Portfolio B : Low Risk / Low Reward

A 2-tipster 2-sport portfolio producing £60 clear profit/month

This small portfolio of just 2 tipsters combines two of the best performing tipsters over the past 12 months.

It should appeal to the risk-averse investor and aims to keep risk and losing runs to a minimum while still providing an acceptable level of profit.

With only two tipsters covering only two sports – football and basketball – the diversification is minimal. However, it is the consistency of these tipsters that is key in this portfolio.

The portfolio subscription cost is reasonable at £61/mth based on 3-month subscriptions or £88/mth on a monthly subscription basis.

TipsterCost/mth (*)Tips/dayProfit/mth **
Basket Tipster£29 (£23)2£48
Sports Insider£49 (£38)2£72
Totals£78 (£61)4£120
* Figure in brackets is cost per month based on a 3-month subscription
** Profit/mth figure is average per month over 11 months to Jan’20 

On average there are only 4 to 5 tips per day which will not keep you tied to the computer or your phone. And the daily stake outlay of 40 – 50 points can keep the daily stake outlay fairly low.

The combined weighted average Win Rate of this portfolio is 59% This indicates an Estimated Longest Losing Run of 9 (nine losing bets in a row) and suggests a Betting Bank of 270 units (3 x 9 x 10 units) or somewhere in the range of 250 – 300 units.

With percentage-of-bank staking and using 3% of bank stakes the betting bank can withstand 18 losing bets – that’s two longest losing runs in a row – and still have almost half of the bank intact to continue. Staking at 4% of bank (without re-adjusting for changes in the bank) would leave a quarter of the betting bank intact after suffering two longest runs in a row.

The following table compares the profit and Return On Capital (ROC) for three staking scenarios based on the 11 months to Jan’20.

Profit (units)ROC
Fixed 10 point stakes1,315526%
3% of bank stakes5,9742289%
4% of bank stakes14,0115504%

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