Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Feb 2020

Football Tipster of the Month

February’s Football Tipster of the Month has again revealed some outstanding returns from some of our leading tipsters, most of whom will be familiar names to those of you who follow these rankings every month.

Check out the top 10 performing football tipsters from the month of February and their special offers available on Tipstrr.

10th – Amigobet – 96 tips, 8.6% ROI
Profit: £168.43 to £20 average stakes

Kicking things off in tenth spot, we have Amigobet , who remains one of Tipstrr’s most popular football tipsters, and the reasons are plain to see. His 8.6% yield in February has earned him a place in these rankings for the third straight month and is his tenth successive profitable month since he rebooted his service last April. That consistency has earned over £3300 to level £20 stakes, and even if those stakes are beyond your betting pot, a gain of over 160 betting units would be a huge gain no matter what your staking plan.

9th – Alias Core – 113 tips, 12.3% ROI
Profit: £277.35 to £20 average stake

Alias Core is another tipster who is no stranger to these rankings and that’s hardly surprising when you consider that five of the last six months have produced a healthy positive yield. His multi-faceted service covers a variety of sports, with monthly profits, also gained in ice hockey and tennis. His tips cover sporting events all over the world, which means you will need to keep an eye on when his tips are published, as global time differences mean his service provides a 24/7 commitment to finding the best value.

8th – Zenith – 429 tips, 12.7% ROI
Profit: £1089.66 to £20 average stake

If you can cope with an average of around 10 tips per day, then Zenith might be right up your street, especially if he can repeat the form with which he has started the new year. The sheer volume of his tips might not suit everyone’s betting habits, but when he produces February’s 47% win rate at average odds of 2.40, then the results can bring rich rewards. There’s a lot of work involved in maintaining a service like this, but when you’re clearing £1000+ clear profit in the space of a month, then the effort perhaps seems more worthwhile.

7th – Portugal Tipster – 14 tips, 16.6% ROI
Profit: £46.60 to £20 average stake

Right at the other end of the spectrum is Portugal Tipster, who averages only one tip every other day, and this kind of volume might not satisfy all people’s betting appetite on its own. Following Portugal Tipster is a little like putting your money safely in the building society instead of into the more volatile market of stocks and shares, but February was his fifth monthly gain in six months, and that kind of consistent growth would surely make a welcome supplement to anyone’s multi-tipster portfolio.

6th – Tarantello – 288 tips, 17.5% ROI
Profit: £1,050.07 to £20 average stakes

Tarantello hasn’t featured in these rankings for a while, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been bubbling away earning profits just outside our top ten lists. Since July of last year, only one of eight months has resulted in a negative drawdown, and February was his fourth straight profitable month, yielding a tidy 17.5% ROI. Admittedly, the majority of his tips are on tennis, but pointing that out only draws attention to the fact that his less voluminous football service actually earned an even more impressive 18.9% gain on its own.

5th – Football Sato – 57 tips, 18.9% ROI
Profit: £214.94 to £20 average stake

We’re into the top five now, where Sato Football earns a mention after an outstanding February that brought no less than 33 winning tips from 57 selections for a 58% win rate at average advised odds of 3.42. No matter what league anywhere in the world, if there’s any value in the market then Sato’s betting model should spot it. His 19% yield last month consolidates the 50%+ returns that he produced in December and January, and three winners from his first six selections in March at odds of 3.29, 2.00 and 1.76 suggest that he could be heading towards four straight months of profit.

4th – BET Supply Inc – 67 tips, 28.3% ROI
Profit: £379.00 to £20 average stake

BET Supply Inc is no longer flying under the Tipstrr radar, with February yielding a monthly gain of over 20% for the third time in five months. His win rate of 40% is not as high as some football tipsters, but when we factor the fact that all of his 27 winners were at better than even money, with 16 above 3.00 and four above 4.00, including two at 5.35 and 5.00, then it’s easy to see where his 28% yield came from. A concentration on nothing but the 1X2 football betting market along with a single-unit staking plan will suit anyone who likes to keep their betting simple and their results transparent.

