Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Nov 2019

November’s Horse Racing Tipster of the Month

There’s a sudden chill in the air and whilst October’s wet weather has gone away, the conditions are presenting a new set of challenges at the track. But, November was still a great month for many of Tipstrr’s horse racing tipsters.

10th – Hood & Blinkers – 253 tips, 31% ROI
Profit: £1,564.27 to £20 average stake

Hood & blinkers, never particularly shy about adding a tip, shared 253 for an average of 8 per day in November. That’s pretty standard for a tipster that has now returned over £16,000 from nearly 5,000 horse racing tips. Their success dates back to late 2018 when more than £7,000 profit was recorded in the first four months alone. The service hasn’t looked back since and continues to maintain a consistent win rate and a long-term ROI of around 10%.

9th – Valuelongshots – 63 tips, 36% ROI
Profit: £447.73 to £20 average stake

The clue is in the name. Valuelongshots works to identify outsiders with a more realistic chance than their odds suggest. And you’d have to say they’ve made a pretty good fist of it not just in November, but in 2019 in general. This was a fourth profitable month in six tipping at average odds of 11/1. In reality, odds vary more than that, with a pair of winners found at 20/1+ and plenty more in the 11/1 to 18/1 range. It has been a really solid start to life on Tipstrr for this one to watch.

8th – Pro Gamblers Club – 48 tips, 36% ROI
Profit: £348.44 to £20 average stake

At number eight is another relatively new tipster. Having joined in May 2019, Pro Gambler’s Club had to overturn a number of losing months before pushing themselves into a profit in November. It was a solid month though, and one to fill punters with promise. Now the ship has steadied there may well be plenty more profitable months ahead. November saw a strike rate marginally better than one in three and a bumper profit from just 48 betting tips.

7th – RaceMSTR1086 – 16 tips, 45% ROI
Profit: £143.29 to £20 average stake

November was a big month for RaceMSTR1086 and it was much needed. 2019 has been a tough older year but at the time of writing, a profitable November is in the books and December is off to an absolute flier! Making profit from betting is a tough old game and sometimes it just looks takes a little patience. You can’t hit the ground running but in the winning months we’ve seen so far, all the signs are there that RaceMSTR1086 can bounce back and make a strong start to 2020.

6th – Thunderstrike – 29 tips, 54% ROI
Profit: £348.44 to £20 average stake

Thunderstrike is a Tipstrr PRO selection for a reason. No tipster wins every month, but with no losing months in 2019 and plenty more profit added so far in 2019, Thunderstrike is almost as good as it gets. November stats include the return from all tips and it was horse racing that made the biggest contribution. A total profit of more than £3,000 has now been made by the team that also turned profits in football and ice hockey over the past 18 months.

5th – The Racing Calculator – 72 tips, 56% ROI
Profit: £802.00 to £20 average stake

At the half-way point we come to the newest tipster in the top 10 list. November was the fourth completed month for The Racing Calculator, one of the youngest tipsters eligible for horse racing tipster of the month, and a 56% ROI was equal to the previous month’s efforts. October and November both produced profits in excess of £500 from a very strong strike rate of 18% and 19% respectively. What a way to announce yourself. Can we expect more of the same going forward?

4th – Tophorsepicks – 36 tips, 57% ROI
Profit: £409.20 to £20 average stake

Tophorsepicks would have walked into the newcomer’s list in August had it not been their first month. Their profit of more than £1,400 was one of the bigger profits of 2019 and was followed up by winning months in September and October. November was a fourth straight big month and the tipster has an ROI in excess of 60% during his time on the platform. Even over a six month period that is very rarely a number we see produced. Only December and January to go!

3rd – Onthenose – 26 tips, 60% ROI
Profit: £298.08 to £20 average stake

Another regular now. Whether it’s Onthenose or Each Way Value Tips, it feels like this mastermind has probably been in every tipster of the month ranking since records began! Focusing on level stakes, Onthenose has a 26% ROI. It’s a solid number but it is made more impressive by the fact the very first tip was logged on December 1st, 2017. This service is now more than two years old and still going as strong as ever. There have been 18 winning months since the services’ inception.

2nd – BoomBoom – 62 tips, 63% ROI
Profit: £780.74 to £20 average stake

BoomBoom indeed. One of the biggest profits on the list, a massive ROI at 63%, an eighth winning month from nine and a pretty cool name, too. BoomBoom has flown under the radar in 2019. An extremely competitive field of horse racing tipsters meant extremely consistent returns around the 30% mark weren’t enough to nudge them into tipster of the month contention, but the consistency of the service counts for far, far more and it’s stripped the bookie of assets on a very regular basis. This is a service worth trying out.

1st – Broncobet – 48 tips, 86% ROI
Profit: £822.41 to £20 average stake

Last and never least is the Tipstrr horse racing tipster of the month. By way of the second-biggest profit but far and away the biggest ROI, Broncobet made more than £800 from just a tip or two per day. The service specializes in handicap flat racing in the UK and whilst volume has dropped in the winter months, profit has continued ticking over nicely. A solid November has been followed by a positive start to December and all in all, that’s now nine winning months from 15 for the service. Broncobet is sharing an average of 14 betting tips per week and with the big 1,000 fast approaching, the service has maintained an ROI of 6%


November’s Football Tipster of the Month

November's football TOTM

Tipstrr’s Tipster of the Month rankings carry no prizes, but they do carry prestige within the Tipstrr community. They also provide the perfect opportunity to spotlight some of their leading tipsters, as well as alerting their members to the special offers on many of those tipsters right now.

