Tipstrr PRO tipsters analysis May’19

The current Tipstrr PRO list brings together 10 tipsters that Tipstrr believes offer the best services.

They have all been in operation for 9 months or longer and I decided to compare them side-by-side over that period.

The 10 tipsters could be split into a top 5 and a bottom 5.


In the top 5, HODL! has been in a slow decline since January this year.

Each Way Racing Algorithm experienced a downturn in May wiping out the previous month’s gains. As a horse racing tipster I’m wondering if this may be due to cross over from jumps to flat racing – something which can pose difficulties for some racing tipster service.

Sports Insider continues to be successful. The graph might suggest its heading towards a plateau but unless June posts a loss it looks like this service is pushing on in its inexorable upward trend.

Better Bettor had its first losing month out of 10 in May which was probably overdue. It will be interesting to see if it recovers to its previous steady growth.

Dancing Brave had a disastrously bad month in May wiping out any profits made in the previous 7 months. To make matters worse it really hadn’t been doing much since December last year anyhow.


The remaining 5 tipsters  can be summed up by the phrase “going nowhere”.

Each Way Value Tips, Top Rated Jumps, Thunderstrike, MrBwino and Onthenose have produced very little in the way of profits over the entire 9 months.


Best tipsters from these figures right now are Sports Insider and Better Bettor for their month on month consistency.

HODL! was producing some spectacular results early on but until I see some evidence of strong recovery I’m leaving HODL! alone for now.

I’ll also keep a watching brief on Each Way Racing Algorithm as the racing flat season gets better established.

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