Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Jan 2020

January best horse racing tipsters

A whopping 83% separates the 10th placed tipster from the 1st placed tipster in terms of ROI. The standard was high enough, to begin with just to be considered, but the winning performance was out of this world. With a real mix of styles, you’ll find tipsters averaging a single tip per day and others averaging five. Each tipster on the list made at least £100 in profit with just shy of £2,000 the biggest return.

Check out the top 10 performing horse racing tipsters from the month of January and their special offers available on Tipstrr

10th – Raceandprofits – 24 tips, 20.5% ROI
Profit: £163.70 to £20 average stakes

There was a time when a tipster of the month competition not featuring Raceandprofits was practically unheard of it. The second half of 2019 might have been more of a challenge, but clearly class is permanent. The only surprising thing about January is that Raceandprofits only made £179 as the service has made over £18,000 all-time profit and bagged at least £1,000 in returns on nine occasions. Never shy to back a horse or two, Raceandprofits averages around 60 tips per week. Although that number has dipped lately, the profits continue to roll in.


9th – Kens Jumps – 55 tips, 20.20% ROI
Profit: £307.00 to £20 average stakes

Despite suffering seven losing months in 2019, several of which were a handful of units if that, Kens Jumps was a very profitable service. Just as it did back in 2018, Kens Jumps found a way to make a comfortable profit. 2020 was kicked off with one the services more promising months for a little while as more than £300 of profit was made. It kept Ken’s win rate at a healthy 25% all-time and boosted overall profits past the £2,000 mark. A solid mix of race winner and each-way selections have added to the win rate and boosted returns for members.


8th – BoomBoom – 129 tips, 20% ROI
Profit: £503.44 to £20 average stakes

BoomBoom is more than just a horse racing tipster. BoomBoom offers both horse racing and football tips, although it was the former that did all of the damage in January. We’ve quoted the tipsters overall stats for transparency, but if not for a loss from football tips would have meant a bigger profit on the track. One thing that stands out about the BoomBoom service is the higher than usual strike rate. 252 winners from 1,144 horse racing tips at average odds of 6/1 is quite the performance.


7th – Flying Horse Stars – 175 tips, 26.10% ROI
Profit: £1,827.60 to £20 average stakes

We consistently put Flying Horse Stars in the spotlight throughout January and he delivered in style. Flying managed to make a jaw-dropping profit in excess of £1,800, but it isn’t the first time. February 2019 saw him break the £2,000 market. Since joining, the tipster has produced 13 winning months from 18 and has only failed to make £200+ in a winning month just twice. The average monthly return now stands at around the £500 mark, and it’s easy to see why when you consider the numerous winners priced between 10/1 and 25/1.


6th – Longshooter – 109 tips, 28.20% ROI
Profit: £1,017.66 to £20 average stakes

Longshooter has taken a very sensible approach to amass their huge profits. A healthy mix of race winner and each-way betting tips all come advised to level stakes. All seven months dating back to July 2019 have been profitable and there have been a few sizeable returns along the way. With the profit graph showing a consistent incline, January was the second-best month so far. As many of the tips Longshooter shares are each-way selections, it isn’t just the winners that bring in a profit. Longshooter secured 23 places as well as 19 winning tips.


5th – Longshot Hunter – 27 tips, 29.60% ROI
Profit: £160.00 to £20 average stakes

From Longshooter to Longshot Hunter now. Longshot Hunter seems to have changed things up in recent months. Immensely profit at average odds of 25/1 through the first six months of 2019, January kicked off with a near 30% ROI by way of five tasty winners at average odds of 10/1. Still, not a performance you’d ever say no to! It helped Longshot Hunter build on a near £800 return in December and put a sticky summer firmly behind them. The bulk of the damage was done all in one day, as a 4/1 winner and a pair of 10/1 winners were cashed.


4th – CD Systems Daily Bargain – 29 tips, 41.40% ROI
Profit: £240 to £20 average stakes

There’s consistency and then there’s CD Systems Daily Bargain. After more than a decade of top service to the tipping industry, CD Systems Daily Bargain joined Tipstrr in April 2018. Nothing but profit and a 24% ROI through the first 18+ months, CD’s excellence continued in January. The new year started with five winners from 29 horse racing tips. At average odds of 7/1 and with the juiciest winner coming at 12/1, CD was able to produce the fifth month from eight with an ROI of at least 40%. The service shares one single racing tip per day.


