Under scrutiny : Tipstrr’s May’21 Top 10 Football Tipsters

Tipstrr recently posted their usual Monthly Top 10 Football Tipsters for May so it’s time to see if there are any hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

This report starts of with Tipstrr’s Top 10 countdown together with the tipster’s ROI and a snippet from their report.

Then it looks at how each Tipser has performed not just this month but over the long term.

Finally, you can see a head-to-head comparison of all these tipsters over a 12-month period, the last 6-months, and the most recent 3-months.

It concludes with a personal reflection on who I rate as the best of this bunch and who could be worth following.

Tipstrr Top 10 Football Tipster countdown

Here is how Tipstrr counted down their Top 10 football tipsters in May’21. It includes the number of tips published that month and the ROI achieved by each tipster together with a highlight snippet from their report.

10. All The Goals   ROI: 21% Tips: 77
 “…one of our longest serving football tipsters, who has been going quietly about his business since August 2017…”

9. Asian Football Betting   ROI: 23% Tips: 81
 “…has enjoyed profitable returns in eight of the last nine months…”

8. J Betting   ROI: 30% Tips: 31
“…featuring in our list of Best New Tipsters in March… his fourth profitable month of 2021… busy diverse service”

7. Underdog Mentality   ROI: 36% Tips:156
“…some fluctuating fortunes, but May definitely produced a welcome spike…”

6.Better Bettor   ROI: 38% Tips: 26
“…has graced our monthly listings, but he returned in May by proving that quantity is no match for quality…”

5. Alexis-y   ROI: 59% Tips: 30
 “A 59% ROI would ordinarily have earned Alexis-y a higher spot in this list, but some inconsistent output has made us reserve a little judgement …”

4. DAP Unprobables 2   ROI: 46% Tips: 54
“Simple mathematics tells us that a 64% win rate at average odds of 2.24 make a healthy combination…”

3. GermanHighLimit   ROI: 50% Tips: 31
 “…topped this list in March, and came second in April, just a few months after being crowned Best Football Tipster of 2020…”

2. Mr Draw   ROI: 72% Tips: 24
“…slightly misleading name …he’s not afraid to venture into other betting options where the value justifies it…”

1. Penal07  ROI: 76% Tips:54
“…balances his service between football and basketball…ten straight months of climbing profits…”

Tipster Performance Long-term

We need to look beyond the single month of May to see how consistent these tipsters have been over a much longer period.

Have any of these tipsters been churning out consistent month-after-month profits? Who’s hugging the trendline best?


The following can be discounted for a number of reasons.

DAP Unprobables 2 – Covid stopped football tipping during April/May 2020 but this tipster failed to publish tips for 7 months of 2020 which questions whether he’s serious about being a tipster. When he has chosen to publish tips it’s been a roller-coaster ride with a 50/50 chance of hitting a profitable month.

GermanHighLimit – has performed very well over the past year but consider two things: only 21 profitable months from 38 (55%) and a whopping £149 monthly subscription fee -you’d have to be betting seriously high stakes just to cover that subscription cost.

Mr DrawAlexis-yBetter Bettor, Underdog Mentality and All The Goals – If you take out May’s good results it’s a flatline performance over a number of months for all these tipsters – so no real profits long term.


That leaves three still worth a further look.

Penal07 – an initial losing month followed by 10 consecutive profitable months – looks good.

J Betting – only been going 6 months and only just over 200 tips – early days.

Asian Football Betting – 9 profitable months from 13 (69%) and over 500 tips – looks good.


Side-by-Side Comparison

Having seen how each tipster has performed over the last 12 to 18 months let’s now see how they compare head-to-head.

The graphs below show how the tipsters compare if you had invested the same amount of money per tip with each of them.


Penal07 and GermanHighLimit top this group over all time periods. The other tipsters are very much only also-rans over the year.

Interesting to note though that J Betting even though it’s only been going 6 months has made enough profit to push it into 5th place against the others over 12 months.

If you were to rank this group of tipsters based on a point scoring system giving more weight to performance over long periods of time the table would look something like this:

Tipster Total Score
Penal07 70
GermanHighLimit 63
Asian Football Betting 50
Underdog Mentality 48
J Betting 46
DAP Unprobables 2 33
Alexis-y 27
Better Bettor 15
All The Goals 19
Mr Draw 14


Pick of the bunch

The pick of this bunch has to be Penal07. Ten profitable months from 11 (92%) and an overall ROI of 11%.

The first 3 months of this service were very different from the 7 that followed, In the first three months, there were over 90 tips per month at average odds of 12 (11/1).

The 7 months that followed had 50 tips per month – almost half – and average odds of 2.20.

I expect things to continue at this rate in the future which throws doubt over the Tipstrr headline figures for this tipster.

The headline figures on Tipstrr’s Penal07 page may be mathematically accurate but they are misleading. It shows average odds of 6.61 which is not representative of the current service. And in combination with a Win Rate of 47% would suggest to the unsuspecting there are huge profits to be made here. There isn’t. Profits are good but not that good.

One to watch

J Betting is one to watch. But I’ll probably be watching for a long time.

Yes, he’s got 6 months of results to analyse but for me, he ideally needs to get 500 tips under his belt to be considered seriously. That’s another 300 on top of where he is right now  – and at current rates that will take another 10 long months.

Worth watching all the same.


You can check out the full stats of any of these tipster using these links

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