Tipstrr Tipsters of the Month Dec 2019

December’s best football tipsters

December's football TOTM

As we start a new month, a new year, and indeed a new decade, it’s time to reflect on the last month of 2019 and give you a brief rundown on the top ten performing football tipsters during December.

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10th – La Liga Expert – 35 tips, 18.7% ROI
Profit: £131.15 to £20 average stakes
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Kicking things off in tenth spot, we have LaLiga Expert – currently a FREE tipster – who caught our eye as a newcomer last month, and has cemented his growing reputation with a second straight month of profit in excess of 18%. No prizes for guessing where his area of expertise lies, and with profits in the four major betting markets of 1X2, Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Both Teams To Score, he is clearly one to follow if you love all things La Liga – and if you love winning bets.

9th – Sphinx – 27 tips, 19.9% ROI
Profit: £107.39 to £20 average stake
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In ninth place, we have Sphinx, another FREE tipster, who is the only one of our top ten to have made these rankings two months running, having also finished seventh with an even more impressive ROI of 34.4% in November. His 60% win rate at average odds well above evens will always be enough to give his members a healthy profit to enjoy. Six of Shinx’s nine months on the site have produced a profit, and after a poor May, he has done well to finish 2019 comfortably in the black.

8th – weBET Football World – 100 tips, 22.5% ROI
Profit: £469.90 to £20 average stake

After a disappointing November, weBET Football World kept faith with his betting model that focuses almost exclusively on the 1X2 betting market, and his patience and discipline were rewarded with his most profitable month since July. Never afraid to move away from the safety net of even-money bets, his 100 tips brought 37 winners at average odds of 3.52, and he has already begun 2020 in style, tipping Watford to beat Wolves (3.10) and Aston Villa to win at Burnley (4.33) on New Year’s Day.

7th – SVB Tips – 164 tips, 23.4% ROI
Profit: £746.42 to £20 average stakes

In seventh spot we have SVB Tips, who is a perennial favourite in these rankings, whether it be horse racing or football. A 17% profit from horse racing tips over the last month was beaten in style by a 41% win rate from over 120 football tips that combined to produce a whopping 28% gain in football alone. This popular tipster has just completed his first year on the Tipstrr platform, one that saw ten of the last twelve months produce a profit, nine of them exceeding 10% ROI. If you’re looking for two tipsters for the price of one, SVB Tips is your man.

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6th – Asian Handicap Tips – 45 tips, 26.0% ROI
Profit: £233.77 to £20 average stake

Another tipster who does exactly what it says on the tin, Asian Handicap Tips specialises in his single eponymous market, and to great effect. December marked his third straight month of profit since his service launched in October, and with a phenomenal 81% win rate, it is little wonder that it was his most profitable month to date. An easily-manageable 45 selections brought in a whopping 36 winners, and although his tips favour the odds-on market, a 26% gain over the month would be enough to give anyone’s bankroll a healthy boost.

5th – Latvian – 41 tips, 28.7% ROI
Profit: £216.25 to £20 average stake
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We’re into the top five now, where we find Latvian, who has been operating quietly under the radar since he joined Tipstrr back in June. Six profitable months out of seven means he can no longer escape the spotlight, especially after a 28.7% gain in December brought him his biggest monthly yield so far. About ten tips per week gives plenty of breathing space between bets, while Latvian scours league all over the globe looking for value in his preferred markets of Asian Handicap, 1X2 and Over/Under. Needless to say, he’s enjoyed major profits in all three.

4th – Amigobet – 55 tips, 27.4% ROI
Profit: £301.81 to £20 average stake

Amigobet remains one of our most popular football tipsters, and the reasons are clear to see. His 27% yield in December has earned him a spot in these rankings (again!), and is his biggest monthly ROI of 2019. But it’s his sustained success over a prolonged period that has had people clamouring to sign up for his service. Eight straight months of unrelenting profit since May have earned almost £3000 to level £20 stakes, and even those stakes are more than your betting pot can support, a gain of 150 betting units is good in anyone’s book.

