Bettinggods Tipsters SEP’19

Who’s standing still, who is forging ahead and who is falling behind.

September review of the winners and losers and current state of play on the Bettinggods tipsters.

PACK LEADERS: Horse Network Tipster  ●   Horse Conquerer   ●   Vision Racing

Horse Racing Tipsters

Phoenix Racing was short-lived on Bettinggods. It was dropped after a string of 5 losing months – tipstering is a tough business at Bettinggods. They started proofing in Sep’18 and had 4 winning months during the 6 month proofing period. Unfortunately immediately after being launched to the general public it all started to unravel. Profits plummeted. Phoenix Racing was finally cut mid-July 2019 after a string of 4 losing months and even more losses at the start of July.

Quentin Franks and Ron Williams are currently on a streak of 4 losing months. It will be interesting to see how October goes for them.
Quentin Franks has been the longest-serving tipster on Bettinggods with a previously solid history of long-term profits. I don’t see Bettinggods being quick off the mark to dismiss their mainstay tipster. Relative new-comer Ron Williams may be a different story though. A poor start to October could well see him pulled from the pages of the Bettinggods website. If they do I suspect they will keep him ticking over in the background out of public view. If there is a quick turn-round in his fortunes he can quickly be made public again.

The Bookies Enemy performance has been flat over the past 6 months so no one making a long-term profit with this tipster.

Horse Network Tipster looks to be going from strength to strength. Consistent bank growth, regular winners, decent odds and a high average monthly profit. Horse Network Tipster began proofing on the Betting Gods network in May 2018 and since then has gone onto achieve an average monthly profit of over £300 using just £10 stakes. The monthly ups and downs are to be expected but the profits trend appears very positive. Find out more about Horse Network Tipster.

Horse Conquerer tips have been proofed from 7 Mar 2019 showing  6 profitable months out of 6.  After the proofing period, these tipsters tips would be available to the general public from the beginning of September 2019. September started on a profit of 184 points and ended on 188 points – a disappointing 4 point profit. Still, that makes 7 winning months from 7. Overall 185 points profit and an average of 30 points profit per month. Worth keeping an eye on. Read more about Horse Conquerer.

Vision Racing has produced 11 winning months out of the previous 12 and  24% ROI on average odds of 11 (10/1). Two bets a day on average and Low Strike Rate of 17% so you should anticipate long losing runs. That being said there does appear to be month-on-month consistency. Find out more about Vision Racing here.

Football Tipsters

After an amazing first 6 months of proofing, it was full-steam-ahead for Football Betting Expert.
From Jan’19 to Jun’19 this tipster produced profit every single month. An average of over 40 points profit per month –  a total profit of 250 points. Was everyone ready to jump on this gravy-train?

Sadly the following July saw only 1 point profit. Better than a loss for sure. But losses did come in both August and September with a total loss of -27 points.

Just a blip before a recovery? Who knows. Worth keeping an eye on though for sure.

Apart from that, there’s not much of note here. Ultimate Football Tips still going nowhere with both Football Acca Tipster and Top Football Tipster trying to recover to their position at the beginning of the year.


Other Sports Tipsters

There is no breakout tipster from this group. If you’d followed any of them for the last year any profits you might have made would be swallowed up by the subscription fees you’d have paid.  They all continue to have ups and downs but no positive profit trend to recommend any of them as a possible investment.

US Sports Capper was dropped in August’19 and Top NHL Tips took a break from mid-June and has not tipped since, but is still listed on Bettinggods site.



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