Bettinggods versus Tipstrr – Head-to-Head 2018

Football tipsters: Tipstrr versus Bettinggods

football tipsters bettinggods versus tipstrr

FINAL SCORE for 2018

Bettinggods    6  –  6    Tipstrr


Tipstrr and Bettinggods are two major players in the sports tipster space and each promotes the fact that they deliver profits on a regular basis.

But is one better than the other? Are the football tipsters on Tipstrr better than the football tipsters on Bettinggods? Or is it the other way around?

Where could l make the most money – following the Bettinggods tipsters or the Tipstrr tipsters?

Before getting into the analysis it’s useful to understand how Bettinggods and Tipstrr operate slightly differently.

To become a tipster on Bettinggods THEY decide if you’re good enough

After applying to become a tipster, you need to proof for 4 months. This is so they have plenty of results to be confident in you and enough to market your service during the launch. If Bettinggods decides you pass the proofing process, they then discuss your service and get it launched to the Bettinggods network with an aim of getting 100’s of members on board ASAP. You then continue to provide your winning tips while the Bettinggods team continue to get subscribers on board.

All tipsters on Bettinggods charge a subscription. There are no free tipsters however some tips are issued free on a regular basis.

When I started this challenge there were four football tipsters on Bettinggods.

To become a tipster on Tipstrr YOU decide if you’re good enough

Tipstrr works differently. You can use their site just to track your own selections and keep them private. Or you can get into the Tipstrr community spirit and allow anyone to follow you and see your tips. As a free member, you can create a Tipster Portfolio; post picks/tips; compete in qualifying competitions and leaderboards; and follow the pages of other free users. If and when you’re ready with just a few clicks you can set yourself up as a premium service. Other Tipstrr users must then pay the subscription charge you set to see your tips.

Tipstrr has curated a list of 8 premium tipsters that they have called Tipstrr PRO. Tipstrr Pro tipsters are their selection of the best services hand-picked for offering a high-quality service and consistent tips.

Two of those 8 Tipstrr PRO tipsters are dedicated to football.

Bettinggods versus Tipstrr – the best football tipsters challenge

There are a couple of complicating factors that rule out comparing the two teams of football tipsters in terms of hard cash profit they make over the year.

  1. On the Bettinggods team when I began this challenge there were four football tipsters. That was reduced to 3 in October. On the Tipstrr team, there are only two dedicated to football. More tipsters can generate more absolute profit or indeed more absolute loss.
  2. Each tipster also has their own staking recommendations. Some are simple level stakes, some vary from 1 to 10 points while some only use 1, 2 or 3 points stakes.

Eventually, I settled on using the average Return on Investment (ROI) of each team to compare them.

Then at the end of each month, I have calculated the cumulative average ROI for the Bettinggods team and the same for the Tipstrr PRO team of football tipsters.

Month-by-Month winners and losers

The graph below shows the month-by-month head-to-head figures for average ROI for each of the two teams. At the end of 2018 Tipstrr beat Bettinggods 6 times and Bettinggods beat Tipstrr 6 times.  So you might call that a draw. But who made the most money over the year?

ROI changes since the beginning of the year

Here’s how each team’s average ROI has changed over time since the start of the year.

The average ROI trends for both Bettinggods and TipstrrPRO gradually fell as the year progressed. However, the TipstrrPRO ROI is much less volatile – less of a rollercoaster ride –  than Bettinggods. In November the TipstrrPRO ROI was 50% better than Bettinggods but a poor December for TipstrrPRO saw the two teams end the year less than 2 percentage points apart as you’ll see in the table below.

Bettinggods versus Tipstrr since the beginning of the year

The following table shows the average ROI each team has generated as the year has progressed since January 2018 and also who’s in the lead.

[*Note: Drawmaster got pulled from the Bettinggods lineup during October for poor performance. This reduced the number of Bettinggods football tipsters from 4 to 3]

in January 2018 the Bettinggods team of football tipsters generated an average of 21.60% ROI. The Tipstrr PRO team average was 22.75%. The Tipstrr PRO team delivered 1.15% percentage points more ROI than the Bettinggods team. Not much but enough to put them ahead at the start of the challenge.

The TipstrrPro team then had a much better following month and by the end of February, they had extended their lead over Bettinggods by delivering 8.61% percentage points more ROI.

June, however, saw a change in fortunes when the Bettinggods team outperformed TipstrrPRO and took the lead by a narrow margin of 0.79% ROI.

By the end of 2018, the two teams were less than 2 percentage points apart with TipstrrPRO only marginally ahead.

Best football tipsters?

With the TipstrrPRO football tipsters only being toppled off top spot once in the 12 months of 2018 it looks like my money is better invested in the Tipstrr PRO team.

The 1.73% difference in the average ROIs may seem like a small number in absolute terms but it translates to TipstrrPRO being 28% more profitable than Bettinggods. (1.73% divided by 6.08% = 28.45%)

At least that’s how 2018 turned out. How will the teams fair in 2019?

About Bettinggods

“Betting Gods is a leading provider of sports betting tips, connecting and educating amateur bettors with the help of full-time professional gamblers.
Covering Horse Racing, Golf, Football, Tennis and Greyhounds the site offers something for everyone who enjoys making money from their betting activities.

Betting Gods connects novice bettors with expert tipsters, who are capable of providing professional tips and advice on the sport of their expertise. Their guidance allows serious bettors to turn their hobby into a full-time, highly profitable profession with optimised chances for success. It’s the simplest way to avoid potentially years of rookie mistakes and money lost to bad bets on the way to success.”

About Tipstrr

“The goal of Tipstrr is simple – to help people profit from sports betting.

The way we do this is to build unrivalled tools and provide an open and transparent platform. We connect expert tipsters with sports bettors looking to improve their long-term profitability. We have always focused on providing tools that increase the transparency of the sports tipster industry, keeping open and accurate records for all to see.

Trust is the biggest issue when it comes to tipster services. The industry is fraught with scams and chancers – we will end this by providing honest and credible tipsters with a place to showcase their abilities.

We believe that Tipstrr is the most comprehensive betting platform available for sports bettors looking to track and improve their sports betting. We’ve built tools that help provide accountability to your betting decisions, and highlight your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing knowledgeable tipsters that would complement your existing betting portfolio.”



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