3rd – Better Bettor – 38 tips, 37.6% ROI
Profit: £285.74 to £20 average stake

Another tipster who is no stranger to these rankings, Better Bettor is back after sacrificing quantity for quality in December – but while his output decreased, his profits soared to a hefty 37.6% over the course of the month. Averaging barely more than one tip per day was well down on his normal 20-25 tips per week, but that didn’t slow down the profits. An all-time best win rate of 78% means that every four tips produced three winners, and at average odds of around 1.8 (4/5), it’s little wonder that his monthly yield was only just shy of 40%

2nd – Aurum 21+ – 67 tips, 43.6% ROI
Profit: £584.57 to £20 average stake

In contrast, second-placed Aurum 21+ is a different animal altogether from the majority of tipsters in the list. While the others boast success rates in excess of 50%, Aurum produces winners at a rate of just one in three – and yet still his profits beat all but one of our football tipsters this month. The reason lies in the average advised odds of his tips, which exceed 10/1, highlighting his eye for high-priced value, plus a penchant for a considered combination bet. This kind of strategy might not appeal to all football bettors, but his 43.6% yield in December speaks for itself, as does the fact that six of his seven months on Tipstrr have enjoyed a profit for an all-time ROI of 12.7%

1st – MrBwino Premium- 12 tips, 47.0% ROI
Profit: £112.82 to £20 average stake

Standing proudly on top of the gold medal podium, its good to see MrBwino Premium, one of the longest-serving bastions of the Tipstrr community. Mr Bwino has graced the Tipstrr platform since as far back as September 2016, well over three years of service that has seen him reach a level of consistency that he has maintained throughout 2019. Extremely selective with his tips, his lack of quantity is more than made up for by the quality of his selections, and indeed he has never bettered the 75% win rate that he achieved in December. Just twelve tips produced nine winners, and with such limited output, your bankroll might have earned you even more than the £112 profit that £20 stakes would have produced. If you’re looking for steady unspectacular growth, then MrBwino Premium’s solid consistency should tick all the right boxes.

December’s best horse racing tipsters

December's best horse racing tipster

December saw the standard just as high as it always is with our racing tipsters. 29% was the cut off to even quality and there were a number of tipsters who missed out despite having 20% ROI or better. It’s a fantastic effort that you’d take any month of the year. Tipster of the month regulars Gerganaana and WannaWinBM headed up the list of contenders who narrowly missed out.

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10th – Valuelongshots – 39 tips, 29% ROI
Profit: £223.88 to £20 average stakes

Valuelongshots aims to identify the runners that the bookies are doing a disservice too. Working at average odds of 10/1, Valueplaced 39 betting tips, most of which were each way selections. As many as five placed which helped put a few extra quid in the pot, but it was the winners that did the damage. There were multiple big returns including Beepeecee at 12/1 and Eleanor Bob at 20/1 which meant five winning tips were enough to crush the bookies. The first of the big wins came early in the month, meaning members were always ahead of the bookies.

9th – Pro Gamblers Club – 46 tips, 38% ROI
Profit: £353.70 to £20 average stakes

Pro Gamblers Club celebrated its seventh month on the Tipstrr platform with their best effort yet. Having made over £300 in November, December’s returns were even bigger. It was a fourth winning month in eight since arriving and the winning months have been more than enough to make the service quite profitable. The service prefers to target race winners and works at average odds of 3.25, which may make it perfect for a more risk-averse betting. So far, the Pro Gamblers Club has won at a 33% clip.

8th – tophorsepicks – 22 tips, 39% ROI
Profit: £170.63 to £20 average stakes

A fifth month on the platform for tophorsepicks and it is safe to say that everything is going swimmingly well so far. Their debut month saw a bumper profit of £1,453 and more was to follow. Three more three-figure profits totaling £1,100+ in profits set the stage for December. A 39% ROI only ranks as the tipster’s fourth-best month to date. It’s a mind-blowing start to life on the Tipstrr platform with more than £5,000 in profit and a 63% all-time ROI. But the real acid test begins now. Will fortunes fade? Or do we have a future Pro on our hands?

7th – CD Systems Daily Bargain – 25 tips, 40% ROI
Profit: £198.08 to £20 average stakes

The word legendary isn’t one we would tend to use, but CD Systems Daily Bargain, ran by Steve, is truly a legendary service. Steve has been at it for 20 years and now has 21 months of verified profits on the Tipstrr platform. December was the 15th one to make a profit and the 13th that was a comfortable three-figure return. Offering just one tip a day from the race winner market, CD Systems Daily Bargain is an absolutely perfect addition for any better. Whether you’re new and preserving the bank, or slowly building a bigger portfolio, this is the tipster for you.

