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free football tipsters and free tips imageLooking for free football tipsters?

Finding tipster sites is easy. Finding free football tipsters is still pretty easy.  Finding free football tipsters who crank out good profit month on month, year on year – now that’s a real challenge. Especially since most of the successful ones will have turned pro and are no longer free.

I’m taking up that challenge.


I’m going to find good free football tipsters to follow. And I’m expecting to make some money from their best football tips for today.

Tipster selection – essential criteria

I always do statistical analysis on the all the tipsters I find. But there are three essentials that any tipster must show over the long-term:

  1. Consistent and steady profit even if it is small – no big roller-coaster ups and downs
  2. Good Return on Investment figure preferably over 10%
  3. More winning months than losing months

Tipster performance – Trust, but Verify

The old Russian proverb “Trust, but verify” holds true here.

Free tipsters can come and go and so can their fortunes. Things may have changed since my research was done. Treat this list as a starting point and always do your own research.

Note: PM3, PM6, PM12: profitable months in the last 3,6 and 12 months.  ROI: Return on Investment.

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Why do people pay for football betting tips?

Most bettors do not pay for football tips.

Most bettors think that since they know all the players and read the team news they are experts in football betting.

Most bettors don’t have a staking strategy.

Most bettors don’t even know how much they are losing each month.

And most importantly, most bettors don’t even know how bookmakers come up with their odds or how they make money.

And that’s probably why 97% of sports bettors lose money.

People pay for football tips because they want to get out of the “97% club” and into the “3% club” – the 3% of bettors who actually make money from betting.

Betters who find themselves losing betting on their own selections often turn to tipsters to provide them with tips, in the hope of turning their fortunes around.

It’s then that the internet search begins. Looking for reliable football tipsters. And everyone’s looking for a bargain. And free is always the best bargain.

Searching for “free tipsters”, “best football prediction site free”, “best soccer tipsters”, “best football tips for today” – I’ve been there I’ve done that and I’ve spent a shedload of time doing it.

Eventually, it dawns, that most of the free tips offered online are simply worthless – that the people making money from betting would never give away their tips for free. Why would they?

The main reason why tipsters charge for their tips is that generating income from football betting takes skill. It takes time. And it takes effort. And tipsters want to be compensated for their expertise and hard work.

Does that mean there are no good free tipsters out there? No, I don’t believe that.

FREE before going PRO

Many good tipsters start off as free on sites such as Tipstrr and Blogabet. New tipsters appear every day and every week. They have a system or a method or a skill they believe can make money from betting.  But they also know to make it as a professional tipster they need their tips independently verified. So they proof them with Tipstrr or Blogabet or wherever. Hoping in time to make that switch from a free tipster to a premium tipster.

Follow them before they go Pro and you could be on to a whole series of free winning tipsters on a regular basis.

Prize hunters

Hundreds of would-be tipsters sign up to tipster community sites simply to win the prizes on offer. On larger more popular sites, the cash prize figures can be quite substantial and they post all their tips for free.

Goldilocks and the long game

Success in the tipping and betting world is measured over months and years not days or weeks. Don’t expect to win every bet or even win every day. Don’t even expect to win every week or every month for that matter. And don’t get discouraged when the losing streaks come and come they will most certainly will. Be ready for them with good money management and patience and nerve.

When considering free tipsters you hit the Goldilocks problem.

You’re going to be an early adopter so the question is when do you start to put your money where this free tipsters mouth is? Have they shown enough evidence of success – enough tips over enough months with enough profit. You may only have a short window of opportunity between you being confident to follow them and them being confident to turn PRO.

If you choose well you can ride the wave of success making money from this free tipsters tips. And if they should go PRO you can always pay the subscription from the profits you’ve already made.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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