakes
Phenomenon 2380 16% 2.37 6.58 0.00% 60% football – variable stakes
Xargos 846 16% 1.83 5.27 0.00% 99% basketball – level stakes
Miky938 2162 11% 2.10 4.87 0.00% 52% football – variable stakes

All the tipsters have a high volume of verified historical bets over many months and years. Only Betmeteor and Xargos have accurate t-scores and p-values because they use level stakes. But you could make a case for following any one of these ten tipsters.


Which of these 10 is the best value-for-money?

A reasonable way to measure value-for-money and compare the tipsters is to calculate the cost of each percentage point of ROI. Divide the subscription costs by the ROI and you get how much each percentage point of ROI costs.

In the table below you will see that Dedi22 has a monthly subscription cost of €55 and produces 43% ROI. Each single percent of ROI, therefore, costs €1.28 (€55 divided by 43). This is the cheapest of the ten. At €5.86 per %ROI, Betnova is the most expensive. But read on because that’s not the full story.

 TIPSTER Sport ROI Month
Cost /
Live betting
Dedi22 football 43% €55 €1.28 4 bets in 5 are livebets
Vincentissilent football 19% €25 €1.32 very few livebets
Sparks basketball 32% €90 €2.81 1 in 5 is livebets
Emurla basketball 23% €79 €3.43 1 in 3 is livebet
Miky938 football 11% €40 €3.64 no live bets
Betmeteor football 20% €84 €4.20 1 in 10 is livebet
Xargos basketball 16% €68 €4.25 100% livebets
Phenomenon football 16% €79 €4.94 1 in 3 is live bet
Betnova football 22% €129 €5.86 1 in 10 is livebet
Jonas Caetano football 20% season break n/a very few live bets

Pre-match or In-play betting

Most of Dedi22’s football bets and all of Xargos’ tips are classified as “livebets” or in-play bets.

This means you will only receive the tip while the match is being played. There are a couple of consequences therefore if you want to follow Dedi22 and make that super 43% ROI.

Firstly, you need to be on your phone ready to receive the tip whenever it arrives. And secondly, you need to be able to find that match and make that bet within a short time frame before the odds disappear. That can be quite a commitment. Some will be comfortable with that while others may prefer pre-match betting.

From their stats it looks like both Dedi22 and Xaros post 1 in-play bet per day. Xargos publishes their tip half-time which gives you about 10 to 15 minutes to place the bet whereas the Dedi22 in-play tips look like they can come at any time during the match.

Best Blogabet tipster for you?

It’s not about finding the “best tipster”. It’s more about finding the best tipster for you.

So how to proceed?

One possibility could be signing up to tipster Sparks. Its quite a high subscription cost at €90 per month but it has the second best ROI of this group and is good value-for-money.  You might simply ignore the relatively low number of livebets – not bet on them – and just do the pre-match tips.

Or a different approach might be to start with low-cost Vincentissilent for a few months looking to build up your cash bank before swapping onto Sparks at the higher monthly cost but the much better ROI.

If you’ve very few commitments and can be flexible to respond to in-play tips then the best value-for-money service Dedi22 might be the right choice for you.




I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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