3rd – Sphinx – 45 tips, 28.8% ROI
Profit: £258.86 to £20 average stake

Another familiar face has made it onto the bronze medal rostrum, with Sphinx showing his specialist knowledge of all tiers of French football. A good end to 2019 was brought seamlessly into the new decade, with February making his fourth straight month of consistent growth. Sphinx has a preference for the Over/Under market, and it’s easy to see why when he can bring in 29 winners from 45 selections throughout the month with average prices at better than evens for a monthly ROI nudging 29%.

2nd – SingleValueBets – 45 tips, 29.4% ROI
Profit: £264.82 to £20 average stake

Runner-up in this month’s Best Tipster rankings is SingleValueBets, who took a couple of months to find his feet on the Tipstrr site, but has not looked back since, producing an overall ROI in excess of 20%, a rate almost unheard of in football betting circles.This tipster marked his fourth straight profitable month with his biggest ROI to date, with a 61% win rate at average odds of 2.20 combining to earn a juicy 29.4% yield in February. Solid returns in each of 1X2, Asian Handicap and Over-Under suggest that this tipster knows his way around his preferred markets as well as he knows his sport.

1st – Aurum 21+ – 89 tips, 33.6% ROI
Profit: £503.15 to £20 average stake

And so we get to February’s Best Tipster, and top of the charts this month is Aurum 21+, who found the perfect way to bounce back from January’s first monthly setback since last summer. Looking for value well away from the even-money safety line, Aurum’s single tips average over 5.00, which of course accounts for a success rate of just 25%, and this betting model might not be to everyone’s taste. He also likes to use occasional combination bets, and indeed his monthly profits were boosted when he combined three Draw bets at individual odds of 4.00, 3.50 and 3.40 into a tasty 46/1 treble, as well as a trixie combining the same games. His long-term ROI of 11% speaks for itself, and if you like a bit of risk to go with your rewards, then Aurum 21+ won’t leave you wanting.

A couple of new faces and several of our usual suspects have combined to give Tipstrr another great month, and anyone whose bankroll could cope with putting £20 on every tip from all ten tipsters would have made well over £3,000 in clear profit over the whole month.


Horse Racing Tipster of the Month

A 40% ROI was the minimum requirement to appear as one of February’s top 10 horse racing tipsters. The standard remains high year-round, but three tipsters in today’s ranking have set a new standard. Not only did they manage to rank as a top 10 tipster of the year for their repeated tipster of the month performances in 2019, but they’ve also made the cut in both January and February this year.

Here are the 10 top performing horse racing tipsters from the month of February and their special offers available on Tipstrr.

10th –  Broncobet – 31 tips, 40% ROI
Profit: £251.07 to £20 average stakes

Broncobet is a very consistent tipster. With so many tipsters having an electric six months before a crash and burn, perhaps there’s a lot to be said about those with the consistency of Bronco. A member of Tipstrr since late 2018, Bronco has produced a long-term ROI of 5.1% and every now and then has a month like this one. After all, 11 winning months from 18 and a 5.1% ROI from over 1,000 betting tips is a more realistic advert for what a professional bettor might expect to achieve. Krazy Paving at 9/1 was the crown jewel on a day where Broncobet found five winners from seven tips.

9th – Tipping Club – 41 tips, 42% ROI
Profit: £342.61 to £20 average stakes

Tipping Club is the newest tipster on the list with just over five months of verified results. It’s been a positive start with profits recorded across multiple sports and horse racing was the strongest of them last month. A 24.7% ROI from over 100 tips represents a positive start for this multisports service, with February’s £342 profit proving the service’s joint best month to date alongside January. Users should beware that around 70% of the profit last month came from a handful of exotic bets. Whilst this service shows promise, it’s best to sit back and watch how it develops for now.

8th – GW4TH – 54 tips, 42% ROI
Profit: £452.54 to £20 average stakes

GW4TH is another tipster who falls into the category of being extremely consistent. You won’t find any particularly damaging runs, but scattered around you’ll notice some pretty big returns. Nine of 12 months produced a healthy profit in 2019 after a winning start in 2018 and February thrust the service into profit for 2020. February 5th captured this service perfectly. Two winning tips from three at 6/1 reflect a service that is low risk, picks their tips wisely and offers members a nice level of stability. Since joining, GW4TH has won a whopping 28% of 1200 betting tips.

