Importance of a Betting Bank

A Betting Bank is one of the foundations of successful betting

If you are serious about making money in betting then you have to treat it like a business. You must approach it in a professional manner and be disciplined.

Any serious better should operate a betting bank. It is an amount of money which you use only for betting. The size of your Betting Bank is not that important. What is important is that you maintain accurate records so you always know exactly how large or small your betting bank is.

The size of your Betting Bank will reflect the success or failure of your betting activities. It is worth taking the time to set up a new new bank account purely for your betting bank as this makes everything totally transparent.

It is crucial that you can afford to lose the money that you have used to start the betting bank. You have to maintain the highest level of discipline while using your betting bank; for instance, you should never use this money for your living expenses.

Rule Number 1

Your Betting Bank must be money you can afford to lose

Rule Number 2

Keep your betting bank totally separate from your day to day expenses

In order to cope with losing streaks (and you will have them) you divide this money into so many Points.
For example if you set aside £100 for betting then £10 per Point will give you ten 1 Point bets. At £10 per Point you could survive a streak of 9 losing bets. At £2 per Point you will get 50 bets and you could survive a streak of 49 losers.

So, if someone says that he is maintaining their betting bank of 100 points, they simply mean that they have £100 in their Betting Bank if they bet £1 on each selection or they have £500 in their Betting Bank if they bet £5 on each selection.

What’s the main purpose of a betting bank?

A betting bank is particularly helpful in those periods when you hit a losing streak. But it is also related to the psychological level of the bettor. When you are using money that you can comfortably lose without any fear, there will be no pressure on you, and you will be far more relaxed while placing your bets.

If you look at the practical uses, a betting bank helps you to decide how much should you stake on each bet. A betting bank also lets you track and record your success; it tells your overall loss or gain right from the starting point. So, you can clearly see whether you are making profits or you are in loss. In case of profits, you can effectively increase the size of your stake and start making progress even faster.

Modifying the money value of your points as your Betting Bank goes up and down means you can make more profits in the good times and stay in the game in the bad times.

Increase Profit in the Good Times

If you’re making profits and your Betting Bank is getting bigger you might consider increasing your Points from £2 per point to £3 per point. Imagine if you started with a £100 Betting Bank and were betting £5 per point. That would give you 20 bets at £5 (100/5=20 bets). Then you found your Betting Bank had increased to £200 you could raise your Points to £10 per Point and still have 20 bets of £10 each (200/10=20 bets). This would double your profits because you are doubling your stake.

Minimise Loses in the Bad Times

Similarly should your Betting Bank get smaller, say it drops from £100 to £50, you might change from £5 per Point (20 bets) to £2.50 per Point. At £2.50 per Point you still gets 20 bets from your £50.
Profits will be less but at least you’re still in the game and can ride out the bad patch.



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