Top 10 Tipstrr Chart – the movers and shakers

I track a lot of tipsters and evaluate them based on a combined set of characteristics that I believe are critical including ROI, ELLR, p-value, and Risk/Reward.

I then rank them at the end of each month to see how they are performing against each other.

Here’s how my Top 10 has changed over the past 4 months since May’20.

The colour tracks hopefully help in showing how the different tipsters have moved up or down the top 10.

SVB Tips has risen up the table from 5th to claim top spot for the past 2 months. The all-time ROI is 15% but its the 12/6/3 months figures than really catch the eye with 17% ROI over 12 months, 20% over the last 6 months, and an impressive 31% ROI over the most recent 3 months. A medium-sized betting bank of 300 points is needed to start following SVB Tips and you’ll have to manage 8 tips a day.  There have been 17 winning months from the 20 months this service has been going and there have never been two losing months in a row.  On average in a losing month, you would have lost -37 points but a winning month would have pulled in +233 points. You would have always have been in profit following SVB Tips for at least 2 months at any time over the 20 months. With these figures taking a 3-month subscription at 20% off the already low monthly cost looks like the ideal way to go.


Landry Horse Racing has been either 2nd or 3rd place over the past 4 months which is a sign of consistency.  Landy has an all-time ROI of 18% and has posted an impressive 10 consecutive winning months since starting the service. What is a little concerning though that the 12/6/3-month ROI figures are showing a decline from 18% over 12-months to 9% for the past 6-months and 8% for the most recent 3-months. It does need a medium-sized starting bank of around 300 points and some effort commitment to bet the average of 9 tips a day but there is more reward than risk here with a good Risk/Reward figure of 0.74.


Batibet. I spotted Batibet as a potential “hidden gem” back in May this year. His early potential has been realised and he now sits in 2nd place in the Top 10. Seven consecutive winning months since he started in Feb’20 Batibet has an overall ROI of  9%. The 12/6/3 months ROI figures are very consistent at 9%, 9%, and 8.5% for the most recent 3 months. You need very little to start following this tipster – an estimated 40 points – you’ll get 12 tips/day and have short losing runs (ELLR = 10) Batibet has the best Risk/Reward figure of all the tipsters I track.


WannwinBM has made his way into top 5 through solid improvement. The all-time, 12- and 6-month ROI figures are all very consistent at 22%, 20%, and 21% but over the most recent 3-months his 53% ROI is truly eye-popping.  There’s an average of 4 tips a day which is easy to handle but it’ll take a big betting bank or around 1000 points to start following WannawinBM and you’ll need to be prepared for long losing runs (ELLR = 45). High Reward typically comes with High Risk and that’s very true with WannawinBM. 14 winning months and 2 losing months (Jan’20 and Feb’20) in his 16 months of service.


MrJordan has dropped 4 places from occupying top spot during May and June. But still stays in the top 5. To start following this service only needs a starting bank of 100 points and it has produced an all-time ROI of 19%. The last 12-month, 6-month and 3-months ROIs are 18%, 28% and 21% showing strong consistency. An ELLR of 9 that means short losing runs and with an average of just one or two tips a day this service isn’t hard to follow.


Helis Horses. While outside of the Top 5 Helis Horses is showing good consistency although the 12/6/3-month ROI figures are indicating something of a decline from 20% to 15% to 5% for the last 3 months.

Rugby Eyes was of particular interest as a free tipster up until Sep’20 when he went premium. Currently around 6th / 7th in the table the fact that its now a premium service will cause him to drop out of the top 10.

Just starting following tipsters?

Looking at my Top 10 tipsters right now, if I was just beginning and looking for my first tipster I would start with MrJordan – good performance and profits with very little effort of 1 tip/day. I’d practice bank management on a weekly basis rather than monthly and set my stakes based on the available bank at beginning of each week. I’d be increasing my stakes as profits began to build up and I became more confident or decreasing stakes when experiencing losses.

Adding a new tipster to an existing portfolio?

If I was looking to expand an already existing portfolio and had a good-sized betting bank behind me then I’d choose either SVB Tips if I wanted big profits and didn’t mind long losing runs or Batibet if I was content with smaller profits and wanted the security of short losing runs.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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