Portfolio C : High Risk / High Reward

A 3-tipster 3-sport portfolio producing £750 clear profit/month

This 3-tipster portfolio consists of Heli’s Horses, SVB Tips and WannawinBM who between them cover three sports – horse racing, football, and tennis.

All three tipsters publish their tips early morning UK time typically between 9:30am and 11:00am. So it’s pretty much a set-and-forget portfolio – you’re not having to constantly react to notifications throughout the day.

With an average of 17 tips a day though you will be busy placing bets for that hour and a half in the morning but after that the rest of the day is yours.

Taking 3-month subscriptions this portfolio costs a relatively low £61 per month.

Over the last 11 months, this portfolio has been producing an average of over £833 profit per month based on £10 stakes per tip  – that’s betting an average of £170 per day.

If that was a little too rich for your pocket even at £5 stakes per tip (under £100 of bets per day) that would be over £400 profit per month or £340 clear profit after the £61/mth subscription costs.

TipsterCost/mth (*)Tips/dayProfit/mth **
Heli’s Horses£29 (£23)3£198
SVB Tips£19 (£15)8£316
Wannawin BM£29 (£23)6£319
Totals£77 (£61)17£833
* Figure in brackets is cost per month based on a 3-month subscription
** Profit/mth figure is average per month over 11 months to Jan’20 


This portfolio is comparatively high-risk but it comes with high rewards.

Recent Portfolio Performance


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