10th – Undercover Punter – 51 tips, 23.0% ROI
Profit: £235 to £20 average stake

Kicking off in tenth place, we have Undercover Punter, who bounced back nicely from a blip in October to record his fourth profitable month out of five since launching his service in July. Not a tipster for the faint-hearted, this tipster looks for value far beyond the safety net of the 1.8 to 2.2 price margins, with Germany -4.5AH v Northern Ireland (8.50). Iraq to win in Qatar (8.0) and BTTS for France v Moldova (5.8) catching the eye. Such an approach inevitably means a longer wait between winners, but that 23% ROI proves that they can be worth waiting for.

9th – Barbosa – 25 tips, 25.3% ROI
Profit: £126.36 to £20 average stakes

Barbosa has been on the Tipstrr platform since April, and after languishing in the doldrums during those early months, he has found his feet since the new domestic season kicked off in August and September. November marked his third straight month of profits, adding his 25% gain to the 7% earned in October and the whopping 44% ROI in September. Occasionally combining bets into small multiples to extract extra value, Barbosa has already hit the ground running in December, landing two solid doubles to start the new month.

8th – Alias Core – 57 tips, 29.8% ROI
Profit: £340.06 to £20 average stakes

In eighth place is Alias Core, who is no stranger to these rankings after finishing fifth in October. Ironically, that higher position was achieved with much smaller profits (13%) than the 29% he enjoyed in November, indicating the level of competition among our leading football tipsters. Indeed, AC actually enjoyed a return in excess of 30% in football alone, with his numbers slightly diluted by a less successful foray into the ice hockey markets. Either way, seven profitable months in 2019 represent a successful first year on the Tipstrr site for this solid performer.

You can see the full technical analysis for an in-depth look at this service.

7th – Sphinx – 26 tips, 34.4% ROI
Profit: £178.88 to £20 average stake

In seventh spot we have Sphinx, a tipster who first caught our eye earlier in the year before slipping off the radar during the summer. However, tidy profits through August and September put his figures back in the black and despite a slight setback in October, he surged back to form in November to return his biggest yield of the year so far. That 34% gain has been built on a solid understanding of the Over/Under betting markets, and averaging less than one tip per day, he seems an ideal tipster any bettors who do not want to put too much strain on their time or betting pot.

6th – Hoperoadtips – 137 tips, 31.1% ROI
Profit: £851.51 to £20 average stake

Hoperoadtips has been simmering on a gentle heat for most of the year before coming to the boil in dramatic style during a remarkably successful November. A 53% win rate across 137 tips might be less than some, but when you factor in the average advised odds of 2.33, then it’s easy to see how he’s yielded a whopping 31% during the month. Anyone with the bankroll to accommodate his more prolific output would have earned over £850 to level £20 stakes – a very welcome early Christmas present for his grateful members.

5th – SaPariePopette – 81 tips, 36.4% ROI
Profit: £589.72 to £20 average stake

If you’re looking for a tipster who thinks outside the box, then look no further than SaPariePopette. As you might have worked out from his name, this tipster hails from across the Channel, and indeed covers Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, but is not totally limited to French football. A win rate of around 20% is low for a football tipster, but that is because his betting model explores adventurous results – e.g. grabbing odds of 8.0 on Astana to beat a Manchester United side full of untried debutants last week.

4th – Fox Pro Tips – 32 tips, 41.8% ROI
Profit: £267.28 to £20 average stake

Since kicking off his career on Tipstrr with a juicy 30% gain in July, more success has been long overdue, but Fox Pro Tips certainly made up for lost time with some stellar returns in November. Although single bets make up the brunt of his output, it has been a series of astute multiple bets that have combined to push this tipster into our top four. In particular, one purple patch in the middle of the month brought in seven straight winners made up of four singles, two doubles, and a five-fold accumulator. If that kind of mixed bag appeals to you, then FPT might be an ideal acquisition.

3rd – Scotch Doubles – 56 tips, 46.7% ROI
Profit: £522.77 to £20 average stake

Scotch Doubles appeared in our Newcomer rankings a few months back, and a place in our Football Tipster top ten has seemed just a matter of time. The sign of a good tipster can often be shown by how he responds to a setback, and Scotch Doubles suffered his first negative month in October after enjoyed double-digit ROI’s in each of the previous five months. In November, this Scottish football specialist was back with a vengeance, enjoying a 55% win rate at average odds nudging 3.0, all adding up to a mammoth 46% profit and over £500 to level £20 stakes.

2nd – Odio al Futbol Moderno – 15 tips, 90.4% ROI
Profit: £271.17 to £20 average stake

The cream always rises to the top, and although Odio al Futbol Moderno has not quite replicated his Football Tipster of the Month accolade of July, the quality and consistency of his results have brought him back to the top end of the leaderboard. Believe it or not, this tipster’s service are still free of charge, so he has to be a worthwhile addition to anyone’s portfolio. And that 90% profit margin would have almost doubled your betting pot in the space of just fifteen carefully-selected tips at average odds of over 3.50.

1st – Piotele83 – 21 tips, 89.8% ROI
Profit: £373.08 to £20 average stake

This month’s winner is Piotele83, who first attracted our attention in September with a 91% ROI, and despite a setback in October, we could not ignore those kinds of returns for a second month. Just 21 tips in November earned a hefty £373 to level £20 stakes at another jaw-dropping yield of 89%. His betting model is based largely on multiple bets, which means a low win rate but a high reward, as his results illustrate. Three doubles at odds of 3.56, 3.61 and a whopping 13.12 were supplemented by two four-folds priced at 10.66 and 8.70, enough to make your eyes and your wallet bulge. The approach might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to add a little variation to your football betting, then Piotele83 might tick that box for you.


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