Top 20 tipsters ranked – Sports Insider dropped – newcomer claims 3rd spot



Sports Insider dropped from Top 10 List

SVB Tips and Landry re-confirmed

Newcomer Batibet jumps to 3rd place

Of all the Tipstrr tipsters I track here’s how the Top 20 chart has changed over the last 3 months.

It also gives further insight into who really are the best tipsters.

Before we take a look at the winners and losers here’s the tipsters’ overall rankings for the most recent 3 months.

Pos May’20 Jun ’20 Jul ’20
1 MrJordan MrJordan SVBTips
2 Boro LandryRacing LandryRacing
3 LandryRacing SVBTips Batibet
4 RugbyEyes Batibet Longshooter
5 SVBTips WannaWinBM WannaWinBM
6 The Goat Zenith MrJordan
7 WannaWinBM RugbyEyes RugbyEyes
8 Heli’s Horses Heli’s Horses Zenith
9 Asenlv Amigobet Heli’s Horses
10 SportsInsider Asenlv Shrewd Tips
11 Alias Core SportsInsider BetterBettor
12 Shrewd Tips Shrewd Tips Amigobet
13 Batibet BetterBettor Asenlv
14 BetterBettor Boro SportsInsider
15 Heli’s Horses Alias Core The Goat
16 Basket Tipster The Goat Boro
17 CD SystemsDB MrBwino Alias Core
17 BillgkrTips Basket Tipster BillgkrTips
19 WeBetFW BillgkrTips MrBwino
20 MrBwino CD SystemsDB Basket Tipster


Already on the Top 10 Tipster List and never out of the top 5, SVB Tips has simply been getting better and better.

He runs a multi-sport tipping service but 80% of the tips cover football and racing both of which are very profitable.

Its almost like two tipsters services in one. There are over 1700 tips for football and the same for racing. And the ROIs read as follows: Football 12.7%  Horse Racing 20.6%

If you want a ready-made mini-portfolio look no further – find out more about SVB Tips.

Like SVB Tips Landry Horse Racing is on the Top Tipsters List and hasn’t dropped out of the top three over the past 3 months.

You can see the results of my real-world trial and get the insights and see the lessons learned from the Landry trial.

Relatively new tipster Batibet bet started out as a one-to-watch back in May and has been climbing the rankings ever since.

The 10 consecutive profitable months to Jun’20 prompted a full technical analysis of Longshooter and inclusion in the Top 10 Tipsters List. Jul’20 has proven to be another winning month with 386 points profit and 19% ROI.

Wannawin BM has been in the Top 10 Tipsters List for many months and right now is going through a real purple patch.

Dropping from top spot, which he held for two months, MrJordon is the highest-ranking tipster to have taken a fall.

What’s noticeable is that the average odds of these tips have been steadily climbing over the past 3 months.

Up to Apr’20 the average odds for tips had been around 1.8 to 1.9.

In May that rose to 3.93. Then a further rise in June to 6.66. And average odds during July went up again to 7.19.

And this isn’t because of a change to multiples, doubles and trebles etc..

These are now a lot of singles tips on rank outsiders at odds above 10, even reaching 34 (33/1) and 41(40/1)!  And in basketball!!

This may herald a change in approach for this tipster so it remains to be seen how this pans out over the next few months.

Rugby Eyes is a FREE tipster (currently) so its great to see him so high up the charts. He dropped in June but has recovered a little to be sitting in 7th spot.

You can read the full analysis in RugbyEyes : a free tipster producing 13% ROI over 14 months 

Two recent additions to the full list of tipsters I am tracking. Both came in quite high in June but have dropped a place or two in July.

The consistency of Heli’s Horses is clear. The poor performance over the recent 3 months I believe is a temporary set-back. He stays on the Top 10 Tipsters List.

You can read the full analysis here but for me following Shrewd tips will be a test of character. You could certainly make great profits and increase your betting bank substantially but ELLR, betting-bank and risk are all outside my comfort zone.

Like SVB Tips this tipster has been improving month on month. The key performance indicators (KPIs) have been solidly good over the 2 years this service has been operating.

He has been on the Candidates List for a while now so perhaps a re-assessment for Top 10 Tipster List status is in order.

A stalwart of the Top 10 Tipster List and a well-respected and household name on Tipstrr, Sports Insider has been going through a bit of a sticky patch over the past 6-months with a 107 points loss.

There are currently better tipsters to invest money in right now.  So sadly Sports Insider will be coming off the Top 10 List – at least for the time being.

Both these tipsters took massive drops in this chart and I don’t see a quick recovery for either of them.

Boro had been on my Watchlist but no longer I’m afraid.

I had high hopes for Alias Core and especially Basket Tipster but the Risk/Reward indicators have drifted to very poor numbers.

Basket Tipster was dropped from the Top 10 Tipsters List a while back.




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