Tipstrr Pro Tipsters Comparison

A head-to-head comparison of the current Tipstrr Pro tipsters.

Because sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Tipstrr is a free-to-join site that offers betting tips on a wide range of sports.

When you join you get access to free sports tips from their membership of social tipsters and you can also pay to subscribe to premium tips services. You can even become a tipster yourself!

Tipstrr has a curated list of tipsters they call Tipstrr PRO – subscription services that have been hand-picked by Tipstrr for offering “a high quality service and consistent tips“.

But how do they compare? Which one should I choose? Is there a best one?

In this post I hope to help clarify things by giving a head-to-head comparison of the key performance indicators for Tipstrr’s current list of Pro tipsters along with some of my personal thoughts.

Tipstrr is a great site and I highly recommend you visit it. There’s a wealth of information and stats for all their tipsters.

How to pick a tipster

A while back I did a post on how to pick your perfect tipster. From it I suggest there are two key attributes that are essential for a “perfect tipster”

  1. they must deliver consistent profit in the medium to long term
  2. they must provide a good Return on Investment (ROI) – the higher the better

Let’s look at how the TipstrrPRO services compare.

TipstrrPRO Performance

Caveat: During my analysis I found some inconsistencies in the headline figures used on the site to promote the TipstrrPRO services. This was both confusing and also made it difficult to easily do a direct comparison between them. I have therefore used the basic data from each tipster’s stats page to create a consistent set of data so I’m comparing like-for-like.

The table below shows key performance indicators for each of the TipstrrPro tipsters using data up and including June 2018.

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Which tipster would you choose?

I don’t blame you if you still don’t have a clue who to choose as a tipster. It’s just not that easy. It’s an individual choice and there are many factors in choosing the right tipster for you as an individual. Making the right choice (or choices) is important.

An important factor has got to be consistency. Does this tipster consistently deliver profit over the longer term? Are they dependable?

The Bank Growth graph is particularly insightful. For me each tipster looks to fall into one of 3 distinct groups.

Each Way Value Tips, Fiesta Football and Alpha Basketball all showed early promise but profits have plateaued or fallen away and the early strong bank growth maybe hasn’t been sustained.

The Strict Rule and in particular Top Rated Tips show a general trend of sustained profits and strong bank growth. Perhaps EmpiricusMNNT and Save the Punter might join this group.

The two remaining, Dancing Brave and MrBwino Premium look like roller-coaster rides which don’t appear to be going in any particular direction up or down.

Tipster Trends

The table below shows how profits are trending for each of the tipsters. It shows the Average Profit Per Month (APPM) over the previous periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months as well as the average profit per month over all months the tipster service has been running.

HOW TO READ THE TABLE: For example, Each Way Value Tips has the best overall average profit per month at 208 points/month but this has been falling rapidly from 115 points/month over the previous 9 months to only 22 points/month over the last 3 months.

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Tipster Trends Moving Averages

Even with the usual monthly ups and downs of following tipsters it’s important that, over the longer term, they consistently deliver acceptable profit. But how do you measure that? A great way is using moving (or rolling) averages. Using moving averages evens out the weekly or monthly up and downs to show you a trend – upwards, downwards or flat.

Each month you calculate the tipster’s average monthly profit over the previous 3 months or 6 months or 12 months – whichever you choose.

If each month the average monthly profit over the period is a steady number – or better still getting bigger – then that’s good – your tipster is consistently delivering profit. Or maybe each month that figure is getting smaller and smaller – if that’s the case then profits are heading down the pan and its maybe time to dump that tipster.

The graphs below show the monthly profit (grey) and the 3-month moving average (red) for each of the TipstrrPRO tipsters.

Which tipster would you choose now?

Save the Punter, MrBwino Premium and Dancing Brave have 3 month moving averages which are pretty steady but unfortunately steady around zero. So there looks to be little profit to be had with them.

Each Way Value Tips and Alpha Basketball are likewise trending towards zero and Fiesta Football has gone even beyond that and is now negative and therefore losing money. I don’t see a profitable future for them just at the minute.

I think these six can be discounted from my search for “the perfect tipster”.

That leaves Top Rated Tips, The Strict Rule and EmpiricusMNNT.

The Strict Rule 3-month moving average does looks to be staging a bit of a recovery as does EmpiricusMNNT. These two are certainly worth watching over the next few months to see if that recovery is sustained.

That leaves Top Rated Tips.

My top TipstrrPRO tipster

Top Rated Tips looks to be very consistent so far. The small loses of the losing months are far outweighed by the much larger profits of the winning months. The Bank Growth graph has a nice steady upward trend and the Return on Investment (ROI) is a very healthy 23%.

There are roughly 2 tips per day means very little time spent getting bets on. Stakes are an average of 10 points per tip. This means at £1 per point I would be betting around £20 per day and on average over the longer-term I might expect to make £150 profit per month. As the betting bank grows I could increase the stakes which would increase the profit.

With a Strike Rate (SR) of 28% the Estimated Longest Losing Run (ELLR) would be 25 within the next 700-800 bets. Using £1 per point stakes I would need a betting bank of at least £500 to cope with the worst-case scenario.


I hope this has helped you in your search for a sports tipster. Find out more about these and other tipsters at Tipstrr now.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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