Where to find your next sports tipster


If you’re in the market for a new tipster then this quick comparison can help you choose where you should be looking.

Where should you shop for your next sports tipster?

Bettinggods limits the number of tipsters you can choose from. They choose who to promote and who to drop based on success or failure to deliver profits for both the Bettinggods business and for the tipster’s subscribers.

Tipstrr simply provides a platform for anyone to become a sports tipster. Tipsters gain and lose subscribers based on their own success or failure to deliver profit.

Both Tipstrr and Bettinggods, take a percentage of the tipster subscription money to keep their business going.

Which sports do they cover?

Horse racing and football have always been the most popular sports and naturally where you find the most tipsters.

But, Bettinggods have always struggled to keep a long-term profitable football tipster on their books. And currently,  they have no football tipsters on their list of 17.

So if you want a football tipster you’ll have to go to Tipstrr.

Almost half of Bettinggods tipsters are racing tipsters.

Many of the others cover what might be considered minority sports – greyhounds, basketball, golf, cricket and hockey.

Bettinggods Tipsters Performance

There are typically 17 tipsters on the Bettinggods list. Here’s how the current list stacks up in terms of ROI.

The average ROI is just over 13%. The highest is 29% and the lowest is US Racing Expert at a little over 2%.

1 The Rolling Aces Tennis 29.07%
2 PGA Profit Golf 21.00%
3 The Racing Pundit Horse racing 18.88%
4 Cheek Pieces Horse racing 17.89%
5 Tipping Maestro Horse racing 16.94%
6 Quentin Franks Racing Horse racing 15.18%
7 Premier Greyhound Tips Greyhounds 11.86%
8 The Winning Trap Greyhounds 11.76%
9 Slam Dunk Wizard Basketball 11.18%
10 The Basketball Geek Basketball 11.13%
11 NHL Betting Master NHL 10.76%
12 Super Sports Capper Multi-sport 10.58%
13 The Bookies Enemy Horse racing 10.10%
14 Cricket Betting Tipster Cricket 9.73%
15 The Outside Edge Horse racing 8.71%
16 Text Winner Horse racing 7.90%
17 US Racing Expert Horse racing 2.34%
 AVERAGE 13.24%

Horse Racing Tipsters with the best ROI

With such a high percentage of horse racing tipsters, I’m going to focus on those.

I’m going to compare the 8 Bettinggods racing tipsters with the best racing tipsters Tipstrr has to offer.

As things sit today 7th May 2022:

Bettinggods: The eight Bettinggods racing tipsters have an average ROI of just over 12%. The best is almost 19% the worst is just over 2% ROI.

Tipstrr: The top 8 Tipstrr racing tipsters are based on a search on the FIND A PROFESSIONAL HORSE RACING TIPSTER page. They are listed in the table below and have an average ROI of over 35%. The best is nearly 60% ROI the worst almost 13%.

You can see that on average Tipstrr racing tipsters are producing almost 3 times as much ROI as their Bettinggods counterparts.

1 The Racing Pundit 18.88%
2 Cheek Pieces 17.89%
3 Tipping Maestro 16.94%
4 Quentin Franks Racing 15.18%
5 The Bookies Enemy 10.10%
6 The Outside Edge 8.71%
7 Text Winner 7.90%
8 US Racing Expert 2.34%
 AVERAGE 12.24%


1 Read Between The Lines 58.82%
2 Won Two Three Racing Tips 58.46%
3 UNDERDOG Racing Tips 44.46%
4 On The Money Tips 41.73%
5 GV Early Alerts 24.64%
6 On Target Tips 23.93%
AVERAGE 35.83%


Are you paying more for Tipstrr tips?

So the Tipstrr horse racing tipsters are producing better ROI but are you paying more for their tips?

It’s a little trickier to make a direct cost comparison here because of the different discounting structures and introductory offers.

But let’s compare look monthly, 3-monthly, and introductory offers to see if there is a differentiator.

Monthly fees – Bettinggods is 25% more expensive

On a straight head-to-head comparison of quoted monthly subscription fees Bettinggods is more expensive than Tipstrr by 25% – an average of £30.75 versus £24.

