Tipstrr Top 3 Football Tipsters of 2019

The very best football tipster of 2019

3rd Place – SVB Tips

At-a-Glance Summary

  • £2338 profit to level £20 stakes, resulting in an annual ROI of around 13%
  • 10/12 profitable months in 2019 in football and horse racing combined
  • 421 winners from 1109 tips = 38% strike rate at average selected odds of 3.47


The phrase multi-talented is often misused, but it fits the bill perfectly when applied to SVB Tips. Not content with featuring in our top ten horse racing Tipster of the Year awards, he also lays claim to third spot in the football tipster rankings. You might have seen us promote this multi-sport service from time to time, and we do so unreservedly because we know that anyone who joins his service really is getting two tipsters for the price of one. And we haven’t even touched on the all-time gains he has made in his dabblings in tennis, cricket, rugby union, ice hockey and even darts. We’ll delve into his stats in due course, but any tipster who can produce a profit in seven different sports in the full year since he launched his service on Tipster last January should make anyone sit up and take notice. With five years of professional experience behind him, we at Tipstrr consider ourselves fortunate to have this proven, well-honed service enhancing our site and providing profit for our users.



SVB’s horse racing exploits will be explored more deeply in our racing round-up, but nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning his 17% yield in the sport of kings, just to put his all-round achievements into context. His football stats can’t quite match those heights, but a 13% gain throughout 2019 is still a remarkable feat for a tipster with more than one iron in the fire. His stats in football alone during the year makes quite some reading: 10 profitable months out of 12, resulting in overall ROI of 13% 166-point yield, equating to £3,328 gain to £20 stakes 421 winners from 1109 football tips at average advised odds of 3.47 Football Tipster of the Month Winner in September 2nd in same rankings in October (plus 10th in August and 7th in December 14% gain in 1000+ tips in 1X2 betting market



SVB Tips has honed his service on a betting model that relies on his own statistical research, weighing his own findings against the betting the odds. As he says on his profile page, “numbers don’t lie”, and his aim is to maintain a win rate that balance against his selected odds to maintain those all-important profits. SVB’s staking plan is simple enough, with level 5-point or £10 stakes advised for every single-unit tip (with the odd variation for double that stake when recommending an odds-on selection). He understands a punter’s betting needs and thus tries to publish his tips during the same regular early-to-mid-morning window, giving his members ample time to scrutinise his tips and place their bets. One thing SVB does like to give to his members is value for money, and they get that in abundance with an average of 35-40 tips per week. And while this article is focusing on his football achievements, half a dozen tips per day across football, horse racing as well as occasional other sports means there is never a dull moment for anyone who likes a bit of variety in their betting.

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2nd Place – SapariePopette

At-a-glance Summary

  • £1582 profit to level £20 stakes, resulting in annual ROI of 20%
  • 5/6 profitable months in 2019
  • 90 winners from 395 tips = 23% strike rate at average advised odds of just over 6.00


Second place in 2019’s Best Football Tipster rankings go to SaPariePopette, who has been flying somewhat under the Tipstrr radar since launching his service back in July. While it might seem something of a liberty to include a tipster with barely six months service into a list measuring a whole year of results, we make no apologies for doing so, as those months of unrelenting profit have shown enough us to suggest that this service is here for the long haul. As SPP says on his profile page, it has taken years of searching and researching before he has found a betting model that he is ready to launch and share with the world. And now it’s here, and there are hundreds of loyal followers who would be willing to attest to its success.


After dipping his toe into Tipstrr’s water with a handful of tips in his debut month, the profits of SaPariePopette have increased almost exponentially month-on-month throughout the remainder of the year – but crucially only with strict adherence to his recommended staking plan, which we will look at in more depth in the next section.

