Tipstrr’s October best tipsters : beyond the sales hype

Thanks to TipstrrCorrespondent for his latest run down on the best tipsters for October 2020.

Here’s my personal view on that list and whether I believe they are worth following.

Don’t have the time to read the detail? Bottom line is LuckyBets and MMA God are worth keeping an eye on.

8th LuckyBets – 58 tips, 11.0% ROI

Basketball tipster. Four consecutive months of profit from July to October and an incredible 54 points profit start to November from only 9 tips delivering a 60% ROI. Consistency is shaping up well. Perhaps an unfortunate name but LuckyBets is going on my Watchlist.

7th Each Way Spireite – 328 tips, 21.2% ROI

Horse Racing tipster. A huge 1377 points profit in October got him on this list after 3 months of tipping but a losing September and November starting with significant loses it dosn’t fill me with confidence. An average of 10 tips a day also means a lot of betting every day. Not following.

6th MMA God – 67 tips, 25.1% ROI

The name is misleading. These are not Mixed Martial Arts tips. 75% of tips are for tennis. The rest are boxing, basketball and football. ROI has been increasing month on month. October’s ROI of 25% has been overshadowed by an early Novembers 40% ROI. Worth keeping an eye on.

5th HC King – 290 tips, 26.6% ROI

Predominantly a football tipster publishing an average 10 tips per day. The four months of this servcie produced 2 losing months and 2 winning months.  Not following.

4th On The Money Tips – 165 tips, 31.6% ROI

Horse Racing tipster. Six tips a day at average odds of 8.00 (7/1) producing an all-time 31% ROI. October was a huge 1029 points profit but that looks like an outlier. Not following.

3rd The Tote All Tipster – 60 tips, 47.5% ROI

A FREE horse racing tipster. Two winning months from three since August. November has started badly though. A typical 32% Win Rate but a low 10% ROI on a couple of tips per day. Not following.

2nd Horseforacourse – 56 tips, 39.7% ROI

Horse racing tipster. Now in his 5th month, he produced only 43 points of profit in October and an ROI less than 3rd place in this list.

Perhaps it is the 5 consecutive profitable months that places Horseforacourse in 2nd place. Which is understandable.

However, almost all (95%) of the 1219 points of profit were made in the first 3 months of tipping. The last 2 months were profitable but very much less – an average of 33 points per month. Notably though the ROI remains high.

Worth following?

I’m personally undecided on Horseforacourse. For now I’ll keep an eye on him. Check it out yourself, perhaps you’ll see something I haven’t.

1st Penal07 – 30 tips, 70.0% ROI

Penal07 really only started seriously tipping in Jun’20 after dipping his toe in the water in a couple of separate months last year.

Jun’20 to Oct’20 produced 4 profitable months out of 5 from 2 to 3 tips a day on mostly football and basketball tips.

What stands out for me in the monthly stats is the wide variance of ROI from -6% to +70% combined with a range of average odds from 2.89 to 25.24.

I don’t see any consistency to the tipping approach here and for that reason I would not follow Penal07.


You may disagree with my analysis but I hope it at least helps and encourages you cast a more critical eye on tipsters’ results and stats.

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