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Better Bettor

Better Bettor is a tipster on the platform. 

The team at BETTER BETTOR find value bets that are delivering consistent profits over time. “Having an edge – something different from the pack – you need to be following a method that beats the odds consistently.” and they seem to have found it. 

The Better Bettor tipping service focuses on football/soccer (80% of tips) in the 1X2, Asian Handicap and Draw-No-Bet markets. Basketball also features but to a much lesser degree.










  • Over 800 tips
  • 10/11 profitable months operation
  • Low-risk / High-Reward
  • Excellent ROI for a football tipster
  • Low p-value indicating high skill
  • Short Losing Runs
  • Small Betting Bank required


  • None

Sports & Markets

Better Bettor is a multi-sport tipster however the main focus is football (soccer). Almost 80% of the tips are in football with 15% basketball. There are a small number of handball, tennis and ice-hockey tips making up the remaining 5%.

Almost half of tips are in the  1X2 (Home win / Draw / Away WIn). Asian Handicap but Draw No Bet and Double Chance also feature.

Tipping & Betting Profile

This tipster publishes an average of 18 tips per week so you can expect an average of 2 or 3 tips a day.  Tips are published right across the week but there are more tips at weekends when most football matches are played.

Apart from a very few exceptions, the advised staking plan is level-stakes with each tip having an advised stake of 10 points. There are roughly 2 tips per day during the week and 4 tips per day at the weekends. At £1/point staking, this would mean an average weekday outlay of £20/day and £40/day at weekends. With his current performance on £1/pt stakes, this could produce an average £96 profit each month or £77 nett profit after paying the £19 monthly subscription cost.

Stretching to £2 or possibly £5 per point stakes with this tipsters is perhaps possible for many people because of the relatively low volume of tips. This could give you a theoretical £461 nett profit each month.

Follower Involvement

Better Bettor’s tips are published right across the 24 hours so it’s not a set-and-forget service where you can place all your bets for the day in one go and then get on with the rest of your day.

Consequently, this has implications for mirroring the success of this tipster.

You will need to be able to place bets anytime anywhere if you want to get close to the published odds. If you miss tip notifications you may miss the better odds.  As a result, your profits will probably be less.

A nice touch with Better Bettor is that when each tip is published it includes a list of the highest available odds at several different bookmakers. This can help get the best odds available if you happen to have several bookmakers accounts,


Better Bettor has been in operation for 11 months since August 2018 and in that time has published over 800 tips and produced 10 profitable months out of 11.

This is a solid long-term performance and provides ample data to perform reliable statistical analysis.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Better Bettor has a good overall average ROI hovering around 13%. It is still 13% if you consider only the football tips.

Although most of the tips are football it is basketball which has the best ROI at just under 15%. 

Over the 11 months, the ROI has ranged from a high of 26.6% in Jan’19 to -8.2% in May when there seems to have been relatively few tips.

Estimated Longest Losing Run (ELLR)

It is possible using statistical mathematics to estimate the Longest Losing Run (ELLR) of tips.  But it is an ‘estimate’.  It is not absolutely accurate nor guaranteed. However, knowing it will prepare you for those loses both psychologically and financially.

Better Bettor’s ELLR currently stands at 9.  You should, therefore, anticipate having 9 losing bets in a row.  Compared with some other tipsters, 9 losing bets in a row is a small number.

Taking a broader view on losing runs, with an average of 2 – 3 tips per day, this could mean you might have 3 losing days in a row.

Skilful or Lucky (P-VALUE)

Better Bettor has a very low p-value of currently 0.08%. This indicates that there is very strong evidence that the ROI being produced from these tips is due to the skill rather than luck. 

Betting Bank Required

The worst case scenario that you should plan for is that as soon as you join this tipster they suffer their longest losing run followed by one winner followed by another longest losing run. And then you still need something left in your betting bank to effectively start all over.

An ELLR of 9 suggests your betting bank should be able to cover 18 losing bets (2 x 9) and still have some money left to keep betting.

A sensible figure for a betting bank might, therefore, be three times the ELLR multiplied by the stake points.

Better Bettor advised stakes are10 points per tip. This would suggest a betting bank of 180 points to cover the worst-case-scenario loses PLUS perhaps a 90 points margin allowing you to start again.  At £1 per point stakes, this would set your starting betting bank at £270 which is comparatively low compared with other tipsters with much lower Strike Rates.


The more a tipsters ROI varies month-by-month from the average ROI, the more volatile or risky the tipster is. This risk is balanced against the tipsters ROI which is the reward we are hoping to get.

Dividing the risk figure by the reward figure gives us a Risk/Reward factor which we can use to compare tipsters. The combination of low risk and high reward is the ideal situation we are looking for so the smaller the Risk/Reward value is the better.

Better Bettors Risk/Reward figure is 0.73 and is the second lowest Risk/Reward figure of all the Tipstrr PRO tipsters which range from 0.54 to 5.30.

This low Risk/Reward figure is a further indication of the quality of this tipsters service.

Value for Money (VfM)

Subscription fees for tipsters can vary widely as can their ROI figures. This indicator reflects how much each single percentage point of ROI costs in money terms.

Better Bettors’ monthly subscription cost is currently a very low £19. You can even get the first 14 days free right now. His average ROI is 13%. Therefore you are paying a very low £1.43 for each percentage point of ROI. This is substantially below the average £2.10 of all Tipstrr PRO tipsters.


Better Bettor is a 5star tipster displaying all the key characteristics you would hope for in a tipster.

An excellent value-for-money service with short losing runs providing a good ROI backed up with a solid history of consistently delivering profits.

But this is not a set-and-forget service. You will need to be involved in placing bets any time during the day. For some, this may be an issue. Others will see it as part of the excitement and part of the fun of betting anyway. And making a good amount of profit at the same time well isn’t that like icing on the cake?

Find out more about Better Bettor and check out the current special deals.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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