Portfolio C : High Risk / High Reward

A 3-tipster 3-sport portfolio producing £750 clear profit/month

This 3-tipster portfolio consists of Heli’s Horses, SVB Tips and WannawinBM who between them cover three sports – horse racing, football, and tennis.

All three tipsters publish their tips early morning UK time typically between 9:30am and 11:00am. So it’s pretty much a set-and-forget portfolio – you’re not having to constantly react to notifications throughout the day.

With an average of 17 tips a day though you will be busy placing bets for that hour and a half in the morning but after that the rest of the day is yours.

Taking 3-month subscriptions this portfolio costs a relatively low £61 per month.

Over the last 11 months, this portfolio has been producing an average of over £833 profit per month based on £10 stakes per tip  – that’s betting an average of £170 per day.

If that was a little too rich for your pocket even at £5 stakes per tip (under £100 of bets per day) that would be over £400 profit per month or £340 clear profit after the £61/mth subscription costs.

Tipster Cost/mth (*) Tips/day Profit/mth **
Heli’s Horses £29 (£23) 3 £198
SVB Tips £19 (£15) 8 £316
Wannawin BM £29 (£23) 6 £319
Totals £77 (£61) 17 £833
* Figure in brackets is cost per month based on a 3-month subscription
** Profit/mth figure is average per month over 11 months to Jan’20 


This portfolio is comparatively high-risk but it comes with high rewards.

The graphs below show how this portfolio has performed since March 2019 based on starting with a 1000 point betting bank spread equally across the three tipsters.

The Percentage Stakes Profits grpahi shows how the combined bank could have grown if point stakes were calculated for the month at 0.5% of the existing bank but were limited to a maximum of £100 per point.

It shows how effective using a percentage-of-bank approach to staking can be for generating profits.

Recent Portfolio Performance


Green line : shows the growth of the combined Bank of the three tipsters.

Green line : shows the growth of the combined Bank of the three tipsters.
Orange line : shows the bank growth based on 0.5% of bank stakes.

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