7th – Heli’s Horses – 60 tips, 43.00% ROI
Profit: £521.17 to £20 average stakes

If you haven’t heard of Heli’s Horses and his continued success, then you may have been living under a rock. Or maybe you have your promotional emails turned off, but either way, you’re missing out in a big way. Day after day during January we were searching for new superlatives to describe a tipster that made over £1,000 profit for the second time. February’s profit improved the tipsters overall record to nine straight winning months. The service now boasts an ROI approaching 25% through both it’s consistent performance and trademark big winners, such as Miss Morocco at 12/1.

6th – CD Systems Daily Bargain – 26 tips, 44% ROI
Profit: £230.60 to £20 average stakes

CD System’s Daily Bargain straight forward method, low-risk approach and extremely profitable are a joy to their growing clientele. The point of the service is to provide one single horse racing tip per day of good value. The 14% win rate at average odds a touch above 9/1 has seen a very steady stream of profit ever since April 2018. February was the 16th winning month the service has produced as their overall profits soared past £3,000 from just 580 horse racing tips. There were four winners during the month but Piazon at 14/1 and Treacysenniscorthy at 12/1 were the pick of the bunch.

5th – Morning Each Way Value Tips – 44 tips, 48% ROI
Profit: £425.66 to £20 average stakes

Each Way Value Tips is a staple of the Tipstrr website and arguably the horse racing tipster industry. With years and years of documented success on an unprecedented level, Morning Each Way Value Tips is the newest arm of the service to combat the modern-day battle that faces bettors. Each Way takes the same good old system and applies it to the morning market to find additional value at a more convenient time to bet. The 23% ROI and 34% win rate is pretty much in keeping with the wildly successful Each Way evening service. Each Way Morning has made over £2,500 profit on their current four-month winning stretch.

4th – Russell Blair Racing – 47 tips, 55% ROI
Profit: £513.61 to £20 average stakes

Russell Blair Racing placed 3rd in January’s tipster of the month rankings and also recorded a top-three finish in 2019’s tipster of the year rankings. Despite the drop in place, his ROI has risen sharply to 55%. Russell Blair Racing is one of three tipster services to feature so heavily in 2019 that they were able to feature in both the tipster of the year rankings and proceed to make the cut in both January 2020 and February 2020 rankings. The service has maintained a 25% ROI dating back to their arrival in January 2019, but it should be highlighted the lower win-rate and big average odds require patience, professionalism and a suitable betting bank.

3rd – Itsjustahorse – 19 tips, 60.00% ROI
Profit: £229.69 to £20 average stakes

We begin our countdown of the top three by recognising the most proofed tipster portfolio in this month’s ranking. Itsjustahorse has dedicated 28 months of service to the Tipstrr platform and fairly consistently so. Both 2018 and 2019 produced seven winning months from 12 and an overall profit. The past six months have been a testing time, but February represents a big step in the right direction and a potential return to form. Itsjustahorse has maintained a 5% ROI from more than 1,500 horse racing tips. The way in which the tipster has reached this point makes it a very steady service.

2nd – 321 Ratings – 75 tips, 67% ROI
Profit: £1,004.60 to £20 average stakes

After a profitable start in 2018, 321 Ratings went on a small hiatus. Their return in 2019 was profitable but it was an up and down year. The most positive period for this service to date has come in the past few months after a strong start to 2020 was capitalised upon with a massive month in 2020. February was a slight dip in tip volume but to great effect as 321 Ratings was able to match the 25% ROI produced in the previous month. With March off to a very positive start, this could well be the first fully profitable quarter for 321 Ratings.

1st – HODL – 34 tips, 72% ROI
Profit: £487.50 to £20 average stakes

Horse racing tipster HODL was a breath of fresh air when he first arrived in August 2018. The tipster set the platform alight and made profits in record-breaking fashion. The service’s popularity peaked in January 2019 when a fourth straight month of £1,000+ profit was recorded. Since then it’s been an uphill struggle with a loss over the past 12 months, but HODL! will be keeping their fingers crossed that February has steadied the ship as it was a very pleasing month indeed. 35% of horse racing tipsters were winners and 72% is comfortably the biggest ROI HODL! has produced to date, so there’s plenty for prospective new members to be positive about in the months ahead.

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