1 The Racing Pundit £37
2 Cheek Pieces £27
3 Tipping Maestro £27
4 Quentin Franks Racing £47
5 The Bookies Enemy £37
6 The Outside Edge £27
7 Text Winner £17
8 US Racing Expert £27
 AVERAGE £30.75
1 Read Between The Lines £39
2 Won Two Three Racing Tips £29
3 UNDERDOG Racing Tips £29
4 On The Money Tips £19
5 GV Early Alerts £19
6 On Target Tips £19

In Value-for-Money terms – the cost per one percentage of ROI – Bettinggods would appear to be at least 3 times more expensive than Tipstrr. One percent of ROI at Bettinggods costs £2.44 versus Tipstrr’s £0.77.

BUT it is rare that anyone pays the Bettinggods public prices quoted. Most people are on short and medium-term trials, special offers, and lifetime memberships. If they want to stay with a tipster, they cancel their automatic billing and wait for the special offer.

BUT Tipstrr also does discounts and introductory trial offers. Tipstrr discounts 15% off monthly fees for a 3-month signup and 25% off on 6-month signups. And on top of that individual tipsters can offer their own introductory offers that can range from a week for £1 to a month completely free.

So a Value-for-Money comparison is misleading.

What about 3-month subscription?

3-Monthly fees – Tipstrr is 70% more expensive

On a head-to-head comparison of quoted 3-monthly subscription fees Tipstrr is 70% more expensive than Bettinggods.

AND its always going to be relatively cheaper per month to take a 3-month subscription rather than 1 month.

AND it makes sense because you can cancel at any time and get a refund – providing you remember of course and don’t let it lapse.

1 The Racing Pundit £44
2 Cheek Pieces £30
3 Tipping Maestro £30
4 Quentin Franks Racing £59.50
5 The Bookies Enemy £44
6 The Outside Edge £30
7 Text Winner £20
8 US Racing Expert £30

BUT Tipstrr tipsters also promote their own introductory offers. How do things stack up on that front?

Introductory Offers – Tipstrr is 40% cheaper than Bettinggods

The question I’m trying to answer here is – if you’re just starting out with a tipster how much would the average first “month” cost for a racing tipser on Bettinggods versus the current top-listed racing tipsters on Tipstrr.

You can get a Bettinggods “Bonus Discount” for signing up for 3 months – and that will reduce the equivalent monthly cost. And I’m comparing this monthly-equivalent cost with the 28/30 day introductory sign-up offers available with 5 of the 7 the Tipstrr tipsters.

Bettinggods’ 7 tipsters have an average of just under £12 for a month of tips based on their “Bonus Discounts”.

Tipstrr’s average is £7 for 28 or 30-days of tips. That £5 difference makes Tipstrr 40% cheaper.

BETTINGGODS – 3 Month SIgn-up  1mth equiv
1 The Racing Pundit £14.67
2 Cheek Pieces £10
3 Tipping Maestro £10
4 Quentin Franks Racing £19.84
5 The Bookies Enemy £14.67
6 The Outside Edge £10
7 Text Winner £6.67
8 US Racing Expert £10
 AVERAGE £11.98
TIPSTRR – 28 / 30 day Introductory offers 1 mth Trial
1 Read Between The Lines £9.99
2 Won Two Three Racing Tips £7.49
3 UNDERDOG Racing Tips £9.99
4 On The Money Tips £5.00
5 GV Early Alerts £5.00
6 On Target Tips £5.00


If you’re shopping for a horse racing tipster your best bet looks to be going to the Tipstrr store.

With Tipstrr :

  1. you get more choice of tipsters – there are currently 18 horse racing tipsters on Tipstrr with an ROI of over 20% plus others
  2. it’s cheaper to get your first month of tips
  3. the top Tipstrr tipsters are producing bigger ROI and therefore bigger profits than practically all of the racing tipsters on Bettinggods


If you do fancy any of the minor sports tipsters on Bettinggods be aware there are three tipsters who I believe are on the brink of being kicked out unless they deliver something spectacular very soon:

  1. Racing tipster The Outside Edge is in his 5th consecutive losing month
  2. Cricket Betting Tipster is in slow steady decline with 9 losing months in the last 12 months
  3. Golf tipster PGA Profit despite being in second spot in the Bettinggods list with a 21% ROI is heading into his 6th consecutive losing month


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