3rd – Russell Blair Racing – 37 tips, 41.00% ROI
Profit: £300.00 to £20 average stakes

It was an aesthetically pleasing month for Russell Blair Racing. Exactly £300 of profit from level £20 stakes and a 41% ROI. Russell featured in the tipster of the month rankings at least five times in 2019 and was also featured as a tipster of the year. The level of consistency from this service has been absolutely superb. Whilst the win rate is lower than some services, the ROI is much higher. It’s a justified trade-off that just requires appropriate staking. Seven of Russell’s eight winning months have seen an ROI ranging from 40% all the way up to a whopping 110%. A carefully selected handful of tips per week means little is required for huge profits, and Spirit Power at 33/1 delivered exactly that.


2nd – Morning Each Way Value Tips – 28 tips, 71.10% ROI
Profit: £753.50 to £20 average stakes

No stranger to featuring in the tipster of the month competition, the mastermind behind Each Way Value Tips and Onthenose has been stealing the show with his newest of three services built with members in mind. Morning Each Way Value Tips takes the same system from EWVT and applies it to the morning market, finding additional value at a time that’s more friendly for bettors. January saw the service produce it’s best Strike Rate yet with one in four tips being a winner. A further six tips that offered up place money boosted the profits. The month could not have been rounded off more perfectly, with three of those places and a pair of winners at 9/1 and 14/1 all coming on the final day.


1st – Helis Horses – 52 tips, 103.50% ROI
Profit: £1,076.67 to £20 average stakes

Finally, our tipster of the month, Heli’s Horses. By far the most consistent of the bunch with 15 winning months from 16, Heli made over £1,000 in profits from just 52 horse racing tips. That’s an average of two betting tips per day with one winning at average odds of 8/1. It’s no surprise at all with Heli having made £400+ in nine of the 15 winning months. Most of the damage was done in the first half of the month with the pick of the bunch being Nezar, Megalodon and Hawthorn Cottage all crossing the line first at odds of 14/1. Heli’s second most profitable month to date increased his ROI to 24.10% since October 2018 and certainly confirmed that this is a very elite level horse racing tipster.

January football tipster of the month

Wow, where did January go?! It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than a month into 2020, but the quick passage of time means that our Best Tipster of the Month rankings is ready to be announced again.

Check out the top 10 performing football tipsters from the month of January and their special offers available on Tipstrr… 

10th – Premier League Pro Tips – 45 tips, 6.5% ROI
Profit: £58.34 to £20 average stakes

Kicking things off in tenth spot, we have Premier League Pro Tips, who, as his name suggests, focuses solely on Premier League football, and his performance has improved the longer the current season has gone on. January marked his third straight profitable month, and although his numbers could be perceived to be modest compared to some of our higher performers, he certainly seems like he might just have long-term potential.


9th – weBET Football World – 62 tips, 10.2% ROI
Profit: £126.46 to £20 average stakes

After a disappointing November, weBET Football World kept faith with his betting model that focuses almost exclusively on the 1X2 betting market, and his patience and discipline have been rewarded with his second straight appearance in these monthly rankings. Never afraid to move away from the safety net of even-money bets, his 62 tips brought 21 winners at average odds of 3.47, and although it’s early days, February is also showing positive signs of heading in the same profitable direction.


8th – asenlv – 506 tips, 10.7% ROI
Profit: £1,085.25 to £20 average stake

Asenlv is no stranger to these rankings and that’s hardly surprising when you consider January was his tenth profitable month in the last eleven, with six of those months upwards of a 10% yield. You won’t be bored with this service, as he publishes up to 15 tips per day, meaning that a careful and disciplined staking plan is an absolute must if you want to keep that betting pot intact. If you do so, then the 49% win rate at average odds of 2.88 should be enough to do the rest.