  • Overall ROI of 20% in 2019, equating to a yield of +75 betting units
  • Ended 2019 with five consecutive profitable months, four of them above 15% monthly yield
  • 90 winners from 395 tips for a 23% win rate at average advised odds of around 6.00
  • Even more impressive ROI of 22% in the 1X2 betting market alone
  • Top 5 spot in November’s Best Tipster rankings

The good news is that SPP has carried this form into 2020, as the following results from the first weekend of the year illustrate:

  • 19.00 JS Saint-Pierroise to win at Niort (Coupe de France)
  • 7.57 Derby County to win at Crystal Palace (FA Cup)
  • 7.11 Northampton Town to win at Burton Albion (FA Cup)
  • 7.00 St Pryve St Hilaire to beat Toulouse (Coupe de France)
  • 6.50 Rouen to beat Metz (Coupe de France)


One note of caution – those eye-catching winners listed above requite patience and discipline, with SPP’s 23% win rate much lower than the majority of football tipsters. So be aware that SaPariePopette does not operate in the safety zone of even-money or odds-on betting, but rather looks more towards outsider value in all the major football competitions around Europe.

Adhering to the staking plan that SaPariePopette recommends is absolutely key to achieving his ambitious 40% ROI target because his profits graph paints a whole different picture when judged against level stakes. His structured staking plan is generally proportionate to his advised odds, and is a measure of his confidence in each particular tip. This strategy is geared towards maximising wins according to that confidence and protecting the betting pot against losses when tips carry less value..

SaPariePopette thrives on the philosophy that successful betting is less about win-rate, and more about finding value and making the balance between risk and reward swing in your favour.

He has done that in abundance so far, and all the signs suggest that he will continue to do so in 2020.

1st Place – Scotch Doubles

At-a-glance Summary

  • £1724 profit to level £20 stakes, resulting in annual ROI of 20.6%
  • 6/9 profitable months in 2018
  • 196 winners from 418 tips = 47% strike rate at average selected odds of just over 2.46


The countdown to our Tipster of the Year rankings is over and with a brief fanfare and a quick drumroll, we’re happy to announce that the accolade of Best Football Tipster of 2019 goes to Scotch Doubles.

No prizes for guessing that this popular service focuses on all things football from north of the border, and he has been doing so successfully since he first graced the Tipstrr platform back in April.

Five consecutive profitable months was a great way to announce his service to the Tipstrr community, and his decision to remain as a free tipster for the whole of the current football season has made this an extremely popular service that has already attracted thousands of followers.

Supplementing his tipster service with regular previews and reviews, Scotch Doubles has also been a regular contributor to Tipstrr’s events preview feature, earning his service plenty of social media exposure.



When you strip a tipster service down to its bare bones, it is, of course, only as good as the results it produces, and for Scotch Doubles, the numbers for 2019 don’t lie.

  • Six out of eight profitable months, all of them above 15% ROI, four of them above 30%
  • An overall yield of 20.6% +86 units of profit, equating to a £1724 gain to £20 stakes
  • 196 winners from 418 tips for a 47% win rate with average odds nudging towards 3.00
  • An even more impressive 26% ROI in single football bets alone (ie. discounting multiple bets)
  • Double-digit profit in all four preferred football betting markets, including…
  • 1X2 (21% from 131 tips), Over/Under (43% / 32), Asian Handicap (17% / 47), Double Chance (14% / 20)

With results like those, it is little wonder that Scotch Doubles featured in the top five of our Football Tipster of the Month rankings three times in the last five months of the year, topping the category in August (40.9% ROI), before finishing fifth in September (15.5%) and then back up to third in November (46.7%)



Scotch Doubles has clearly been blessed with a vast knowledge of, all tiers of Scottish football, and that makes him well-equipped to identify value in those niche markets. As his profile page states, his simple aim is to put that knowledge and his own insight to good use and to beat the bookies.

An average of just a dozen or so tips per week makes following his selections a painless process, and at the same time puts minimal strain on his followers’ betting pots. The whole process is made smoother still by a level staking plan that simplifies betting and makes results and profits more transparent.

Those tips are almost invariably published a good two or three days in advance, not only giving people plenty of time to place their bets, but also maximising the possibility of exploiting early-market value, with the majority of his selections shortening in price as each match approaches.

He often lives up to his name and publishes tips in pairs, and then combines them into potentially more lucrative doubles. – all of which adds up to a varied and always interesting betting experience.

All this adds up to a remarkable service that remained free through 2019 and will remain so until at least May of 2020.

Tipsters with far less impressive credentials than Scotch Doubles charge appreciable amounts for their services, so It’s refreshing to see a tipster who would prefer to allow people to test his proven service for an extended period before asking them for a financial commitment.

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