6th – Raceandprofits – 40 tips, 41% ROI
Profit: £324.69 to £20 average stakes

As of December, Raceandprofits has now verified a grand total of… are you ready for this… 8,300 horse racing tips. More importantly, the service has maintained an 8.30% ROI. How’s that for proving that you can find a winner or two? The service has averaged around 60 to 70 betting tips per week so you’ll need a healthy bankroll to tag along but those who have won’t regret it. The system seems to be have been refined with lower totals of 100 to 200 tips per month in recent times, but clearly it hasn’t damaged the tipster’s ability to make a profit. The running profit in total now stands at more than £18,000 all-time. Woof.

5th – Araujo – 23 tips, 41% ROI
Profit: £187.53 to £20 average stakes

December 2019 marked the completion of two full years of verification for Araujo, so we must congratulate the tipster on such a committed effort. 15 of those 24 months have resulted in a profit and a very healthy number of tipsters have come, tried and failed in that period of time. Araujo is currently clinging on to a 3% all-time ROI, but that’s still profit in our books. December was a strong month with the tipster’s second-best ROI to date. Seven straight winners from 12th December through 20th December played a big part in this profit with the biggest contributor being Northernpowerhouse at 7/1 and Lomu at 5/1.

4th – The Racing Calculator – 134 tips, 45% ROI
Profit: £1,218.73 to £20 average stakes

The Racing Calculator is one of the fresher faced tipsters on this month’s list but has more than earned their place. An incredible £1,218 profit from 134 tips made it a third straight month recording an ROI between 45% and 65% for the tipster. With a sole focus on the race winner market, The Racing Calculator worked at average odds of precisely 7/1 during December. Winners came with pleasing regularity with 31 in total. The first was Bubble and Squeak on the 2nd of the month at 5/1, with the latest Exmoor Beast at 4/1. But the most impressive of them all was perhaps Doctor Des at 12/1.

3rd – TopStatRacing – 29 tips, 47% ROI
Profit: £275.17 to £20 average stakes

TopStatRacing risked just 29 tips to make members a massive £275 profit in December. It means a fourth month of three-figure profits since June and a tidy addition to the total prize pot which now stands at more than £1,100 in the second half of 2019. Consistency and value are the keys to long-term success and whilst there is no indication as to what the system is here, average odds for each of the last five months have remained around the 5/1 to 6/1 mark, which suggests there is some form of successful method identifying a good runner at such prices. It’s been a tip per day for the most part and Prince Rock at 11/2 added the finishing touches to December.

2nd – Longshot Hunter – 35 tips, 108% ROI
Profit: £780.00 to £20 average stakes

After a closely bunched chasing pack producing ROI between 29% and 47%, here comes a 61% jump as we meet our second-placed tipster, Longshot Hunter. That’s right. A 108% ROI for the month of December. Firstly, that’s incredible. Secondly… he’s only second. What! We should point out it was the tipsters first profitable month since May, so we would certainly be hoping to see more of this in the first half of 2020. 2019 started really well with some big profits including a +£2,000 return in just the tipsters second month. Average odds in December were a slightly lower than usual 12/1 and Longshot produced nearly double his previous best win rate with 10 winners from 37 tips. A very good job indeed and a tasty profit just in time for Christmas.

1st – Onthenose – 17 tips, 128% ROI
Profit: £434.00 to £20 average stakes

Last and never least is our horse racing tipster of the month. December’s best horse racing tipster produced a 128% ROI and is no stranger to topping the rankings. Onthenose has won the accolade many times in the past, as has Each Way Value Tips. Both are run by the same mastermind and there is no doubting that this boy is a stayer. The Onthenose portfolio is well into its third year on Tipstrr with total profits eclipsing £7,000. It goes without saying that December was the best month to date, although we have seen an ROI of 50% to 87% on no fewer than five occasions. This selective service has advised nearly 900 betting tips and to terrific effect. The overall strike rate has held up around the 17% marker for some time now and with its race winner only approach, it’s a perfect complement to the Each Way Value Tips service.

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