7th – DAP Unprobables 2 – 60 tips, 10.9% ROI
Profit: £207.23 to £20 average stake

If you’d rather cope with a steady 2-3 tips per day, then DAP Unprobables 2 might be more up your street, especially if he can repeat the form with which he started the new year. His 60 selections brought home 25 winners and five pushes, with particular success in the 1X2 market, while still profitable with Asian Handicap and Over/Under tips. With his first 13 selections in February already producing 8 winners for a 40% ROI, it looks like January might just be the springboard for a successful 2020.


6th – Amigobet – 76 tips, 11.3% ROI
Profit: £172.45 to £20 average stake

Not for nothing is Amigobet one of our most popular football tipsters, and the reasons are plain to see. His 11% yield in January has earned him a place in these rankings for the second straight month and is his ninth successive profitable month. That consistency has earned over £3000 to level £20 stakes, and even if that level of investment is beyond your means, a gain of over 150 betting units would give anyone’s betting pot a healthy boost.


5th – Toepunter – 74 tips, 14.4% ROI
Profit: £212.32 to £20 average stake

The first newcomer to our monthly rankings is Toepunter, who has been flying under the radar after a slightly uneven first ten months on the site. While January did not quite match the 22% yield he enjoyed in November, his 14% gain is more than double the gain in December, as Toepunter spanned the new year with three straight profitable months. If you like your multi-sport tipsters, then Toepunter might just tick a few boxes for you, as his 15% yield from 25+ basketball tips was only just less than his success in the football market.


4th – Araya – 48 tips, 34.3% ROI
Profit: £329.00 to £20 average stake

We’re not quite sure where Araya has been hiding during the first year of his life on Tipstrr, but he has certainly caught a few people’s attention over the last month. While his 43% win rate might not be as prolific as some, that is more than made up for by his penchant for more adventurous bets with an average price of 3.11. And just to prove that very point, Araya’s first six football tips of February have produced four winners at odds of 4.50, 4.00, 3.13 and 3.05 to more than triple his stake money so far.


3rd – Better Bettor – 32 tips, 33.4% ROI
Profit: £214.01 to £20 average stake

Another regular contender in these rankings, Better Bettor occupies the same third position as last month after continuing his policy of reducing his output and upping his success rate. Averaging barely more than one tip per day has been well down on his 20-25 tips per week prior to December, but that hasn’t slowed down the profits. Another phenomenal win rate of 69% at average odds of around an even money 2.01, brought a yield of over 33%, continuing on from his 37% gain in December.


2nd – SVB Tips – 149 tips, 31.0% ROI
Profit: £467.25 to £20 average stake

If you fancy two tipsters for the price of one, you could do worse than try SVB Tips, who is a perennial favourite in these lists, whether it be horse racing or football. In fact, he has only failed to feature in our Best Football Tipster rankings in one of the last six months, so little wonder that he also earned a top-three spot in our 2019 Tipster of the Year awards. Throw in the fact that he finished 7th in the 2019 horse racing rankings, and you know you’ve got a special tipster in your midst. A 13% profit from horse racing tips over the last month pales against the 41% win rate from over 120 football tips that combined to produce a whopping 33% gain in football alone.


1st – MrBwino Premium- 16 tips, 33.0% ROI
Profit: £105.71 to £20 average stake

For the second consecutive month, our best football tipster of the month accolade goes to MrBwino Premium, a long-serving pillar of the Tipstrr community, who has graced the platform since as far back as September 2016 – that’s well over three years of professional service and consistent success that he has carried into 2020. Extremely selective with his tips, his lack of quantity is more than made up for by the quality of his selections, and his 67% success rate was made up of 8½ winners, four pushes and just 2½ losses from 16 tips. .Mr Bwino has enjoyed Tipstrr Pro status for longer than we can remember, and it is little wonder that he is currently our most followed service.

A few new faces and some of our more seasoned pros have combined to give us a great month, and anyone whose betting pot could cope with putting £20 on every tip from all ten tipsters would have made nearly £3,000 in clear profit over the whole month.

We hope that our list of quality performers will help you make some informed decisions if and when you consider adding a successful football tipster to your portfolio.



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