Looking for free football tipsters?

free football tipsters and free tips imageFinding tipster sites is easy.

Finding free football tipsters is still pretty easy.

Finding free football tipsters who crank out good profit month on month, year on year – now that’s a real challenge. Especially since most of the successful ones will have turned pro and are no longer free.

I’m taking up that challenge.

Tipster selection – essential criteria

I always do statistical analysis on all the tipsters I find. But there are three essentials that any tipster must show over the longer term:

  1. Consistent and steady profit even if it is small – no big roller-coaster ups and downs
  2. Good Return on Investment (ROI) figure preferably over 10%
  3. More winning months than losing months

List of the best free Football Tipsters

The old Russian proverb “Trust, but verify” holds true here.

Free tipsters can come and go and so can their fortunes. Things may have changed since my research was done (mid-Dec’21). Treat this list as a starting point and always do more research.

This group of free football tipsters is refined from the search facility on Tipstrr’s Discover the world’s best verified football tips. These free tipsters have appeared in the ROI top 10 over 1-month, 3-months, and 6-months timeframes which suggests consistency.

Click any of the links in this article to see the full stats page for the tipster.

Free Tipster Win / Total Mths 6 Month ROI 3Month ROI 1 month ROI ELLR
SPECULATE TO ACCUMULATOR 4 / 6 50% 59% 178% 21
VALUE MAXIMIZER 4 / 7 12% 27% 36% 13
JACKO22 7 / 8 30% 28% 76% 10
UNDER0VER 5 / 5 33% 27% 6% 5
RAFAPUNTER10  5 / 5 11% 10% 9% 10
VENOM 4 / 5 7% 7% -4% 6
BATSU 2 / 4 10% 12% -7% 6

UNDER0VER, VENOM and BATSU – declining ROI and too few tips

Under0ver, Venom and Batsu appear to be on the decline looking at the ROI trend over different time periods and they have less than 6 months actual results and very few tips so I’m passing on these tipsters for now.

SPECULATE TO ACCUMULATOR – great ROI if you can tolerate the long losing runs

Predominantly accumulators as the name would suggest. Tips are published typically midnight to midday UK time and 6 to 24 hours before the match. The ROI is high with average odds of 8 (7/1) you always have the threat of long losing runs. And with an average of 1 tip per day that could be three weeks without a winner.  There has already been 1 losing run of 14 tips and 3 runs of 12 losing tips which would have been no winners for well over a week.

VALUE MAXIMIZER – new-and-improved? – could be one-to-watch

Good ROI that has been improving over the time periods but only 4 profitable months from 7 doesn’t look great. His stats page is interesting though. It shows first 2 months (Apr & May’21) were losing months. This was followed by no tips for 2 months (Jun  & Jul’21). Then the 4 months from August’21 shows 4 profitable months from 5. Perhaps during June and July, he had a rethink of his approach and maybe he’s come out better. Time will tell.

RAFAPUNTER10  – 100% profitable months and steady ROI
Has published 317 tips over 5 months with an average of 4 tips a day. Tips are mostly BTTS market with some Over/Under tips and both have produced over 10% ROI. You receive the tips 12-24 hours ahead of the match typically between late afternoon to midnight (UK time). All tips are advised at level stakes and there’s a pretty consistent win rate of around 48%. An ELLR of 10 and 4 tips a day suggests winners will never be too far away.

JACKO22 – great ROI on one-tip-a-day

The pick of this bunch for me is Jacko22.

Analysis of picks shows he tips DRAWS predominantly in South American leagues e.g. Brazil, Chile, Argentina.

On the downside, there have only been 151 tips over 8 months which is less than 1 a day.  But the win rate is around 40% on odds of around 3 decimal (2/1) which makes good reading.

Tips are typically published 12 to 24 hours before the match and around midnight UK time.

On advised stakes – typically between 1 and 5 points  – Jacko22 has delivered seven profitable months from 8 (losing only 1 point in the losing month) and what looks to be panning out as a fairly consistent ROI.

Ignoring advised stakes and using level stakes would have produced 2 losing months out of the 8 so looks like it’s best to stick with his advised staking.


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